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Best Lego Clones -“A Toy A Dream Brand”Review

I’m not the biggest fan of Lego clones, Alternatives I can handle, Copies not so much. But to clarify – no matter what, clone brands will always exist, so we can’t prevent customers to buy clone brands, that is why I ordered a lot of different Lego “clone” brands to help people when they will reach for clone brands – to at least recommend them which clone brands are OK, and which clone brands are pure CON.

I ordered Ninjago’s temple Airjitzu, but not the huge one that Lego used to offer, but smaller version, the costs about 12 – 15$. My sonny wanted it, so I said to myself why not. With the some order I ordered YNYNOO’s two sets, a buildable Star Wars figure ( pure copy) and a princess carriage ( it is not Lego’s copy, therefore it is an alternative ). I wrote a review about them, and you can read it if you want to, just click on the link below:

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To answer the most important question about Airjitzu temple set if it is worth it – well overall yes, it is a great alternative to buy, proper price, not too big and it is quite firm and sturdy – it doesn’t break apart.

If you want to know more, just read this article “best Lego clones – a toy a dream brand review”, I am very thorough, I have tried to gather all information you need to know, before you decide whether you want it or not. Product – New Ninja Temple of Airjitzu 737Pcs DIY Compatible With Lego

Unwrapping a set

Set came wrapped in a bag, like almost all Lego clones lego clones a toy a dream

When I unwrapped it there were two additional bags of Lego compatible brands, and they were numbered. This was the first huge pro because all other knock off sets I ordered in the past weren’t numbered, so I had to empty all bags to start building it, best lego clones a toy a dreamand you know that it can be overwhelming to build it, because searching for the right part is just exhausting.

So there were two bigger numbered bags and instructions. Every bag then had more wrapped bags, unnumbered, but that is OK because after all you build in two separate lego clones a toy a dream brand review

Instructions were very good, remember – a lot of Lego knock off sets have instructions that are just awful, but these instructions were great, and very easy to follow.

best lego clones a toy a dream brand reviewBag number 1

First bag had 8 smaller bags, but this brand has it all figured it out – there are a lot of some parts but a lot of them, and they are bagged together, so when you unbag it, you just put parts on one place – you make separate piles- and that it is it – you just follow best lego clones a toy a dream brand review

instructions, you take parts from different piles and build a set. If you think about it, A toy a dream made it even easier for customers to build their sets.

First bag brings you a temple in three floors. It is pretty much Chinese temple, very beautiful and everything stays firm and best lego clones a toy a dream brand review

sturdy. There are though a lot, and with a lot I mean at least 70% of all parts – 1 by 1 studs, either flat rounded ones, or 1 by 1 cube studs, but it is not a problem, you build very fast. I believe I needed about 20 minutes to build lego clones a toy a dream brand review

Beside temple first bag carries all ninjas and sensei Wu. These minifigures are unlike other minifigures from knock offs, these minifigures are even more firm than original Lego’s minifigures, so I can give one more huge pro for quality minifigures. Product – New Ninja Temple of Airjitzu 737Pcs 

Bag number 2best lego clones a toy a dream brand review

Bag number 2 has 5 bags. You first build blue little house, after that you build a house for boats, something like that, in green color, and last you build a lego clones a toy a dream brand review

After you are done with assembly, you just connect all 4 builds lego clones a toy a dream brand review


  • Minifigures are of good quality, the best so far
  • numbered bags
  • more bags with some or similar style parts to make easier to build
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Very cheap
  • Compelete assembly is very firm and of good quality


  • empty interior of a templebest lego clones a toy a dream brand review
  • maybe a bit small


Price: 12-15$

Place to buy: 

Number of parts: 700+

My review: 4,5 out of 5best lego clones a toy a dream brand review

As I remembered the original set from Lego costs about 250-300$. It is true very expensive but very beautiful set. I believe there are about 2000 + parts in it. There is as well the some set, but a clone one for about 60$+. But it is very big set.

if you look at miniature Airjitzu set it is practically very look-a-like set, only three times smaller, which is still big enough and very cheap, beside that it is hard to say that it is a copy set, because Lego doesn’t offer some set. That is why I gave 1 star for a price and the fact that it is not really a copy I gave 1 more star. To sum this set already has 2 starts. Product – New Ninja Temple of Airjitzu 737Pcs DIY Compatible With Lego

Third star is for minifigures – like I mentioned before minifigures are more firm than Lego’s minifigures are, maybe even too firm. It has been 3 weeks since we received and built this set, and minifigures are still as firm as they were when we got them. Other minifigures from other brands are usually bad – their arms are too loose, or their heads are keep falling off, hands as well, all knock offs I received except this set, minifigures very like in a really bad lego clones a toy a dream brand review

fourth star is for an”innovative” bags if I may, because putting some parts together and of course bringing you more bags than original Lego’s to build with ease is perfect. With that I have to add instructions – they are so easy to follow, like Lego’s but in its own way. Lego has the best of them all, and I guess A toy a dream comes second. I built over 15 knock offs, and most of them have instructions so bad that you get angry when you try to decipher them.

half a star instead of the whole one is for its usability. It is a great set, but it is kind a too small if a kid wants to play and use the interior of the houses – everything is empty. But it is still made terrific, and it is very beautiful a half star is lego clones a toy a dream brand review


All thumbs up if you are interested in buying this set, it is very beautiful, holds firm together and minifigures are great as well. I highly recommend this set, if you are interested.

Beside Bela brand ( Bela is a total clone Lego brand) A toy a dream brand is so far the best Lego knock off brand. I consider if interlocking works, if parts are good, and after it is built if it stays together like Lego’s does.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


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