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before my children were born  I never knew how much stuff is there to make childhood fun. Times when I was a child we didn’t have even 10% compared to today’s market. But there are somethings that is worth considering and buying them – to make your life easier of course.

Until couple of weeks ago I have never heard of “Play Table” expression, I wasn’t really looking for it but still. And as I started to put my interest in it, I was well surprised that play tables actually exist.

Well it is a lie to tell I never heard of play tables, I did, but just for a matter of small children, toddlers and younger, and we had one of those, but honestly never heard of having a play table for older children ( I consider toddlers age is from 2-4 years old, and I include toddlers in that topic).

What does play table mean and bring us ( with that I mean children ) – in my opinion better playing options and more comfortable playing ( i just hate when I see my children playing in some weird body positions, because it makes all my body hurt just watching them).

That is why i decided to write an article “best play tables for kids” and talk about proper play tables that are available and a must have, if you are considering getting one for your kid/children.

I am writing about the best play tables, and not some random useless stuff I wouldn’t want to have – just the ones that I would have ( my children to be more precisely)

Melissa And Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi- Activity Play Table

Price: 105 $

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age: 3+

Size: 50 inches by 32,5 inches, 16 inch height

Well known brand for toys has really good play table, a multi activity one. So play table includes a drawer on the side, which is very huge and you can basically store a lot of things – I presume the ones your child will play with on the table.

Tabletop is two removable green panels, that comes off easy and you can vacuum or clean beneath the playing surface.

Multi activity play table has a big playable surface and more children can play on. But from my experiences, it is a good when it comes to assemble track layouts – whether for smaller train sets, race car tracks etc. it is very good for puzzles, and the best part of all it is awesome for Lego building bricks – Because Lego has a lot of small pieces, and they get lost very quickly – with play table, not such thing can happen.

UTEX 2 In 1 Construction Table

Price: 100 $

Place to buy: AMAZON


Size: 25.6 inches by 25.6 inches, 21 inch height

I choose 2 in 1 play table from UTEX because it has great “espresso” design that can match your decor, and it is a 2 in 1 play table.

2 in 1 presents just a smooth table-top, where you can play with a lot of toys, and then, when you want to play with Lego building bricks, you just turn over the top and be amazed the other top has a construction panel ( compatible with Lego and other Lego compatible brands).

Play table also includes two storage pull out bins, to store your toys in them. One thing to add to this table – pull a storage bin out and just wipe toys form the smooth surface top right to a storage bin – no extra clearing toys form a table time needed.

Lego Education Flip Top Play Table

Price : 285 $

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age: 2+

Size: 27 inches by 27 inches, 20 inch height

Lego play tables only for playing with Legos – it has flip top, so a play table is having Lego construction panel, the other top has Lego Duplo construction panel. So basically, if your kid is huge Lego/Duplo fan, this play table would be with him for years to come – plus it is made of solid hardwood, so there is no fear for the table to be destroyed. I know the price is very high, but don’t forget, it is made of hardwood and can be your kid’s companion for years to come, and how many wonderful structures, buildings, scenes can be made on this table.

YouHi Activity Table

Price: 135 $

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age: 3+

Size:33.5 inches by 17.9 inches, 20,5 inch height

The best is always presented the last. This is probably the best play table in the market in my opinion, of course. So its usage is very simple – at first it is very simple smooth top table for playing. But if you want to play with Legos, remove the top, and the inside of the table has a huge construction panel to play and build Lego building bricks or any with any other Lego compatible bricks. An after you are done playing with constructionist just put the top back on the table to have a smooth surface and play with puzzles or you can draw…

YouHi also made with this play table, another storage tray, positioned at the bottom of the table, where you can storage toys.

So very good and functional play table I would recommend everybody to be their primary option.


There are a lot of different types of play tables out there, but like said before – I have pointed out just the best ones. I was also aiming for what does the play table actually mean – it is a table made for playing with different types of toys, so a play table should have smooth surface, to be considered as a play table.

I did mention Lego play table, but that is just because it is Lego – I am a huge fan of Lego brand, I even wrote an article about what are Lego’s benefits and why are they good for kids – if you are interested to read it, you are very welcome, just click on the link below and it will take you an article.

Why are Legos good for kids

If you have any questions or comments, please write me in the comment section below and I would be honored to reply.


Primoz P.

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