best play tents for children

Best Play Tents For Children

Play tents are a great deal for children. I own a pop up beach red tent, and my kids just love to play with it. And I was watching the other day ( back in late summer ) in the park of our city people gathering, grilling, and tents all over the place, I guess people had a huge picnic and they brought tents for children to play as well to hide from the hot sun, not to catch sun burns.

And as I was walking by with my children, I saw something I never saw before – kids were just so relaxed, playing in their tents, I mean there play was so calm and serene, it was breath taking ( at least for me, you know when you have children, and when they are calm and playing, it is just a wow effect, is it? ).

That’s why I checked a lot of tents, but for children, and with all information about tents, I decided to write an article “Best play tents for children” and present you some very good tents for kids.

Shape28 Inflatable Kids Tent Play Fort with Safety Viewing Window and Breathable Material

Age limitation: 3 months +

Price: $35best play tents for children

Shape28 tent is actually a very good tent for kid’s play. t is basically a round tent, looks like vintage style circus tents ( when you think about circus, the first thing that pops up in your head is that cult tent, isn’t it? ), and it needs to inflated. You can inflate it with a regular box fan, and it takes only 15 minutes to inflate.

It measures 77” wide x 50” tall when it+s inflated, and it is very light, to enter you need lift a tent up on go under it. When you enter, an air goes out, but like I said before it will inflate in matter of seconds! Now that’s pretty cool and super fast. It also has a window and materials are made of good quality and it is breathable.

When kids don’t want to play with a tent anymore, you just simple turn a box fan off, and fold it and put it in a bag – it shouldn’t take you more than couple of minutes.


  • quite big tent
  • excellent for immediate play
  • ideal for more children
  • it costs only $35


  • because you need to use a box fan, you need an electricity, so it is a more indoor play tent rather than outdoor tent
  • no specific themed tent, it is rather boring look

Playz 3pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent, Tunnel, & Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop

Age limitation: 3 months +

Price: $45

This astronaut rocket ship tent is pretty cool. But it is not just that – it comes together with tunnel and a ball pit with basketball hoop as play tents for children

It is a pop up tent, so basically when you pull it out of case, it will instantly assemble is not its primary tent position. Tent, tunnel and ball pit can be used separately, therefore you don’t need to use the whole package, just the one you want. Don’t forget that ball pits are not included, but they don’t cost if you want to buy it.

Folding it and putting into case is fast. You just fold, and put it in zipper carrying case, which is lightweight. So if you think your child would turn on imagination and play an astronaut, then this tent is perfect for you.

Package contains:

  • 1 x Castle Play Tent w/ Sunroof: 55” Height – 39” Base Diameter
  • 1 x Ball Pit w/ Hoop: 18” Base Height – 32” Hoop Height – 48” Width
  • 1 x Tunnel: 44” Length – 19” Diameter
  • 1 x Lightweight, Compact Zipper Carrying Case – 20” Width
  • 1 x Instructions


  • Very reasonable price for the whole set
  • Very beautiful set
  • Playing in tent could last forever, because of multiple features tent has
  • Indoor and outdoor


  • Folding a pop up tent is always a bug – there are strict steps how to fold, and not easy one, so you need quite some practice to master folding

Monobeach Princess Tent Girls Large Playhouse Kids Castle Play Tent with Star Lights Toy

best play tents for children

Age limitation: 3 years +

Price: $45

Now we are moving to different category of tents – Princess tent is more like temporary thing to make girls dream come true, and every time girl walks in her room she feels like she a princess in the castle, with awesome princess room.

This tent is more like a real tent, and assembling takes more time than pop ups of inflatable tents, package has instructions, poles, connectors and star lights – to light up in stars the tent.

Package contains:

– Tent with a carry bag

– Instructions

– 1 Set of Poles

– 1 x Star Lights

– 1 Set of Connectors


  • Make your daughter’s room her dream come true
  • Very good-looking and attractive princess tent
  • fair price ( $45 )
  • As well indoor and outdoor


  • Assembling can take you some time
  • Max 3 children can play in the tent at the same time

FunLittleToy Police Toy Car Pop Up Play Tent for Kids

Age limitation: 3 years +

Price: $24best play tents for children

I had to point out police car pop up tent. It is great, it has all the basic features: no exhausting assembling, just simple put it out and it pops open, it is ideal for two children. Now tell me, who doesn’t want to pretend play to be a police officer and driver of a police car?

Dimensions of a tent are: 44.09’’(L) x 28.35’’ (W) x 28.35’’(H), material is a non-woven polyester fabric and there shouldn’t be any rips and tears.

Tent, while it’s open, is in police car shape, with two holes on the roof, so I guess kids can stick a head out, and backdoor can be lifted, as well closed.


  • Great pretend play
  • Everybody wants to play police high speed chases
  • Not expensive at all
  • Easy assemble


  • Folding it can take you some time before you learn how to do it correctly
  • It’s rather small play tent

WOOHOO TOYS Kid’s Camouflage Play Tent – Army/Military Style Children Toy Truck

Age limitation: 3 years +

Price: $45best play tents for children

One more pop up tent, but this time a military camouflage military truck. An ideal play tent for boys! Its fabric materials are high quality, and it is as well very easy to set up. Just pull the tent out of the carry bag, let it pop up, insert rod for the canopy and it is settled!

Entrance is in the back, dimensions are 57″ Length, 38″ Width, 37″ Height, and can easily fit at least two children inside. Beside the tent and a carry bag you also receive matching camo cap, just imagine how your kid would spend hours playing with this tent, pretending to be a soldier on a special mission!


  • Great pretend play
  • Not so expensive tent
  • easy to assemble – pop up
  • Extra camo cap
  • Indoor and outdoor


  • Very complicated folding back – it is a two stage tent, so folding it back is a bit hard and not so easy

Kids Tepee Tent with Padded Mat & Light String& Carry Case

Age limitation: 2 months +

Price: $80best play tents for children

Teepee tent is one of a kind, It’s not an instant pop up themed tent, it’s rather a delightful self standing tent. It comes with wooden poles, joints, a carry bag, a floor mat, string light and feathers. Assembling it is very easy, and takes maximum 10 – 15 minutes of adult time to assemble it. It has a window and looks just very relaxing. When I look at it, I think of peaceful Indian gathering.

It is made of high quality materials, therefore the price is bitten higher than previous tents. It’s dimensions are:

  • The side length 43. 3inch,
  • Top height 59inch,
  • Pole length 70. 9inch


  • High quality materials
  • Very good-looking tent
  • Kids love it


  • Bit more expensive tent
  • Not a themed tent

5pc Kids Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels, Toddler Jungle Gym Play Tent with Play Crawl Tunnel Toy – Hide-n-Side

Age limitation: 11 months +

Price: $55best play tents for children

This is my ultimate no.1 play tent! it is a huge tent made from 5 different pieces – 2 tunnels, a triangle pit, square tent and a ball pit. Locking them together is very easy and stress less! You get a target wall with 3 dart balls and basketball hoop in ball pit. Just imagine how much space would it take you, and hours of children playing inside. A lot of children can play inside at the same time.

It is a pop up tent ( well series of tents), so you just pull it out and it pops right open. And then you just locked them together and children can play. After children are done playing, you fold it and put them back in lightweight carry bag.


  • Great price for what you get
  • A lot of children can play at the same time
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • great for birthday parties


  • Can take quite some space while it is assembled all together
  • Folding it can be very complicated before you master folding

What Else…

I presented you my favorite tents, but there are numerous tents out there, some of them are cheap, some of them are expensive, it depends on what you want.

Now my two favorite tents are Tepee tent and Hide-n-Side tents. I love Tepee tent because it looks so calming, and I believe children would play very relaxing and joyful in this tent. Hide-n-Side tent, well, great for parties, and you know that pure play running around, playing, throwing balls, and everything that comes with it.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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