best fake lego brands in 2020

Best fake Lego brands in 2020

There is a massive market of clones. Literally there is almost every little thing that has its own copy. And Let’s face it – knock offs are and will always be in our little world.

I personally don’t support this kind a market, but not all people in the world can afford everything, especially things that could be quite pricey. That is why a lot of them reach for some alternatives or pure copies.

That goes for fake Lego brands as well. Well not all of them are copycats, there are some alternatives that have their own thing going on, but no matter how hard they try, they will never beat Lego.

Lego has everything figured out – they own licenses, they have modern factories that produce bricks, they are investing a lot into creating new themes, they have basically a monopoly in rick building.

But their patents and licenses expired back in 2011, so the market let other companies to step in. But a lot of Chinese ( and form other countries) figured out that the best way to compete with Lego is copying their sets and sell them for far less money then Lego does.

That is why I started to discover fake Lego, or knock offs market about a year and a half ago, and there were a lot of things clarified once I started to purchase fake Lego sets.

Well to be more accurate, I purchase pure copies, but not just copies, I purchased as well alternatives. And there were some brands that were quite good honestly.

I also wrote couple of posts about Lego clones, and you can read them if you want, just click on titles below:

Wangao brand review

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Best Lego alternatives

Good and cheap Lego clones

Disclaimer: I don’t buy these clones for myself, I buy them for research only- to provide the best information for everyone that will or is going to buy Lego compatible/clone/fake/knock off/alternative sets.

That is why I wrote “best fake Lego brands in 2020” post, to present you what brands are OK to buy, if you are reaching for them.

Cada Brand – My number 1. Recomendation..

Before we kick off I would like to introduce you to Cada brand. Cada is a Lego alternative brand, but more or less I consider them as “compatible with Lego and other brands”, because they are investing their time and money and countless hours to create their own themes and sets. Cada brand is only about 4 years old and they will definetly reach for starts, they are so good and unique, and not mockers or clone brand, etc.

They offer themes like guns ( and they can shoot as well ), tanks, army, cars, construction vehicles and more. Beside brick sets the same company that owns Cada ( Double Eagle industries) has a huge variety of RC cars.

Just recently I received their set – a 61018W set – it is a Lamborghini 610 in Technic parts. it is awesome, can easily compare it to Lego Technic theme, if it isn’t even better ( in my opinion Cada exceeds Lego Technic).best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

And Cada even designed a lot of their own parts, so they are very concentrated into developing their sets.

Do you want to know the price? Well for this particular set the price is about 60$, and there are 1700 parts in this set. Do you want a comparison with Lego? Well I dig out that one particular vehicle with 1600 parts ( Lego Technic) costs about 150$ – that is 1,5 times more expensive, but features, sturdiness and firmness is the same. Product – 1696Pcs Doublee Building Blocks Cada Technic C61018 

I wrote very thorough review article if you want to read about it ( be amazed):

Best Lego alternative brands – Cada brand review

If you want to check out company’s website or YouTube channel:

My no.1 fake Lego brand – Bela

best fake lego brands in 2020

Couple of moths ago I ordered A set from Aliexpress, the brand was Bela, and I ordered Lego copy set – Elves theme, and set’s name was Fire dragon lava cave like you can see on picture.

Bela named theme “Fairs”, but Lego’s theme was named Elves. Original Elves theme was canceled by Lego, but that didn’t stop Bela to produce them.

Their set itself is basically very good – like with all Lego knock offs, original box is not included, set comes wrapped in bags.

Instructions are quite good – they are easy to follow.

Final product looks very good -on first sight I haven’t noticed where’s the difference, except for stud branding. After manipulating with it, I released what makes the main difference between Lego and fake bricks- compatibility of knock off bricks versus Lego bricks. Lego bricks overall are more firm when they are connected, as well joints are less movable, therefore they are more firm with Lego, Bela’s joints are less firm and are more loose.

but overall, if I have to recommend fake Lego brand, then Bela is definitely fake brand I recommend, if you have to buy Lego knock offs. Price of Lava dragon cave Bela set was only about 20$.

My no.2 Lego alternative/fake brand – YNYNOO brandbest fake lego brands in 2020

About a month ago I received a package I ordered two moths before I received ( Aliexpress as well).

I ordered a princess carriage, that is what my daughter wanted. It was as well wrapped in a bag and there were a lot of smaller bags inside a bag. Instructions were OK. I had some problems with building – there are a lot of 1×1 stud bricks, so when I was building a carriage’s cabin, it kept falling apart, but eventually I built it – it took me about an hour and a half to build a carriage form 350+ bricks.

With princess carriage I ordered as well a buildable Star wars figure – clone commander Cody. This is a total copy

of Lego’s original Star Wars buildable figures. Clone commander Cody turned out pretty decent, and is actual for my son at that moment to be honest. It has a flaw though – his right-hand holds weapon so firm that I can not pull it out, literally – it is stuck there form the day that it was built. But that flaw doesn’t bother my son too much as he is playing in spite that.

You can tell that it is not an original – colors are less bright and shiny, and joints are a bit loose, but overall figure is good and it costs only about 6$ – very cheap.

My no.2 Lego alternative brand – Wangao brand

best fake lego brands in 2020

Wangao brand is totally an alternative Lego brand, as they don’t do copies of Lego sets – they made their own sets. But unfortunately Wangao offers only 8 sets, and they are practically all the same.

Sets are 2 in 1 sets, and those two options are whether a robot mech or a car. A robot mech is not that good, well it is OK, but you need to modify in hips area, because it always detaches if you play with it. But if you remake hips and make them more firm, then you are settled.

Car on the other hand is awesome and has details that makes car overall perfect, and quite big.

if you are interested buying Wangao 2 in 1 robot mech/car set, then I recommend it to you.

A toy a dream brand

best fake lego brands in 2020

Latest Lego knock off set and review I wrote recently is a brand named A toy a dream. It doesn’t sound correctly, but hey, it is a “toy” brand, so I guess that name is acceptable.

I ordered Ninjago’s Airjitzu temple, but not a copy of Lego’s former temple set ( as I remembered original Airjitzu temple costs about 300$ and has 2000+ parts), I ordered a mini version of Airjitzu temple – that one has only 750+ parts in it, and it is rather small, but big enough for playing.

Smaller version of Airjitzu temple looks really good, instructions were fantastic and bags were numbered – can you imagine that? This was the first time out of at least 20 or even 30 set I ordered in the last year and a half, that had numbered bags for sequence building.

There are a lot of 1×1 stud bricks, but nothing overwhelming, I would rather say that building it was very light and fast, I don’t believe I needed more then an hour.

Beside temple, that looks great, there were as well 5 ninjas and sensei Wu. Those minifigures surprised me because their arms and legs are attached very firm, and even moving arms and legs is tougher then original Lego’s minifigures – after 2 or 3 weeks minifigures are still in great almost perfect shape.

This set’s price was about $15, and I can not say if it is Lego copy or an alternative, it is a knock off, that is for sure, and a good one to be honest.


best fake lego brands in 2020

Decool is a typical fake Lego brand, and Decool copies a lot of Lego themes, but they as well sell separate minifigures for a very low price. I haven’t purchased yet any set of a Decool, but in the future I will definitely reach for some Decool sets, they look promising, despite the fact that they copy Lego sets and themes.

Beside copied Lego sets they as well offer themes that they created. They offer army sets ( you will see that lot of Chinese brands offer army sets) like tanks and aircraft and as well they a lot of cars.

Lego copies that Decool has to offer are Star Wars, brickheadz, Superheroes – especially Batman sets.


best fake lego brands in 2020

Enlighten is a brand that I can’t say that they copy Lego themes and sets – they make their own themes, and they are very interesting to look at – they are not as sophisticated as Lego’s, but the price is fair.

Enlighten offers themes like deformation robots, medieval, pirates, cars – all sorts of vehicles, industrial vehicles like a tractor and fork lifter. They offer as well similar sets like Lego’s friends, only that they named girls of princess, and sets are not copies of friends theme.

Special theme is of course army one – tanks, helicopters, aircraft and more.

One more theme I have to point out are Octonauts. Now I don’t know what Octonauts are, but as I saw they are minifigures with animal heads? And those Octonauts some pretty decent vehicles like boats, planes or submarines, I can’t tell what their vehicles are, but I guess they live under water so they are more like submarines? Anyway vehicles are designed to be very beautiful and minifigures or Octonauts are very child friendly as well.


best fake lego brands in 2020

Lele is a typical fake Lego brand as well and they have a lot of Lego copy sets to offer.

They offer themes like Friends, Star Wars, Ninjago, City, Creator, Technic, basically you can get a lot of Lego clone sets if you can’t afford original ones.

I personally haven’t purchased any LeLe set yet, maybe in the future, who knows.


best fake lego brands in 2020

Loz is one of the big companies or brands and Loz doesn’t have any fake set or clones if you will, oh no, they don’t. LOZ is a brand that tries everything by themselves. We must exclude bricks, that were originally Lego’s patent that expired – LOZ is awesome. I haven’t yet bought any of LOZ sets, but it is on my priority list to get them to see what is about LOZ.

LOZ offers sets like architecture, but their own architect symbolic buildings, buildable minions, Shawn the sheep sets, Corgi from the animated movie, small shops, pink panther, pink tank, buildable Tom and Jerry Pikachu and lots of more interesting builds form animated movies.

LOZ is a must try to I recommend LOZ to everyone to fresh the monotony of other Lego compatible brands.


best fake lego brands in 2020

Sluban is an Icon on Chinese market., It is one of the most known Lego compatible brands, and they don’t offer Lego clones, built they have own themes and sets to offer. So I can’t say that they are a fake Lego brand, they are an Alternative and a very good one.

Sluban biggest and best theme is definitely army – you can’t imagine what kind of weaponry and army vehicles Sluban has to offer. You can choose between tanks, trucks, cannon, airplanes, ship carriers, you can buy just a minifigure if you want to.

Beside army sets Sluban has as well a huge variety of cars, vans, buses, formulas, some City like sets, Friends like sets, but I am talking about their own interpretation sets.

Other brands worth mentioning:

  • Gonlel
  • Qunlong
  • Be bie fes
  • Ditmogf
  • Lepin ( I haven’t yet buy Lepin’s sets – supposedly Lepin is a China Lego, and there is a lot of talking about Lepin)


As you can see I haven’t purchased all brands I wrote about in these articles, neither will I get all of these in the near future – maybe who knows, all I know is that Bela is and will be my number 1 fake Lego brand.

if you are wondering if I am now a huge fan of Fake brands let me tell you – I am not. I like to explore things and stuff, and I wanted to see if any of knock offs are coming close to Lego’s quality, well let me tell you – there are some bright things about some brands, but overall quality, design, idea Lego has everything covered. I mean even the carton box is appealing – I don’t believe any other brand could overtake Lego – Lego is simply the best and will always stay the best.

if you have any questions or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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  1. I am glad that I found this wonderful article especially since I have been passionate about Lego for almost 10 years. 

    This passion came after I finished my degree in architecture and I tried to improve my creativity and imagination.
    I didn’t know that there are so many fake Lego brands and I can say that I see no difference between the original version. I can say that it suits me very much LeLe brands and is my favorite. I can’t wait to order a few games from them to see how it works.

    • Hi!It was my pleasure to introfuce you an alternative (not always better way) way to get some Lego compatible sets for ones wjo can’t offer original ones.


      Primoz P.


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