Best Educational Toys For Children

Children are our everything, we loved them no matter what. And of course, we enjoy giving them toys and see them happy and satisfied. But don’t just like anyone thinks, when we are buying them toys, if that toy is necessary best toy for our child. Is it good for his education? And of course when we think about what are the best educational toys for children it sounds like really boring. But you know, educational toys can be really fun as well.

Your child having a toy, that he loves to play with and its as well learn able, educational and developmental is a blessing. Who wouldn’t enjoy his with child playing with a toy and be calmed down with the fact that it is a proper if not the best toy for his child.

I’m going to break this down in five layers. The first is what toys are the best for newborns. The second will be for infants, Third one will be for toddlers. And then the fourth and fifth will be about toys for preschoolers and schooners.

Educational Toys For Newborns

With a newborn, aged to 3 months you have to count newborns recognition, cognitive and motion abilities, if you want to choose what is a proper toy. So you van choose different mobiles, hanging above newborns bed so a newborn could look at them, watch their movement, that he provides by himself, at first unintentionally, then attention ally moving his arms and legs.

Likable plastic rings and lightweight crinkle toys, so a newborn can grab them, and bang withe them. Smaller blankets wit5h installed color applications, mirrors, ropes that newborn is laying on them and touch them, look at them.

It is recommended that a newborn owns one or two soft toys like cotton knitted toy, like a teddy bear or other animal, so when a newborn is touching them ( with hands and face) it is giving them cozy feelings and warmth. All toys should be safety.

Educational Toys For Infants

Infant is now playing when he is sitting. He learns that he can grasp things. He/she enjoys if he/she can throw things on the floor. Infant loves to play hide-and-seek with different toys and loves to play contact games ( daddy throws a ball and then an infant throws a ball). When an infant is about 8 months old he discovers a cause and consequence he enjoys playing with toys that can change something : stacking cups that can be rearranged to towers, tables where he can bang with a hammer corks through a hole

Toys appropriate for infants ( 6 months – 1 year )

  • Sound toys with different activities
  • Toys for water fun
  • Soft balls
  • Cotton and rubber toys

Age 1 to 2 is races, making progress and directions an infant knows already knows, but they are trying to improve themselves. At this age an infant tries to imitate outer world. A car that is loud, and he has to make a loud noise at home as well. Cotton knitted dog will be very popular with an infant. They like to swing as well.

Toys appropriate for infants ( 1 year – 2 years)

  • Toys that could be dragged. A puppy or a telephone on a rope
  • Toys that could be pushed, like a walking chair or a wheelbarrow
  • Puzzle with fewer components

Educational Toys For Toddlers

When infants become toddlers, it is the whole new era in playing. Now slowly everything is progressing in normal playing, and form my point of view, it all basis on problem solving. Of course with a little parental guiding they do understand and they could play for hours. Then the biggest parent wish becomes a hope that a little toddler will play a long time with his toys, not just one day or even worse – couple of hours ( believe me, I’ve been there a lot). Here are some examples:

  • Building blocks
  • puzzles ( they should be simple, somewhere from 4 to 20 pieces )
  • Duplo from Lego rules
  • Musical toys
  • Simple books
  • Doolhouse
  • Action figure ( my son loves spider man action figure )
  • Trains
  • Trucks
  • Small kitchen ( both my children were crazy playing with the kitchen imitating us, parents )

I remember the best and couple of hours session playing with my children – ball. As well with my son and daughter we could pass a football for hours. From my experience I can assure you that playing with your children something that child and parent enjoy doing it, is jut insaine awesome. Of course, we played a lot with ball and because of that both my children learn accuracy passing the ball and great shooting as well.

Educational Toys For Pre-Schoolers And Schoolers

Best toys for preschoolers is definitely building blocks, like Lego, but not themed ones, basic one. So a child can develop a lot imagination, as well he is gaining in space sight, graphomotorics, they’re problem solving, and artistic of course. Biggest mistake that parent are doing is when they’re playing with them. And we all know parent are more iniciative and then all of a sudden parent are doing everything and a child is just watching there. Symbolic games are awesome as well for their development, something like a baby or a child, and they, re taking care of them. Toys should not be like a final product you know, like a train. It is fun watching train driving on railroads but a child gets fed up after couple of minutes. Believe me, I’ve been there. So building blocks is the far best toy and evergreen toy there is.

And what are your toys?

So this post was just a quick navigation about most suitable toys for children. These are just basics around toys. Of course, it gets harder to choose when you are decided about what toy should you get for your child. If you want more details, descriptions etc. Please read my other posts.

Other posts are more thorough and I believe that I can help you to choose the right toy.

Now let’s play!

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