Best Thomas Train Sets For All Ages

Personally I never liked Thomas and friends cartoon. Maybe because cartoon came to our television when I was little older and the idea of the cartoon seemed to me pointless – nothing fascinating about that cartoon that could catch my attention.

On the other hand, Thomas and friends toys, or to be more accurate – train sets are exact opposite of cartoon, they are great to have. Basically it is like bring a cartoon to your home and do it your way.

Having a model train set is the real thing and a real hobby, I consider real hobbies just two – model railways and RC airplanes, everything else in my opinion is not a hobby, but those two are.

In this article I’m going to present you the best Thomas train sets for al ages – starting with toddlers, so basically a plastic toys, but I’ll get to real railroads for hobby lovers with some great train sets.

If you are not familiar with this hobby ( model railroads), couple of days ago I wrote an article dedicated to what should you know about model railroads and basics you should know. If you want to read just click the title below and it will get you to an article.

Model railroads for beginners – basics

Thomas Sets For Children 3+ By Fisher-Price

Product name: Fisher – price Thomas & friends super station

Price: 77$

Place to buy : AMAZON

Age: 3+

Smaller play sets to expand Thomas and friends super station: Fisher – Price Thomas and Friends

Super station really is super station – it is big and fun to lay with. So the package is weighs about 8 pounds, so it is quite heavy for a toy. But what you get is different story.

There is a lot of different pieces, but don’t worry – to set it up takes you maximum of 30 minutes – it is very easy to put together. Very good thing about pieces is that they are all labeled with a letter and a number, so you really can’t miss which part to connect right.

The set is compatible with other sets. Super station can connect play sets from Thomas and friends adventures, TrackMaster Minis and wooden railway, so basically you can build this huge mean machine for playing.

There is about 10 meters of tracks ( a lot – takes a lot of space the whole established set) and in instructions are, beside the default “railway”, different combinations to build multiple configurations.

Lionel Thomas And Friends “Ready To Play” Train Sets

Price: 80$

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age: 4+

Lionel’s Thomas and friends ready to play train set has this huge Thomas train with 2 passenger cars – Annie and Clarabel. Set includes of course tracks, 24 curved and 8 straight plastic pieces.

Track layout could be build in three different shapes: a circle, rectangle and oval layout. It may seem that three are only 32 track pieces, but do not be fooled – it takes a lot of space to set one of the three different layouts, so you must have an extra couple of square meters of space.

Like said before, Thomas steam engine is really big, and because it is battery powered you need batteries – they are not included though. Set includes a controller in which you control Thomas train – he can make his authentic sounds, and you can speed it up.

There is the thing, that in my opinion is nonsense, but I guess for children is great – in set there are three different Thomas faces (happy, laugh or skeptical face), and you can switch them.

While Thomas is driving his eyes move.

There is one big con though and big con are tracks not being compatible with other tracks – every “huge brand” of model train sets has their own track systems that are compatible with tracks only with different trains sets from the same brand, but, yeah there is big but, ready to play sets are non compatible even with tracks from different track in the same brand. Ready to play sets can not be expanded, which is very awful.

Bachmann Thomas With Annie And Clarabel Ready To Run HO Scale Train Set


Place to buy: AMAZON

Age: 8+

To expand tracking system:Bachmann trains snap – fit E-Z track

This ready to run Thomas train set is just the greatest – it is good for children and railroad hobbyists. So like Lionel Thomas train set it also comes with passenger cars Annie and Clarabel, and Thomas the tank engine also has moving eyes and can switch faces.

Fantastic thing about this set is that you can expand track system – the original set comes with track layout in circle, but, if you want to have a bigger railroad, you can purchase from bachman additional tracks and expand track systems. You can make as long and interesting railroad as you wish.

The set is HO scale( 1:87 scale). If you are not familiar with model train scales, I wrote about basics to know before getting into model train set hobby and you are welcome to read it. Just click the the title below and it will take you ta an article.

About model railroads for beginners

Wooden Thomas And Friends Trains

Place to buy: AMAZON

Additional tracks to expand play set: Wooden train tracks

This subject was very interesting to me. Why? I will explain you. There are couple of high profile brands that make

wooden train sets and of course with that wooden railways. And what is an awesome fact is that they are compatible – wooden railways supposedly are compatible among brands. So you can buy additional wooden track systems of other brands ( we all know Fisher-Price, Melissa and Doug, Brio, IKEA, etc. ), and expand your railroad.

I love everything wooden, my whole apartment, even though it is in a block of flats, is wooden style and nothing more except tech things of course. Wooden toys are great because they are natural and not hazardous for small children.


What is there more to say? You can choose to get Thomas and friends train sets for small children, little older children and for hobbysts in model railroads. Thomas and friends train sets have one thing in common – Thomas of course. So if you or your children love Thomas this the perfect gift for them. My niece is a huge fan of Thomas and friends ( 4 you) and I got her Thomas train set from Fisher – Price and she just loves it and play with it all the time.

If you have any question or comment please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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