Developmental Toys For Toddlers

I remember when my daughter was a toddler. She is our firstborn child and with that fact she was a first granddaughter to my daughter and her parents as well. So basically we knew nothing. We were 25 years old, we didn’t have our own apartment, we were renting an apartment. She was unemployed, my daughter salary was low, and with all that we didn’t own a car as well.

With all that we didn’t know how to pick a toy for our girl. We spend hours and hours in search for best developmental toys for toddlers. Me as a man having othe4r prospects what kind of toy is for my daughter and my daughter dear as well. There was always a fight what toy to buy.

Over the years, a lot of forums read, countless hours spent in shops we learn a lot about toys and how to choose them. Don’t be fooled when you read boxes with toys and there is are age limits. In my daughter experiences some toys are good but a lot of them, lets say at least 80% of them all, are just awful.

So in this post I am going to break it down are good developmental toys for toddles, what are good but not great and what are just awful that nobody should have one.

Best Toys For Toddler’s Development

I think everybody knows which toy is the best in all points of view. It’s Lego Duplo. Just simple but seriously the best you can get. It’s a real building toy, a problem solver, perfect for space imagination. Building blocks, houses, cars, everything. And the best think is it keeps their imagination work for hours and hours, and they build incredible buildings.

I’ve started to buy Duplos for my daughter when she was I think a year and half old. It was mind blowing toy, really, at very start she could play with them for as long as she could. Of course there were times when I played with her for hours as well. So we connected really well.

The big pro is that they are big and easy to build. And they are colorful and indestructible. And it’s for boys and girls. Without any doubt it is my daughter no. 1 toy ever. I remember when I was a child, well I don’t remember actually playing with duplos, of course it has been a while since I was a child, but I remember when I was a preschooler and Legos. Basic simply Lego. Even me back then was playing with Lego day after day, countless hours, and I must admit, that they really helped with my daughter skills a lot, really a lot.

Beside Duplos, there couple of more toys that are great for your child’s development. Remember to buy to both my daughter children a lot of wooden block sets. You know that feeling when you’re watching your toddler when he is stacking up blocks, he is all eager to stack them all, and then you see that another block will just tear down the whole structure they’ve built, but it always takes them by surprise. It is just precious.

So next think, remember that’s my daughter opinion, are toys for playing in sand. All of them, they’re great. This summer ‘ve been outside with my daughter children like really a lot, you know, came from work, went to kindergarten, and then we just stayed outside, in a park. So I had always with me all toys that are necessary for playing in a sand box. And there were times when I was really boring doing nothing, because both my daughter children were playing with sand from end of kindergarten until night hours. Day after day. I even said to myself, when we’re moving to house, I will make that sandbox, because it is a good time for your children to develop through game, and you have your own things to do.

I don’t know if I can use it for a toy, but who cares, I know it is the best- scooters. When my daughter son was 2 years old I bought him strider. It is a bicycle with two wheels and a seat. And that’s it. It is a perfect bicycle for learning to balance. You’ll see. Yeah they are awkward and clumsy at the very beginning, wait for just a couple of days. I think my son was on that scooter for two weeks every day at least an hour or so. Believe me, he managed balance and he was driving it like a pro. And because of that strider, He was driving bicycle by himself with no extra helping wheels when he was three. I believe he could drive it by himself when he managed to drive strider, but I didn’t force him to it. It just came naturally. So big plus for strider.

“OK” Toys For Toddler’s Development

I believe you recognize the “OK” part of my daughter heading. I think “OK” toys are the most common. You know when you’re in shopping for toys, and it’s like for the most of the toys you see it is like,”yeah um OK, it’s OK but that’s not it”. Now you remember, so this goes to all cars, trucks, musical boards, figures, dolls, houses, cashiers, cartoon character figures, etc. etc. You want to know why? OK lets say they’re good, great, they sure help for your children’s development, but they in my daughter experience, don’t last long in playing hours. That’s the whole “OK” part. I didn’t say they’re bad, or nothing special, no it’s just that they ( children ) get bored really quick. And those are the most common toys everywhere.

Bad And Pointless Toys

Now I know we all know which toys we shouldn’t give to our children. And from toddler’s point of view, for their development, please don’t buy them any pistols or rifle toys, or any other gun that could shoot darts and bullets… Of course I’ve learned’t that in hard way. And don’t, please don’t get them any swords, or rackets, or any extensions that they can swing and break stuff with them. These toys just encourage aggressive children… I’ve bought my daughter 2 years old son a pistol, simple plastic non-harmful pistol. Guess what – at one occasion me and my daughter son had a fight, and he said to me- I will shoot you a lot with my daughter rifle! so any toys that makes your child aggressive, please pass that, they won’t love you more, they would rather shoot you with that toy.

For girls, I think the worst toy you can get her is, believe it or not, Barbie. Do you want to know why? It’s simple – their picture of a perfect and most beautiful girl, women should be someone that looks like a Barbie- so perfect long hair, 180 tall, slim, georgeus, well in other words – so “perfect” that is impossible to be. Please do not overwhelm your toddler with a Barbie and similar figures, so they don’t get wrong idea. It’s going to hit them to soon in any case so don’t hurry with it.

What About Family Games?

There is something I will always recommend to any parents always, it’s my daughter favorite think too: get a ball, basic ball and just play ball with your children. Children love to play with their parents, so why not making it useful for both of you, and play together. I played and still am playing with ball with both of mine. And they just love it. And every while I give them compliments about how they’re good in passing and handling ball, and that just give them wings, high energy, good vibes and everything. It’s my daughter favorite like I said.

Is this It?

well of course that’s not all, I just pointed out the best pro’s and con’s in general. Please read further more my daughter posts, I believe you’ll find something for yourself, if you want to comment or write something, please do, you’re welcome.

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