best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

Best Lego Alternative Brands – Cada Brand Review

Lego clones, knock offs, copies are now a huge niche over the world. Original Lego company puts in a lot of work from ideas, to realization and of course Let’s not forget about licenses for their themes like Marvel or DC, or like new theme Trolls, and those licenses cost huge bucks. After a while “clone brands” start to copy Lego sets – but with no extra cost, unlike Lego.

But there as well brands that are not clone brands or knock offs, but they are alternatives – they aren’t illegal for using Lego’s interlocking bricks’ as Lego’s patents expired way back. So alternatives are very good because they have other themes available that Lego doesn’t’ have.

And I have a very special alternative brand to talk/write, which I can hardly say even that is an alternative as they also invented a lot of their own specific parts for their sets, but they are all Lego compatible, so maybe I would rather refer them as Lego and other brick brands compatible.

I am talking about Cada bricks’. I was blown away with everything they have to offer and with a set I received couple of days ago – it is just the most perfect set I ever built that is not Lego’s. I will describe and write about it in this review post ” Best Lego alternative brands Cada brand review” and I will be very specific in explanations, thorough and I will bring you all information you need to know about Cada brand.

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Little something about Cada brand..

Cada bricks’ is a brand from the Double Eagle Industry China Ltd. Double Eagle is based in Shantou city (Guangdong province) and is a globally well-known Chinese brand for its remote control cars and trucks.

Cada product line was established in 2016 and by 2020 became a well-recognized building brick toys brand in mainland China. Cada is today a popular Lego alternative in countries like Germany and Russia as well.Cada factory facilities are based in Zhaoan town, Fujian province. Most of the production lines are fully automated and make use of the latest production techniques. The facilities are equipped to make a variety of bricks’ and similar products.

Cada consists mostly of interlocking plastic bricks’ and are compatible with other globally renowned brick brands. Cada has worked very hard to create its own set designs (intellectual property) and a variety of new piece designs and shapes. The building bricks’ series include: super-cars, military, gun, robot, construction and STEM based educational sets.

Cada set C61018 – a Lamborghini 610 set

I was in search for some good Lego compatible set when I came across Cada brand. I have heard about it before but I never really gave that much of attention to it.

First thing I noticed is that Cada differs from other compatible brands in its style and ideas for their sets – replicas of the most known weaponry were catching my attention in the screen.

So I dig further until I landed on the company’s website:

And here is their Youtube channel:

Every set they had to offer is just perfect. They are all Technic sets and they offer different varieties of sets – there are guns, super cars, robots and lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

Sets consist of a lot of parts, and you will never guess that all sets are not expensive – I chose Lamborghini 610 set which has about 1700 parts. You know what is the price of it? only about 60$. Please tell me what is the price of Lego Technic’s sets that have more than 1500 parts? For comparison Let’s take Lego’s Porsche 911 rsr – it has about 1600 parts, so 100 less than Cada’s Lamborghini 610, and the price tag of it starts at 150$. So Porsche’s price is at least 1,5 times more expensive. Can you see where I am getting at?

Non of this would matter if Cada’s set wouldn’t be good, but it is more than good – it is brilliant, perfect, stylish, firm, sturdy, it won’t break apart, huge, possibly, at least for me, even better than Lego Technic.

But I am going to take you step by step, before we jump into any conclusion.

I welcome you too read further and be surprised and thrilled.


Building a Lambo

Take a look at picture and you will just how big this set is – is enormous, almost half a size of my son.

Box itself is very beautiful and stylish, and has plastic transparent holder like a briefcase – so you can easily carry it wherever you want to.

Then you open a box you drag out a carton drawer with everything you need to build in this carton lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

Inside drawer there are 17 plastic bags with pieces. One thing I’d like to point out is that bags aren’t numbered, but they have even better bag system – bags contain pieces that have similar features together, for instance: there are a lot of pins and they are packed in their own bags, blue ones together, black ones together. Beams have their own bag, car’s body parts are bagged lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

You just need to figure out how to sort them – I put every bag in small transparent box. OK there were a lot of plastic boxes over table, but after couple sites of instruction you get used to box and where some parts are – very easy to figure it out, so no worries.

There are two booklets of instructions, and they are divided into 7 building categories alphabetically – from A to G, A is where you start and G is where you finish a Lambo.

There are also 2 lists of stickers which you stick on the body when you are basically done with building.

And Let’s not forget 4 tires, which are of course one the most basic and essential things for a car to move. Product – Cada 1696Pcs Lamborghini Racing Car 

Building from A to G

Starting with an A

The first thing when you start to build is of course the bottom chassis. Chassis are foundations for every car – if it is good there will be no problem, but if it is not good than breaking apart could be a serious problem.

But don’t worry because chassis of this Lambo is lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

At the beginning I had quite some problems because I never really had any Technic sets in my life, maybe 2 or three and even them were rather a smaller ones. So I had a high motivation to gain some lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

After bottom chassis was done you move to start building a V10 movable piston engine. And it looks astonishing. You don’t immediately build on a chassis but you build an engine separately and than attach it on chassis.


After bottom chassis and an engine are attached and done, you start building front susspenison. Suspension is very detailed and contains a lot of parts, and it does its job. Whole front suspension is very well thought and made detailed, and it contains a shock absorber as well – lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

Then you put a steering wheel, and as well it functions like a real lego alternative brands - Cada brand review


In C there are some body car elements to build, at the back of the car and back suspension with shock absorber as well.

After this basically all chassis, suspension and an engine is built, and the best part parts to hit in – building a car lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

It took to come to that point about 4 hours, after that it took only about 2 or 3 more hours – like I said, i never really actually own a bigger Technic set before. And not to mention how addictive that feeling becomes when you are building it, extremely great and calm feeling.


So from then on it just goes highway, first you build a roof and seats. Seats are red colored and look as real as real seats in a Lambo look lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

After that a body of car starts to get its looks and shape, you build back of a car, until it is almost completed.


In E the back of the car is getting finished. One thing I want to emphasise is Lambo’s tailgate – everything looks so beautiful, lights, boot, back bumper, I really enjoyed building the back of the car.
best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

F and G

In F and G there is only a front body left to build – it took me about an hour to finish a hood, bumper, lights,doors and windshield ( to be more accurate there isn’t any plastic windshield just poles that hold together roof and a lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

And at the end you just attach tires and stick stickers and there it is – glorious with lots of details made Lamborghini lego alternative brands - Cada brand review Product – Cada 1696Pcs  Racing Car 

Special features

  1. Cada’s detacher is a great help tool – it helps you to pull out wrong
    best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review
    “Cada assembly tool”

    inserted pins of all kind and wrongly attached beams and more

  2. Trunk offers you to look at the V10 piston engine and it is very realistic with lots of details
  3. Front hood lifts up and you can insert built bag inside
  4. Steering and suspension work together smoothlybest lego alternative brands - Cada brand review
  5. Curved body of a car makes a Lambo look very authentic
  6. Cada has stud branding as well

    best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review
    “Cada stud”


  • Competitive to Lego Technic theme
  • Affordable price ( comparing to Lego – Lego Technic with the same size is 1,5 times more expensive than Cada)
  • Great STEM toy ( STEM means: science, technology, engineering and mechanics)
  • Great instructions
  • Great building experience
  • Hours of fun building
  • Great Lamborghini 610
  • Contains a lot of its own designed parts
  • Lambo has all features: rotating wheels managed by steering wheel, back and front hood can lift, both doors can open and close, a great look at the V10 piston engine at the back of the car
  • Deatcher for wrong inserted pins helped me a lot
  • Firm and sturdy – due to the fact that it is build of 1700+ parts it won’t break and parts will not fall off
  • Cab control is perfect
  • Great simulation of Lamborghini 610


  • before you figure out how to orient with bags and sort them it could take you some unnecessary time spent


Number of parts: about 1700

Starting price: 60$

Best place to buy: AliExpress

My review: 5 out of 5 stars ( 100%)best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

I was so excited while building it and I really became a huge fan of Cada. Let me explain why is that so – first starting with instructions, they are awesome and they guide you as they should.

Second -price is affordable for such a big set – Lambo’s price starts at 60$.

Three – Built Lambo exceed its expectations in all features, steering, driving, well everything

Four – long but very great time spent building it – I love to build, and building for hours is something that calms me down.

Five – maybe some will say that I am exagerrating with pros and cons, but honestly I really don’t see any bigger con, only pros, and a lot of lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

I mentioned in PROS section that it is firm and sturdy, now please take a look at the picture below, and you will understand what I am talking about ( picture describes more than 1000 words).

best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review
Holding it with one finger
best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review
Holding it with a finger at the bottom
best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review
Holding tailgate with two fingers

Additional packs

built an original pack. But if you take a look at the picture where there are bags, you can notice that on the top of a carton drawer there are four bagswith yellow parts in. Well these bags are an additional pack ( not included in original box/set) to redo primary built Lambo into a yellow one – I bet that in yellow a Lambo looks even more astonishing.

Instructions, after you are finished building it, offer you to build in a power pack – you can get yourself power pack and install it into Lambo and you have yourself an RC car. You need these items: Product – CaDA 2,4G remote control

  • 2,4g rechargeable battery box
  • a light set
  • motor
  • and steering motor

Final thoughts

Building a Lambo from Cada was one of the best eperiences building Lego alternative sets. I purchased through time a lot of alternative sets ( few clones as well, but I could count with my fingers in one hand). This is the best one I ever built that is not Lego’s. Cada is big competitor to Lego Technic if you asked for my opinion. Whenever I will think about a Technic theme set, of course I will start with Cada – they are innovative, not a clone brand, they have their own parts as well, that are Lego compatible, they have their own designers that are working hard to make these awesome sets. Cada made a huge impact on me, and a brand is only 4 years old – how awesome is that? Imagine everything they make and produce in the near future. I bet Cada will have a huge echo and will leave a seal in bricks’ toy niche market, you will see.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and will be very happy to reply or help you.

Best regards,

Primoz P.

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