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Best Lego Clones – “Bela” Review

I am a huge fan of LEGO – I am and I will be always their huge fan. But their some occasions, that it is O.K. to reach out to “alternative” Lego compatible brands, or as everybody would say – fake legos!

I know we shouldn’t support copycats, but every now and that I believe you can buy Lego clones, I mean they are a lot cheaper, and if some set is missing in your ( or kids collection), and it originally costs like a hundred dollars, and you fill the empty space with the same set for only twenty dollars it is OK.

I wrote an article about cheap Lego clone sets couple of months ago and I invite you to read it.

My son has a lot of Lego sets, I would say at least thirty, but he has as well three or four Lego clone sets. But to be honest, only one of them is O.K., and that one is just Lego compatible brand, and has only three sets, and they are basically two in one set – a racing car or battling robot, and they are both decent and a bit sophisticated.

In this Article ” Best Lego clones -Bela review, I will present you my number one pick, if I have to choose a clone Lego set, and I will make a review about it and describe a set I bought recently.


Original Lego Set

So recently I bought my daughter through Aliexpress ( I believe we all know ALIBABA and ALIEXPRESS) a clone Lego set. Originally is Lego’s Elves Fire Dragon Lava Cave 41175, and it sells for the price of $120.

The set has 441 pieces and you build the Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave, complete with a sliding function to move the lava falls aside, Shadow Fountain that transforms from poisoned water to clean water, moss beds and campfire, and you get the most beautiful golden-yellow four legged dragon Sonya with diamonds on wings and tail.

It is a very beautiful set, and I recommend it to everybody, especially to elves fans.


Bela – Clone Lego Set Product – Bela 10503 Elves Fire Dragon Lava Cave Figures Building Block 446pcs Fairy Building Bricks Toys for Children
best lego clones

So here comes the part when original is substituted for fake – my daughter was bugging me for couple of months to buy her that exact set. Now when I saw the price it was a bit high – we have to concern that paying $120 for a set, that will probably, after being assemble, in some time be torn down and a lot of pieces getting lost.

So I started to look for some alternative “Lego” brand, and I found Bela on Aliexpress. Well their are a lot of other “brands” offering the same set, but I took my time, and read a lot of reviews and decided to go after ” Bela”.


Bela Fairy Fire Dragon Lava Cave Product – Bela 10503 Elves Fire Dragon Lava Cave Figures Building Block 446pcs Fairy Building Bricks Toys for Children

So the first thing you have to know is that those Chinese have to avoid original names, so original’s Elevs theme form Lego is renamed by Bela in Fairy theme.

So the set cost only $20, which just one sixth of the original Lego set’s price. I have to mention though, that I was best lego clones

skeptical if it would be any good, but you know, I had to sacrifice $20 just to know how is it going to turn out.

It took delivery from china just three weeks! Everything else I bought through Aliexpress in last couple of years ( their were a lot of different stuff, almost all of them worthless ) took at least a month, most of them form one a half moths to two!

You don’t get the box, you just get it wrapped in poly bags and everything sealed in postal wrap.

So I wrapped it open, and I was very surprised when I opened it – in a positively way, of course: bricks were looking very promising with beautiful colors, I couldn’t the difference between original and fake ones if I didn’t know that Lego bricks have Lego logo on studs.

Instructions were readable and their wasn’t a problem to follow them easy and fast – I had some problems with other Lego clone brands, because most of them join at least 4 or more pages form the original Lego instructions to one page and a lot of them became insolvable.

Bela’s instructions are very similar to Lego’s instructions, which a great PRO.

One fear was their while building a set – a lot of reviews about Lego clone brands quoted that their were a lot of times that some pieces were missing. But in this occasion, their were actually more pieces their.

best lego clones
“Sonya the fire dragon”

After assembling the whole set, I was stunned about good actually this clone set was. It was like looking at original.

There is one flaw, of course – both mini figures are good to look at, but their arms are very loose and hair are keep falling of. The cannot sit still, because they always fall on their back. Minifigures have always been the weakest links among Chinese Lego clone brands, and I guess they will always be bad.

Everything else is very good – Sonya the dragon is looking very beautiful, it is usable like original Lego dragon.

Lava cave is looking practically the same as Lego’s and has even sliding lava doors that work fluently!

Shadow fountain has as well fluently sliding poisoned water to clean water.

best lego clones
“Lava cave”






Review Of Bela’s Fairy Fire Dragon Lava Cave

Bassed on my experience with set, I will definitely in the future buy Bela’s sets, when I will need to buy them of course. There re a lot of positive points to buy something from them. If you are looking to buy clone Lego sets, I can advise and recommend you to look after Bela, believe, I tried couple of Clone brands like LELE, CB Toys, and they were just bad. Bela is in my opinion the best Lego clone brand, if you are looking for Lego clone sets.


  • One of the best Lego clones
  • Very good instructions
  • Price is just awesome ( one sixth if I compare with the original )
  • Not one piece was missing
  • Relatively fast delivery ( three weeks)
  • Fully working Lava cave and Shadow fountain
  • Bricks look like originals
  • The best alternative


  • It is just a copy of a Lego
  • Buying sets form clone companies means that Lego will slow down
  • Box is not included, only poly bags and wrapping paper
  • Minifigures are not as good as original, their arms are loose, and they can’t sit still-they will fall



best lego clones
“Poisoned shadow fountain”

I must point out that now and then I guess it is plausible to buy fake Lego, but it shouldn’t become a habit. O.K. it is very cheap comparing it to Lego sets, on the other hand, Lego is innovative, they are developing new sets, themes all the time, they buy licenses to develop new sets – they have a license to make Star Wars sets, or Disney, or DC Comics superheroes, or Marvel superheroes, so we must support Lego the most.

Like I said before, I bought my son and daughter more that 30 Lego sets, and only 4 Lego clone sets, and 3 of them don’t have more that 100 pieces! Now that is being supportive and a fan.

I mean it is a great feeling paying only 20$ for a set that actually costs $120, and the fact that is actually pretty good, but like I mentioned before – just a set now and then. Product – Bela 10503 Elves Fire Dragon Lava Cave Figures Building Block 446pcs Fairy Building Bricks Toys for Children

Oh not to forget – my daughter loves the set and she is finally playing with those bricks, it took just two years her to like Lego and Lego compatible ( fake) sets.



If you have any questions or comments please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy and glad to reply.


Primoz P.


4 thoughts on “Best Lego Clones – “Bela” Review”

  1. Do you have any idea if the chemicals used for Bela are hazardous or safe? (since in China they do not have the same demands to safety and regulations as we do in the EU)

      • Ok… I have purchased Lego clones before, but was not pleased.

        Legos have a certain feel to them. Are the Bela clones similar to this?

        • Hi! Well tobanswer you – if you are a Lego fan and own lots of Lego sets, you can tell for almost every clone brands that it is not as authentic as Lego – Bela,from my experience is the best comparison to Lego blocks, but somewhere during building a certain set you can recognise that some bricks, like joints (knee,elbow,etc.) Are not as good as Legos – main difference is that Bela brands’s joint bricks are not as firm as Lego. That is the only difference between Lego and Bela. So yes, Bela is one of the best or even the best Lego clone brand. This set that I purchased is still the same, looks great and my daughter is still playinv with it – and I bought it more than half a year ago.
          Primoz P.


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