Everything You Need To Know About Anki Overdrive

Have you ever heard about Anki? Maybe Anki Cozmo? the little driving robot that is most approved robot that “shows” feels and is really playful? Yes Anki is breaking rules in how awesome their robot development and progress they shown.

Have you heard about their Overdrive? No? Well let me tell you- it is the best possible slot-car racing. And it is truly the most advanced and just the best game there is, of course if you are a fan of slot-racing.

In this article is everything you need to know about Anki Overdrive, its features and products. Stay tuned.

About Anki

Anki was founded in 2010 by three Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute graduates. They are focusing on creating the unique products with latest and most advanced technology.

Their mission is to bring objects to life through AI and robotics, and make robots humane to move people. With Cozmo, they nailed it – With Cozmo robot you sense it eventually like a real person, or maybe a pet – would recommend it to anyone.

Their other excellent product, in entertainment category is Overdrive. Like mentioned before, Overdrive’s technology behind really makes this real world game like physical video game. Everything will be explained through this article.

Beside all that,4 years in a row Anki was always in top 10 companies that are most innovative in robotics.

What is Overdrive And How Does it Work?

Overdrive is a slot-racing with no slots and it is controlled with an app, like all modern toys to, of course.

How does it work? I can’t explain in one sentence, so I will try to explain the shortest way possible.

Anki Overdrive starter kit is essential if you want to play Overdrive. So to make a track layout – tracks are easy to assemble – they are magnetic and so to assemble a track layout you need just a couple of minutes. That you download an app ( I will talk about Overdrive app in next section) to control a car.

Before racing, you need to charge a race/cars and it goes for about 15 minutes, and when battery is out of power, recharging time is about 10 minutes.

So everything is ready to go – you put a car on track layout, and off you go. Well first a car makes one lap through track layout, to scan the layout. And it is on.

Why does it need to be scanned? It is an awesome feature of track and car every car has a little “computer” built in and has sensors to scan track layout. After scanning, car memorizes track layout, so while racing through tracks a car doesn’t go off tracks – car accelerates or breaks to proper speed. This is the best feature that changes clot-racing business.

The other great feature is that racing and races, with one or more racers, single player or multi player could be play – of course we are talking about an app ( which will be described in next article section).

Beside the starter set, you can buy expansion sets, cars and accessories – you can make such a huge track layout and make racing great and fun as hell.

Anki Overdive App

Minimum requirements for Anki Overdrive:

  • iOs 9
  • Android 4.4 ( Kit Kat)
  • Fire OS 4

The overdrive app is essential to race cars – cars are controlled only with an app. So when an app is downloaded to device, you can choose between

single player or multi player. Multi player is great if you have, friends over and they own an Anki Overdrive car each. Maximum number of cars on a track layout is four – just imagine races going on. And, because virtuality is nothing new these days, every driver has a virtual gun in app, and it shows with a LED light turning on and off on cars. And if you ” shoot” an opponent’s car it slows down so you can overtake it. It is an on-screen controlling, tilting a device makes your car change lanes.

Single player has three features- campaign, open play and test track. Test track is a test track, nothing more can we add to that. Campaign is campaign with numerous challenges, races etc.

Open play is, in my opinion, the best fun if you are a single player. So basically you compete against a computer. One play offer a lot of different features, and those are:

  • One shot – while racing with you car, you need to take one shoot at you opponent and you must hit it to win, if you don’t reloading takes a lot of time, and there is, of course, possible you to be shot by you opponent
  • Race – you need to get to finish line
  • Battle – you need to score the most points
  • Battle race – you need to get to finish line with everything it takes
  • King of the hill
  • Take over – you need to take control of the super truck to win
  • Time trial – you need to finish with the fastest time

One more great overall feature we must point out – more you play, more you car gets upgraded. And it means that you car can upgrade all the time – in speed and weapons. How cool is that?!

All Anki Overdrive Products

Starter Kit


Like mentioned couple times before, Starter kit is a must have if you want to race Overdrive.

What is in the box:

  • 2 robotic super cars
  • 6 curved track pieces
  • 4 straight track pieces
  • 2 riser pieces
  • 1 four-car charging dock station
  • 1 fire cleaner

Expansion super cars

Supercars are really good and vicious looking. There are four extra super cars you can buy, and price of every each is 49$.

Overdrive super cars are:

  2. NUKE


Like super cars you can buy super trucks with the same price – every super truck costs about 60$.

Overdrive super trucks are:

  1. X-52 ICE
  3. X-52


There are four different expansion tracks you can buy and those are:

  1. SPEED KIT – those are for long straight aways
  2. CORNER KIT – adds more twist and turns to you layout
  3. COLLISION KIT – you can build deadly intersections
  4. LAUNCH KIT – racing without high jumps? No way!


There are four accessories to add to you track layout, and those are:

  1. ELEVATION KIT – to elevate you track
  2. RAILS KIT – to keep the action on the track
  3. BANK TURN KIT – to unlevel the track
  4. CHARGING PLATFORM – charging dock station for four cars

Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious edition

Price: 169$

What would all be without Fast & furious? This kit is like the starter kit so you can choose between starter kit or fast & furious kit. What is in the box?

  • 3 straight tracks
  • 6 curved tracks
  • Power zone
  • 4 car charger
  • 2 elevation pieces
  • 12 guardrails
  • 2 super cars – Dom’s Charger and Hobbs’ International MXT


It is a really great game to have and play with. If you are considering about getting you kid a slot-racing, you should definitely consider Anki Overdrive. I have become a huge fan of Overdrive, and it literally distracts you from real life, and all the time you just want race, to campaign, battle and everything. At first you car is pretty slow, nothing special. After hours and hours of racing and everything you car becomes really fast and weaponry – you shot them like a pro.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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