What Are the Best Lego Sets in 2019

If you read already my articles you already know that I’m a huge fan of LEGO and everything about LEGO. If you didn’t read any of an article, well let me tell I’m all about STEM toys ( toys in fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics ), and LEGO, in my opinion is the best STEM toy there is. Don’t forget, LEGO won two millennium awards ( one before 2001,it and one after 2001).

I was on vacation with my family ( wife and two small children). We were visiting Croatia, and it is rather cultural that locals rent shopping stands at the seaside in towns and sell “popular” stuff form china. So you can buy the newest tech ( like wireless earbuds for 10 euros), clothes, sunglasses and of course toys, because people with small children are walking in the evening around the town with children, and children love toys, of course.

And toy that dominates there ( I guess they sell a lot of toys) are clone Lego sets ( made in China ). Of course, I bought couple of sets for my son ( he loves LEGO). And only one set was quite good, but it was the only one that produce its own ideas, others were just cheap fake of Ninjago series.

That is why I looked after all of those sets, and realize that they were all copies of old LEGO sets, that you can not buy original ones form real LEGO anymore.

That is why I decided to write about new LEGO sets and point out what are the best LEGO sets in 2019.

In headings there are categories and below are described sets I believe are the best ones from the certain category. Not all categories are mentioned in this article because they didn’t convince me that they are so interesting to mention them like the ones I did.

LEGO City Sets

Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214

This is really good-looking set, where you get a fire truck, three mini figures and a burger bar. Burger bar catches on fire truck needs to put down the fire.

There are 327 pieces in the set, with three mini figures and its price is about $40.

Downtown Fire Brigade 60216

If your kid loves firemen, fire trucks and all the action going on with their work, this set is definitely a winner. Two floor building catches on fire, and the great brigade comes to put down the fire.

This set is really huge and you get a big fire truck with a long hose, a helicopter, building, crane and some extra stuff and 7 mini figures. There are 943 pieces in this set and it costs about 100$.

LEGO Architecture Sets

I think we all agree that every set of LEGO architecture is very beautiful as it contains main characteristics of the certain building or city skyline. And the best part about LEGO Architecture is that they aren’t very expensive ( at least sets in 2019 aren’t).

There are three sets I want to mention and I believe are worth buying it and those are:

  • San Francisco 21043 (565 pieces )
  • Paris 21044 (649 pieces)
  • Trafalgar Square 21045 (1197 pieces )

First two cost about $50, Trafalgar square costs about $80.

Paris has as evergreen Eiffel tower, San Francisco has famous golden gate bridge, and Trafalgar square has, well, Trafalgar square, and it has a lot of beautiful details

LEGO Creator Sets

Deep Sea Creatures 31088

I think a lot of you will say why this one it is just a shark and a crab, but I must tell you, that I love sea, and everything that is in see, this whole

ecosystem, and I love to watch sharks. I’m an animal lover, and I’am I collecting animals form Lego you need to build, and Shark from Deep sea creatures set is the most beautiful animal from LEGO I build yet.

It is a very cheap set and it costs about $15, and has 230 pieces.

Beside shark, you can rebuild it in to Angler fish ( the one that lives in deep abyss and has a light in front of its head to attract fishes and then they become Angler fish’s food) and the third option is a squid.

LEGO Creator Expert Sets

I must point out that all three launched sets are simply brilliant and one the most beautiful LEGO sets I saw in my life. Really, they are very beautiful, great design, and there so many pieces in each set ( every set has more than 1000 pieces per set).

I can’t recommend just the one, but all three of them. Those three sets are:

  • Corner Garage 10264 ( about $200, 2569 pieces )
  • Ford Mustang 10265 ( about 1$50, 1471 pieces )
  • NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander ( about $100, 1087 pieces )

LEGO Jurassic World Sets

Lego Jurassic Park: T-Rex Rampage 75936

Do you remember Jurassic park when T-Rex escapes from electric fence and starts to hunt down first time customers? Well Lego made a great set with huge T-Rex and big entrance gate.

T-Rex is greatly designed, and contains a lot of pieces, and it would be probably my number one set, but it is quite expensive – it costs about 2$50 and it is not yet released. It has 3120 pieces.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler 76114

Now I’m not Marvel fan, but Spider crawler is stunning and very attractive to look at. The same time we ( me, my son and my daughter) stepped into LEGO store, my son noticed this set and started to bug to get him one. I took the Spider crawler to check it out, and oh my god it is such a beautiful big spider in Spider-Man themed colors. I didn’t yet get him one, maybe in the near future.

It is not expensive set either, it costs about $40 and has 418 pieces and there are 4 minifgures included.

Spider Mech vs.Venom 76115

This set has an eye-catching Venom, it is scary as hell and it is quite big. Spider-Man mech didn’t convinced me as it is nothing more than regular Spider-Man themed mech.

Set costs about $50 and has 604 pieces and 4 minifigures included.

LEGO Ideas Sets

The Flintstones 21316

Meet the Flintstones. If you’re The Flintstones fan than this set is ideal for

you. It has everything: all four characters ( Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty), the famous “car” and Fred’s and Wilma’s house. They are just awesome!

The Flintstones set costs about $60 and has 748 pieces included.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part: 2018

Just to add something about Lego Movie 2 sets – they are really stepped up for a LEGO, they went out of square with classic sets, and made something completely new, unique, interesting, playful and they remind me that children always think outside of the box, like I did when I was a kid, and I always broke down default sets and construct something completely different, and that is the POINT of LEGO.

Emmet’s Thricycle! 70823

I had to post this set because in my opinion is just the thing that a kid would do – I mean we all know that tricycle in this shape is not ride able, but who are we to judge how to play? Children must develop imagination and I believe LEGO is making a boost to that with these LEGO movie set.

Emmet’s Thricycle set costs about $15 and has 174 pieces.

Welcome to Apocalypseburg! 70840

This set is just so beautiful with statue of liberty behind the house collapsed. And you will not believe how long time of building there is – literally hours and hours. Although the price is really high – it costs about $300, so I would rather consider it a collectible item.

It has 3178 pieces and 13 mini figures included.

Is That It?

course that is not all, there are more categories and sets that were launched in 2019, but I just wanted to point out sets that I believe are at completely different level.

if you have any question or a comment please write me in the comment section below and I will reply to all of you.


Primoz P.

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