Best Children’s Outdoor Swing Sets

Swings is one of the best play times for children. They all love to swing, don’t they? 30 years ago having own swing set in a backyard was an illusion, at least for us who lived in post socialism area ( Balkans). But now, having own swing set is becoming very common with people who live in a house with a backyard. My older brother has a swing set with a slide in his backyard.

I don’t have a swing sets because I live in a block of flats, but nearby is a park, that belongs to people who live in these blocks, and of course there is a swing set in this park with only two swings, so just imagine how crowded can it sometimes become with children wanting to swing.

In this article “Best children’s outdoor swing sets” I will walk you through basic swing sets, from cheaper to more expensive, and I will end it with big swing sets.

Sportspower My First Toddler Swing – Heavy-Duty Baby Indoor/Outdoor Swing Set with Safety Harness


So first of all we have to watch out for toddlers in first place. Now this powder-coated steel construction is very lightweight and because it is spacus enough you can have the swing indoor and outdoor, you can watch your child either when cooking or cleaning a house, or in the backyard either gardening or doing something else, plus, because of its safety standards, your child can’t run away from this swing – very awesome, isn’t it?

It supports up to 55 lbs. child, it exceeds safety standards, so there is no fear for child to fall out or anything else, and very great thing about this swing is that it folds easily, and it is easy to storage. For the price of $36 it is surely one of the best swings for toddlers.

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun II Metal Swing Set


Price: $150

If you are looking for functional swing set, for a low price as $150, then this is an ultimate swing set for you. This set includes 2 swings, a shoe loop swing ( for swinging standing up), a slide and a teeter – totter.

So there is no doubt about the quality of steel frame, and durability of it, so it will last for a long time, if not even decades. And the fact that it offers so much for that price, it is unbelievable. You can organize a children party, or children can hang out on this swing, because 6 children at the same time can play on this swing.

This metal swing is my number 1 pick if you are looking for a quality swing for low price.

SUPER DEAL Swing Set, 40″ Kids Web Tree Swing Saucer Swing + 72″ All-Steel All Weather Stand Combo (Blue, XXL)


Price: 130 $

In schools in my country are now popular saucer swing – I’m really not sure why – maybe because of the safety, or maybe because there could be more children on a swing, I don’t know. What I do know is how really fun is to swing on the saucer swing – you just simply rock back and forth, lay down, enjoy, and the swing will not stop swing for quite some time. To be honest I wouldn’t buy it for myself, but if there was a set with an ordinary swing and saucer swing, then probably I would concern buying it.

So let’s talk about a quality – swing frame is protected by powerful corrosion protection, mat canvas and rope are crafted with 50+ UV-resistance.

Saucer swing can handle up to 220lbs weight capacity, which is more than enough for couple of children.

Swing frame is crafted with weather-resistant steel tubes and it is extra durable and stable.

XDP Recreation “Camo Commander Swing Set


Price: 300 $

Now we are entering in more expensive top-notch swing sets – they are great but to be fair, they are not necessary.

So first let s see, what does this swing set offer- so there are 2 swings, 1 fun glider, a saucer swing and slide. There is an additional saucer swing included, which is not that common, but it is a really great feature a swing set can offer. So if we sum up how many children could use this swing set at the same time the result would be at least 6 – how great is that?

Everything ( plastic seats, riders, handles and a slide) is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) blow molded. The blow molded components provide additional quality, value and performance – and it is very durable and could last for years of play.

If you are looking for more durable and of course a swing set with ordinary swings and a saucer swing, and you don’t mind a bit higher price, then go for that one, it is overall great and it is a very quality swing set.

CREATIVE CEDAR DESIGNS Sky View Wooden Playset, One Size


If you are looking to get your backyard and kids nice looking upgraded swing set, then this would be probably one of the best choices. It is quite expensive for a regular swing set, but it is not regular swing set – it is a play set, but not that expensive play set – it the great option for those who are looking for something more than just a swing set, and in the same time not a huge play set and expensive one as well.

What is included in this set? it has an 8-foot wave slide, rock climbing wall with rocks, 2 people glider swing,2 belt swings, a sandbox, a picnic table, ladder and some smaller extra props.

what makes this set great is that it is a very safe play set – it is not enormous, even swings are very safe to sway, wooden house is not high in the air, climbing wall is not hard to conquer, and even falling off the wall will not be harmful.

So if you are looking for something more than just a swing set, and at the same time very safe for small children to play on, then this is just the perfect set, and very beautiful in its wooden touch.

Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set


Price: 1680 $

Now I shifted in higher gear with this Discovery woodridge all cedar wood play set swing. Hard to say that it is just a swing set – it is so much more – the main things are definitely swings, but beside swings ( there are 2 belt swings and 1 acrobat bar) there are: upper and lower forts, rock wall ladder, crow’s nest with elevated tunnel and a 10 feet slide – so very multi functional swing set, or play set if you will. It is quite expensive, but there is no question about its quality materials.

It is a very expensive set, I just wanted to show what kind of different swing sets and different prices vary among “swing sets”. But overall it is one heck of a play set swing set.


I mentioned in intro about the fact that my brother has a play set swing set in the backyard at this house, and it is a really good play set, but it is quite big, and he paid about $1000 for it, and I just wanted to show you guys how many options are there in this niche to choose from.

When you are looking to buy a swing set, look out after materials, frame, safety standards and of course space you can give up to a swing set.

If you have any questions or comments, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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