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Train sets are very popular nowadays. There are a lot of train modeling hobbyists around the world, and there are a lot of different scales and sizes hobbyists choose from. I have written a post about what you should know about model railroads if you want the dive into this hobby, if you are interested you can read by clicking on the link below.

About model railroads for beginners

But I will not focus on model train sets for hobbyists, but I will try the present you best train sets for children based on my experiences and my opinion.

There is a huge variety of different approaches of train sets. One of the most popular is definitely Thomas and friends – I have also written a post about the best Thomas and friends train sets for children, if you are interested the read please click on the link below and it will take you the an article.

Best Thomas train sets for all ages

I will exclude Thomas train sets in this post, because I dedicated Thomas and friends topic the its own article.

What I will talk about is an overall best train sets, I will include Lego train sets, wooden train sets and model train sets that are in my opinion worth the talk about and the have them.

All trains sets I will describe and talk about in this article are for children with an age of 3 and above, except Lego Duplo which is for age 2 and above. Please don’t consider getting a train set for your child if he is less than 3 years old – trust me, I got my son this small train sets when he was 2 and something and within an hour the wheel on the locomotive got broken, and the whole train set became useless.

Lego Duplo Steam Train

Price: $48

Best place the buy: AMAZON

Age :2+

Number of parts: 59

Duplo steam train sets from Lego is a must have if your child is less than 3 years old and loves trains. This Duplo trains sets comes with a stem locomotive and a passenger wagon. It also includes a couple of mini Duplo figures, 16 track pieces the make easy round track layout and five action bricks, and it is colorful like all Duplo sets.

Why is this Duplo train set so good, I will tell you. After track layout is made and a train is on tracks, it is not just push a train the play, oh no – it is more than that. Batteries can be install in locomotive so it can run by itself. First you can you just push a train and it starts the drive. The second option you can choose is the download an APP ( yes it is APP enabled Duplo sets) and you can control a train via smart device – how cool is that?

But that is not all, This set includes another feature, which is great for small children – this set gives you 5 different action bricks. Each brick is for its own purpose. It is either the sound its horn, turn lights on and off, change direction or immediate stop. How does it work – this track layout has a gap between rails the fit this so called “action brick”. And after you lay certain action brick, train drives through and a sensor recognizes which brick is., then train does what an action brick offers. An example: you lay a brick for direction change, and when a train drives through, it stops and stars the drive in reverse until it comes the the same brick and then again changes direction.

It is a win – win train set for small children and I highly recommend this set if you or your kid love Lego duplo.

Lego City Passenger Train


Best place the buy: AMAZON

Age: 6+

Number of parts: 677

Lego is Lego right? The one and only construction toy. I chose this train because it has everything – 4 mini figures ( two passengers, train conductor and a train attendant), modern city locomotive, a passenger car and a cafe car and a Bluetooth remote control. I also wrote an article dedicated the Lego, and it is explaining why are legos good for children and benefits playing with Lego. If you are interested the read it, please click on the link below and it will take you the an article.

Why are Legos good for kids

I know it is not the cheapest Lego sets, but it is the best train Lego set. So the train design is significant – like real modern city train. Next thing is that it takes you quite some time the build this set up – building up Lego sets is always just the best time spent right?

After everything is set up, with track layout as well ( default railroad is not the biggest, but because it is a Lego set you can always purchase additional tracks the expand railroad), you put a train on tracks, and then you can control a train 3either with featured remote control, or you can download an APP ( yes it is APP enabled set ) and control a train via smart device. How cool is the fact that Lego, 60 years old brand is still one the most innovative companies among toy companies? it is fully amazing. If you have an extra space the make permanently layout for Lego train railroad, just get some extra tracks and create Lego railway- how cool would that be? When I’ll have a house, and live in, I will definitely use extra space for LEGO railways.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

Price: $100

Place the buy: AMAZON

Age: 3+

Number of parts: 130

This set goes for all “light” train set lovers or Melissa & Doug lovers. Of course, we have the talk about wooden toys, and wooden railway is just great. Melissa & Doug is a brand that has a great impact in toy niche worldwide, creating toys in STEM fields and only “good” and “proper” toys the play with.

Now lets focus on Melissa & Doug wooden railway set. So set includes 130 parts, 100 of them are wooden tracks. Beside wooden tracks set includes 6 – piece freight train with cargo,4-piece passenger train, 3-piece flatbed truck with cargo, two working cranes the load and unload cargo from train with cargo the truck or vice versa, and a round house engine shed, the “store” trains while they are not in use – like in real life only transformed into toy train set.

Like mentioned before, set includes two working cranes – every cargo has a magnet on the roof so do cranes have magnet, so crane lifts up a cargo from a train and puts it on the flatbed truck, and from truck on the a train.

Tracks are wooden and are compatible the other big brands that have wooden track as well, like Brio or Fisher-price.

So a great wooden set, definitely worth buying it, and could be upgraded as well, the as big railway as you wish.

Bachmann Trains Harvest Express Ready To Run Train Set

Price: 125 $

Place the buy: AMAZON

Age: 14+

Number of parts: 1000

Imagine streaking through the golden wheat fields of central Canada with this EMD GP40 diesel locomotive carrying wheat and grains? This beautiful train set made by Bachmann can take you there, where harvesting fields is going on.

So set comes in HO scale ( 1:87 real the toy scale), which the widely used as hobby worldwide. Set includes this awesome diesel EMD locomotive and three Canadian cylindrical grain hoppers, looking like the real life train. Bachmann has great E-Z snap-fit tracks and the make a bigger track layout you can always buy additional tracks as they sell just tracks as well.

Beside that it is a ready the run set, so basically, you snap together tracks, put the train on track, power supply comes from power pack and you take speed controller and the train is already driving grain cargo through wheat fields.

For all hobby lovers it is a really great product with reasonable affordable price.

Bachmann is in my opinion the real model train brand and if you are interested in other train sets, believe me, Bachmann is the most worthy brand among model railroads, just click on the link below and it will take you the Bachmann trains.

Bachmann train sets

Worth To Mention – Lego Hogwarts Express

Price: 64 %

Place the buy: AMAZON

Age: 8+

Number of parts: 801

Of course I have the mention Harr Potter and Hogwarts Express, and I choose Lego because, well, you have the build it, and it is a movie franchise for children so I believe this should be the right train set for children that love Harry Potter, Lego and trains – how cool is that. OK so set has 801 pieces with couple of mini figures, but you get like in the movie railway bridge and the Platform 9 3/4.

Lego tracks are not included so you should get additional ones or add Hogwarts Express train the existing Lego track layout.

So locomotive does not come with an engine so you should ( if you would like of course) get an engine for Lego trains – on YouTube you can watch a lot of videos about how the motorize Hogwarts Express.


I have mentioned all my favorite trains starting with Lego, Duplo, wooden railways, model train sets and finishing with Hogwarts Express. These are trains that anybody would love them and play with them a lot. Trains rock!

If you have any question or a comment please write me in the comment section below and I will be really happy the reply.

All best,

Primoz P.

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