Cool Unique Toys Kids Would Love To Play With

Deep down in our hearts anyone all of us is that little kid we used to be, age is just a number, but in reality I know we all love to take a look at some new interesting toys. I think the term toy is nowadays in general meaning “ just for kids”. children are developing through playing with the games toys and role-playing.

There are a ton of different toys wooden toys, plastic toys for the youngest, toys for preschoolers, for toddlers, dolls, action figures, LEGOs, two limitations, all sorts of “ working tables”, cars etc…

but there is always ( in stores of course) couple of toys that stand out, and even parents take time To take a look at them. I always thought of Them as “ special” toys or in other words unique toys.

Everybody parents and children would like to have one of those toys, because everybody wants to be unique in some kind of way, so in my article below I will talk about cool unique toys kids would love to play with. I will point out couple of in my opinion the best unique toys. There are a lot of unique toys, here are just my “favorites”.

3D – Pen

3D pen is in my opinion the best of the best unique toys There is, let me explain you why. All children love to write and draw and they are all very artistic. Now when I watch my son, who is 3 + 1/2 years old, and just Conquered a little drawing, and after he finishes drawing a plane or a dinosaur he immediately takes a drawing and starts the play with is it was a toy. Now 3D pen can actually do that.

With 3D pen you get of course a pen, adapter different colors. colors look like cables which you put 1 color at the time and you draw with it. basically what is going on inside a pen is that pen is melting color while you draw. so melted color comes out and when it cools Down Color gets Stiffen. After you’re done withdrawing you detach color from paper and then you can build a plane or dinosaur or whatever you draw.

Lego Mindstorms

Lego mindstorms is a couple of years old set, but still great enough to write about it as a unique toy. So the question- What is Lego mindstorms? OK so the Lego mindstorms is basically a robot, you build ( Lego Technic pieces to be more accurate ). But at not just a robot like in other Lego/technic sets. It’s more like you build it, programmed it and run it. First you build a robot. Then you download a software on your PC and programmed your robot- at very easy to programmed it believes me, I’m nothing when it comes to programming and I did excellent. And you run your robot. It’s very excellent toy if your child is tech savvy and you want to show him b is of engineering and programming through Lego- pretty awesome isn’t it?

Light Stax Illuminated Blocks

Yes you read it wright – building blocks that are illuminated. I’ll explain everything: Set contains 36 blocks in 6 colors, and base that powers all blocks. Base is four by four and blocks are all two by two, so you ( well child ) stack blocks on main base in all shapes you want, and when you stack them they all illuminate, pretty awesome, to se a big light build in all shapes. OK so base runs on power of course, either with AAA batteries or through USB charger. And there is not any fear of electric strike, it can not happen. They’re compatible with Lego Duplo, classic Lego and all compatible building blocks, so if you’re interested, just to take a look click here.

Chess Kingdom Set – Online Chess On Physical Board

This chess was presented on CES 2018 ( Center for Educational Sociology, Consumers Electronics Show ). So at a chess board that you literary connect through at own app online, and you can train chess, or play with your friends, there are tournaments. First you set up a board, you log into app and then you play it on your board, so you move figures on your board, and bot or co-player moves on the other side of the world figure on his board, and on your board counter figures are moving, genius idea isn’t it? Check here if you are interested.

Drone Aura – Drone You Fly With Hand Gestures

Who doesn’t love drone? I had about five of them, price varied from 20 to 100 EUROS ( about 115 dollars ), and of course they didn’t last long because one flew away and was never found, others, well I destroyed them ( keep in mind that I’m 30 years old and it wasn’t intentionally ). And what bugged me the most of all was always controller, somehow it didn’t obey my orders ( or I believe it didn’t – I have quite enormous hands and fingers and small controllers just don’t suit my hands that well ).. Well in this case, Aura drone is perfect- you get a drone and a telekinetic glove instead of a controller, and what’s the best of it is that if it turns upside down, it doesn’t behave like at upside down. It isn’t that expensive which the big plus. Check it out here if you’re interested.

Tetris MicroCard

This one is new I came across searching for some odd unusual toys – tetris console in size of a credit card, only two times thicker. So basically you get a credit card size console, in the center is a small screen, 6 buttons, mute button and a USB charger, battery lasts for six hours of playing tetris. So for all tetris fans, you should certainly check this one out, you just put it in your wallet, and when you drive with train, bus, or when you have a break and feel for some old school evergreen tetris play, you just take it out of your wallet and play it. sound awesome right? Check it out here.

There Are Still Many More…

If you’re interested in more unique toys, please let me know and leave a comment- you can as well give me a hint on your preferred topic and I would love to write about that.


Primoz P.

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