Hi everyone and welcome to my toys are the best website. Toys have always been my passion since I was a kid. Nowadays I love tech toys ( I know that phones, tablets, PCs, and all kind of tech gadgets are a must have these days, but I think of them more like an advanced toy for grownups). And living in a socialism 30 years ago, there weren’t a lot of toys available in our country ( ex Yugoslavia). Now there are too many toys available, and for parents is always a dilemma which toy is proper for children.

Now I have two children of my own, a daughter and a son. They are 5 and 3 years old. And after 20 years I am playing with toys again, with my children. And as I mentioned before, for me as a parent and any other parent, choosing the wright toy for our children has become overwhelming and stressful.

Over of years of self educating about toys and knowing a lot about them, I have decided to create a website to help parents to pick the right toy. It is all about children.

A Little Story About My Life

So like I said being a child was the best part of my life as I remember. I spent hours and hours playing, with my two brothers and most of the time by myself. I remember building scenarios form movies, big cities, endless fights of knights, motor aces etc. So in our childhood I remember main toys in our market, those were Legos and Barbies.

Even when I was older, growing up, I could still fall into playing mode. Well not by myself but with my younger cousins, friends children and now my children. I think playing with toys is necessary for all children so they develop imagination and skills.

Toys Have Changed

Last decade I am watching market of toys has increased at least 10 times and more. And I remember couple of years ago when my daughter was a baby, and me and my wife were frustrated with everything about babies. First baby is always incredibly hard. Sleepless nights, hours of crying, nights of carrying baby, eating problems, a million diapers, a million dirty baby clothes and on and on.

And everything being stressful enough, there was another. what to get a toddler. What was the best toy for chewing, what was the best toy for learning, for child development, for thinking etc.

Stores filled with toys seemed to be overwhelmed that time. We used to read all forums, blogs and everything just to understand which toys were great, and which weren’t, just to buy good one for our children.

And after spending countless hours studying everything about toys, I have decided to help parents and share everything I know ( believe me, I know a lot when it comes to toys), so they don’t need to worry about toys.

Here You will find anything you will seek for your children, but just the best ones.

The Goal Of My Site

So my purpose is to relieve parents of any dilemma when they want to buy good toy for their children.

Feel free to write or comment or ask a question, I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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