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Botley The Coding Robot ,The Review

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What You Need To Know About Engino Toys

Engino was founded in 2004 in Cyprus by Costas Sisamos. He started to design new system of modular connectors that would allow students to build fast and easy functional models. […]

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The Piper Computer Kit Review

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Lego Police Station Sets

Every child on this world wants to become either a fireman, soldier or a policeman. Why not? Defend the law and help other – how great is that? Lego has […]

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Best Play Tables For Kids

before my children were born  I never knew how much stuff is there to make childhood fun. Times when I was a child we didn’t have even 10% compared to […]

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Best Train Sets For Children

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Personally I never liked Thomas and friends cartoon. Maybe because cartoon came to our television when I was little older and the idea of the cartoon seemed to me pointless […]

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I have decided to write this article cheap Lego creator sets because, of course, I am a huge fan of a Lego, and my favorite Lego theme is Lego creator. […]

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Good And Cheap LEGO Clones

Let me tell you a joke: God created an Earth and universe, everything else is made in China. Supposedly China has a clone of everything that exist in the world, […]

The Best Star Wars Toys For Kids

Star Wars – an iconic movie franchise of all times. May the force be with your, jedies, Darth Vader, all characters, ships, enterprises, planets, movies they all rock, don’t they? […]

Why Are Legos Good For Kids ?

Guess which toy is the best known, simply the best, and it is as well best educational and developmental toy in any aspects ? That’s right, Legos are all that, […]