Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes – Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

My daughter loves creativity, and all she wants to do is to create stuff with paper, glue, cotton, basically everything that can make beautiful confetti-style stuff. Now I’m not creative in this way myself, also I kinda don’t have patients enough to try to create these things.

So after a lot of Lego orders, I have decided to try something new, to gain bit creativity myself, for my baby girl ( well she is not a baby anymore, but she will always be my baby girl). I showed her dollhouse kits, and she was fascinated by it.

But i didn’t want to make a huge step into it, I mean I’m not an expert, nor do I have patients enough for these things, so we agreed that she can choose a smaller version of a dollhouse – something like miniature room box, and she was all in for that.

She chose a home-office children room box set, and I ordered it. After a moth or so it arrived, so photographed my procedure of gluing it together ( I did it of course, I don’t believe children of age 6 can do it – it is too hard for them), and of course I had to write a review about it, so you can see what does it take to assemble a kit like that.

In this “Dollhouse miniature room boxes – Cutebee miniature room box review”, I will describe everything you need to know, how did it go, what you need, basically every little detail, before you jump into dollhouses.

Cutebee’s room box unboxing

Kit comes in this beautiful designed little box, I didn’t take any pictures of the box, but it is very beautiful.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

There are couple of bags, they are not numbered though, like Lego, but they are marked with letters – A is the first one, and the last one is a D. So there are 4 bags, and couple parts aren’t bagged, but they are counted as the letter A.

And if you already figured it out, you assemble a letter after letter, so A is number one you assemble, and at the end D is the least one.

Beside bags and parts there are instructions inside a box, Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

naturally, and some white paper with some circles, I don’t know what is the purpose of it as I never really needed it.

There is also a paper with all the things you need to cut out and glue them.

That is all the content in the box, and then you are off to assemble room box.

Assembling room box

I need to tell you that I am no master for doing these things, I was a total novice, but somehow I managed to do it.

Before you start to assemble this room up, you must first buy a very strong glue, I firstly used Mecol, supposedly it is all-purpose and very good to glue wooden parts together, but to be honest, there aren’t a lot of wooden parts you glue, I mean everything that stands are mostly wooden parts, but there is far more paper-glueing together parts than actual wooden parts.

1. Floor in a frameDollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

Firts thing you do, you glue the bottom stage or a platform as you will. The good thing about it is that you do not need to do it like perfect, because you cover side with this wood-imitating paper, which is awesome.

You just glue together 4 wooden parts to make a frame, and then you cover it with a wooden paper, and then you glue in the frame floors, which you as well cover it with a paper that is imitating a parquet.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

I needed about an hour and a half to do it – now I know experienced dollhouse assemble would laugh at me, but hey, it was my first time, and I’m really proud of it, and my daughter was really proud of me.

2. Closet

So after I finished floors, I moved to make closet. I glued it together very quickly, as well you cover closet with wood-imitating paper. I did a mistake there though, I accidentally glued bottom shelf to low, so shelves are not equal, but it is OK, didn’t worry too much about it.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

When I finish with a closet I was relived, and thought too myself that it is not that hard and I will finish with it very fast. Boy was I wrong – then a paper cutting kicked in. Basically what you need to do is cut a lot of small paper square with some themes on them, presenting books and magazines and glue them in the way that they look like books, and after that you need to glue all of them on shelves in the closet.

So it took me at least two hours to do it. I didn’t imagine that I will have to cut so many small paper parts and glue them in all shapes you can imagine – books, basket, camera, keyboard, a lamp, a computer, it just doesn’t end with all the “paper work”.

But I was stubborn, I could easily throw all away, but it was for my daughter, so I was patient and just cut and glue everything together.

3. TableDollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

After all the paper work, finally I glued a table together. There was nothing hard about it – just glue together legs and table and voila! – Table is ready.

After the table there is a wooden drawer you need to glue together – 5 wooden sides and that is it – easy as it can be.

More Cutebee dollhouses

4. A chair and other accessoriesDollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

When I came to a chair, well I realized I need to change the glue. Well to be honest I should change it way before – when I realized I must glue a lot of paper cuts together.

So 1 day after, I bought a new glue ( UHU very strong and very fast glue) and dealt with a chair. Chair is a little more complicated – you must cut out a sitting area, then you glue a foam on a sitting area, after that you must cut out form textile you get with a box a nice piece to cover sitting area all over, and you repeat the same procedure with a backrest.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

To be honest I was very angry because I didn’t come nowhere when I was dealing with a chair, I mean glue just didn’t do its primary job to glue together.

Eventually I finish with sit and a backrest, and then I just glued them together, and when a glue dried, I glued chair’s legs and the chair was finished.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

There were some other accessories I glued – wall accessories, but there was nothing special about it, I was just happy that it all went very smoothly.

5. Wiring a desk lamp

The box includes an awesome feature – you get a small wired bulb, that you input in the hole on the table, and where the table has a whole, behind in the wall there is as well a hole and there is also a hole in the floor behind a wall, so you can install electricity.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

Everything you need to do, after an installment, is that you just twist cables of battery box with cables of a light bulb. And it is very easy too – white cable twist together and blue cable twist together. After that you insert 3 batteries AG13/LR44, and you just switch from off to on, and a light bulb turns on. Again, it is a very good and realistic feature.

There are transparent sides included, to make a box room like a display room. Basically there are 4 sides you glue together and put it on floor.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

Extra stuff you need

So like I mentioned before, you need to buy couple of stuff to assemble a room box. My advice to you is that when you are buying a glue, go for all-purpose, very strong and very fast one.

Second thing you need aretongs – you will not need them all the time, but now and then you do.

There are also 3 AG13/LR44 batteries you need to purchase – those batteries are those mid sized flat batteries, and they are quite expensive as well – if you don’t aim for Chinese batteries, price of one battery is 2 Euros, so yeah, expensive pretty much.

My Review

Name of the brand: Cutebee

Price: 15$

Place to buy: AMAZON

My review: 2,5 – 4,5 out of 5

There are 2 rates for a good reason, and I will explain why. I’ll start witha higher rate, 4,5.Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

You must understand that it was my first time dollhouse room box assemble in my life. I kind a knew that it will be very difficult for me to assemble. And when I started it was really bitten overwhelming. But here comes the BUT – after couple of hours of a struggle, I figured it out how to do everything and I did in the end. You can’t imagine how happy was my daughter when I finished it. So I give 4,5 rate because overall the product you assemble is one of the most the greatest sets beside Legos I put my hands on. Basically you build a room by yourself, and all of that form couple of wooden parts and a paper. I just can’t rate it with 5 because transparent sides are primary Dollhouse Miniature Room Boxes - Cutebee Miniature Room Box Review

covered with some paper, and you need to rip it off. I believe that not a lot of people have problems, but in my case paper didn’t come off, so I sank them ina hot water for hours, and paper still wouldn’t come off. So i used an iron sponge, which I do not recommend, because now they are all scratched and blurry, I really don’t know what was I am thinking, but again it shouldn’t be that difficult ripping off in the first place.

Now let me explain 2,5 rate:

if you are a newcomer for dollhouse assembly, and just exploring a possibility in this niche, and don’t have a lot of patients ( believe me, you need as much patients as you can), than my advice to you is that you don’t bother with it. I mean the final product is awesome, but you need to be as well consistent and persistent. If you lack of persistence and consistence, you can not make this beautiful room box as perfect as it can be.


Now I have to admit you 1 thing – I will definitely buy/order more dollhouses, because I just become a huge fan of dollhouses, and everything about them – from start to the end, it is just perfect, and you can test yourself how accurate and precise you really are.

I can’t say I did perfect, I would rate myself as in exam with a pass ( Let’s say 60% efficient), which is more than enough for me to go further with assembling dollhouses. Next time ( I am already looking for Cutebee’s apartments) I will go for a bigger room box version.

If you have a question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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