Best RC Cars For Beginners

I’m a bit of enthusiast of RC vehicle. I love them because they let my imagination the freedom and fulfill everything I can’t do while driving a real vehicle, and it’s only car. Everybody dreams to fly a plane, or helicopter or a boat and high speed car.

I have an article about one of the RC vehicles, it is about RC airplanes. You can click the link below and it will take you my article about airplanes for beginners:

The best RC airplane for beginners

But in this article, best RC cars for beginners, I will be focusing about everything a newbie should know before diving into RC cars hobby. There are some things you should be aware and I will try clarify some points about this hobby before you get one for yourself.

But first I had to tell you something. This Christmas, I decided to present to one of my children this hobby. Of course, he is a boy, 4 years old. And you know how boys are, he loves tools, motorbikes, hammers, pistols and swords ( I don’t support that so I’m trying to focus him on some other beneficial stuff, not wrecking fighting and killing ).

So Santa brought him a present – RC truck. You should have seen his face when he opened the present. At the very first minute when he saw what he got, I had to put in batteries, go outside and play with it. And I’m very glad that it’s not the best and the fastest truck, because you should see his struggle to find out how controllers work. After two weeks has passed, he didn’t master it yet, but he is getting better.

And then it occurred to me – why not write about how to pick an RC car for beginners and what to look after. A lot of people, mainly parents, don’t buy the best “stuff” for their children, nor do newcomers into this hobby. So first you need to get educated and then it is very simple to begin.


This is where it all begins. Will you drive it only on – road or off-road? I think we should all start with ON/OFF- road fusion RC car, because it’s more durable and can take a lot of hits before it gets broken. I’m not saying it’s going to get broken, but you should be prepared for this to happen. And the beneficial side of both on and off-road is that the car a slightly slower so a good thing for beginners

Remote Control

So here you can choose between three options. My favorite is classic two hand controllers. It’s been with me and my generation since we were kids. Basically everything like Nintendo, game boy, PlayStation was then based on two hand controllers so it’s grown into us and we trust into this system.

Here are three types of controller

1. Pistol – grip controller

  • you hold it in left hand, trigger is for speeding and slowing down
  • On the right side is the wheel for turning left or right
  • New pistol – grip controllers have a lot more features, which is overwhelming and to be honest, I will not give them a chance in near feature
  • Best choice for experienced drivers

2. Two hand controller

  • Basic controller we all know
  • on the left is speed up and down is to reduce speed
  • On the right is controller for left or right
  • Beginner friendly

3, Bluetooth

  • You can control it with smartphone, tablet
  • RC cars with Bluetooth option are not so good ones and they don’t satisfy hobby lovers

Other Features

1. Electric power

RC cars with electric power need batteries. There are two varieties of batteries – Nimh batteries ( those are advanced ) and alkaline. So advanced batteries last somewhere form 7 to 15 minutes. masters of a RC cars swear to those, because RC cars is more real life kind a driving. Alkaline on the other hands are good for children and beginners, because they least up to 90 minutes, but the ride is more staidness.

2.Nitro Powered RC cars

Very experienced RC drivers love Nitro powered RC cars. Nitro powered RC cars can speed up to 80 mph! So if you’re not experienced it can lead to crash and your car getting broke. It’s a great for RC car for speeding, the bad side of them is that fuel consumption with high speed is very high and fuel is expensive.

Types Of RC Cars

  1. RC Cars –Those are basic cars, excellent for beginners. They are mainly on/off-road and they are made for all users.
  2. RC Trucks – mainly off – road and dominate on dirt. They are slower than on/off-road vehicle.
  3. RC Buggies and Truggies – They are hybrids of the cars and trucks. It’s an off road and can handle a lot of hits. It has a built in cage for flip overs.
  4. RC Monster Trucks – An off road vehicle with muscles. What more can I add to that.
  5. RC Rock Crawlers – These RCs have muscles like RC monster trucks but in smaller version. Excellent for mud, dirt, gravel, sand.

Best RC Cars For Beginners

Based on these features, that I wrote about, I made a list of the best RC cars for beginners in my opinion:

Rodzon Remote Control Car

  • 360 degree flexible rotation
  • shockproof
  • Lasts for 15 minutes, recharging time is 2 hours
  • easy to control
  • Off road
  • Perfect for kids and adults

Lamborghini Centenario

  • Perfect controller for kids and beginners
  • Ultra detailed exterior
  • easy to maneuver
  • RTG – ready to go
  • Good price for what you get
  • Perfect RC cars to learn how to drive RC


  • Pistol grip remote control
  • Awesome rock crawler
  • for kids and adults
  • Off road RC car
  • Shock absorber
  • Great fun


  • My favorite RC car
  • Buggy
  • On/Off – road RC car – all terrain, beach, sand, grass
  • Great pistol – grip controller, beginner friendly
  • This bad boy is a real speedy stuntman

Choose One For Yourself

Don’t over complicate about choosing your car ! it’s harder to choose for a RC airplane if you are a beginner, If you are buying for a kid go for classic two hand remote control, If you are picking one for yourself just don’t go for high speed ones and you’ll be really happy.

If you have any questions, comments please leave in comment section below, and I would be happy to reply.


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