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How to choose and pick the best RC airplane? I believe that is the most common question when it comes when you decide to choose and get one yourself. What features should a RC airplane have for the best flying ? Well there are couple indicators you should watch before you decide which one is good for you. What are these indicators you should know before buying yourself a RC airplane? In this article I’m writing about best rated RC airplanes.

First of all you have to choose between 3 channels or 4 channel airplanes. What this means is how many controllable functions you would like to operate. 3channels are motor power ( electric or fuel), elevator ( nose up and down ) and rudder ( to turn left or right). 4 channels are 3 channels with additional ailerons (roll left or right). With 4 channels your airplane flies more aerobatic and like a real plane, with 3 channels you don’t fly that aerobatic because ailerons is not included. But for beginners 3 channel plane is more appropriate due to the fact you should learn to fly your plane first and after you’ve mastered it 4 channels is appropriate for you. Don’t go for less than 3 channels, it’s just not as good experience as with 3 or 4 channels.

After you decide how many channels your airplane should have, then it’s time to choose what power an airplane uses – electric or engine. Electric is cheaper because when it battery is low just recharge airplane or exchange batteries. There is one thing though that is not so good about electrical power – it empties in couple of minutes, after maximum of 12 minutes battery is empty and recharging time is up to an hour – so you can’t fly an airplane for an hour or two in a row to satisfy your needs for flying. Engine on the other hand lasts longer in flying time. Bad thing is that fuel powered planes are bigger than electrical powered planes and fuel consumption is enormous and it costs you a lot.

And after you decide about that then you should think what type of airplane would you like to have – beginner friendly RC airplane are always trainers, because they’re made for beginners and are not most aerobatic, but best planes to learn how to operate with them. There are a lot of types more like sport airplanes, aerobatic airplanes, war birds, gliders and more, these are the most common ones.

I wrote in one of my posts about this topic about RC airplanes if you are a beginner before getting one for yourself. Check it out here:

The best RC airplane for beginners

HobbyZone Sport Cub – Trainer

To make it easy I read a lot about what is the best of the best, and not the most expensive RC airplane for beginner. Trust me, if you are a newbie in RC airplanes, you have to scale what amount of money you would like to invest, because, well to be honest you can break it in a million pieces – it happens to me. I was really angry, at myself, because I ignored all advises and get myself expensive hardcore plane. It didn’t last even for an hour, I lost control over it and boom, crashed it to the ground. All I could do is to suck it up, and throw it in a garbage can.

OK so probably the best plane to learn is HobbyZone Sport Cub RTF RC airplane with safe technology. It’s a trainer airplane, so it’s the best for beginners.RTF stands for ready to fly, so it’s all included, you just assemble an airplane and it’s prepared to take off. It’s a 4 channel airplane, but you can ignore ailerons and just don’t use it until you master three channels.

The best feature about this sportcub is definitely safe technology – to simplify : if you lose control an airplane, you just pull panic button on the left side of controller and your plane recovers and stabilizes in the air. So this safety button is one of the best innovations to protect your plane from definite destruction.

Fixed Wing Airplane – Fusion Of A Plane And Drone

Like described Fixed Wing Airplane is a fusion of a plane and drone. – you fly it like a plane but instead of landing and taking off you basically throw it in the air and fly, or vertically take off and landing. It’s good for kids and RC hobby lover. It has great feature buzzer alarm alert – if the signal and voltage is lost, alarm goes off to prevent loss and loss control. It’s a three channel plane and a great aerodynamics design – reduces air resistance what makes the flight faster and more stable. It can achieve speed up to 100 km/h. So if you want an airplane instead of drone and not many troubles with landing and taking off, go for this one it’s a great choice.

F-27 Evolution Flying Wing

This one here is a King. Great design (F-27), lightweight great materials, high speed, just name it. it’s a 6 channel airplane so maybe a little overwhelming for newbies, but great choice for oldies. If you are a beginner, don’t go for this one, I recommend it only to experienced pilots, I wouldn’t go for that one myself, once I’ll master trainers and aerobatics airplanes, then maybe I’ll give it a shoot.

PLRB RC Plane – Glider

This one is gold, great fun for beginners as well for experts. Why is this one so special? First of all it’s glider. Glider are planes that don’t need to motor running because it’s super light and glide in the wind. So it is a 2 channel, great for kids to use. Awesome thing with PLRB is that you can throw it in the air or slide it off. And it has 3 axis gyroscopes which makes plane automatically stable. Great endless fun for kids and RC hobby lovers.

F4F Wildcat – Warbird

I have to mention authentic warbird from pearl harbor. This is great for lovers of war and it’s very detailed and you won’t believe it – wheels get tucked after taking off. It’s a 4 channel airplane with AS3X technology – 3 axis gyroscopes, which is good to stable it in the wind. It has also optional safe select flight mode assistance, which is very good for beginners.


Every of them is great to have and operate with. In my opinion the best of them all is hobbyzone’s sport cub, because it has all included what you need, great design, for all users, price is good for what you get. The safest choice is Fixed Wing Airplane, you don’t have to worry crashing it while landing or lose it if it gets’s out of signal and it’s material is durable. Depends on what you are looking for. Like I said, I would like to have every each of them.

If you have any questions, comments, please leave them in the comment section below and I would be glad to reply you.


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