Everything You Need To know About Ubtech Jimu Robot Kits

STEM toys are very important children to have – why not engage your children into some robotics and programming when they are young, either way everything in this world is becoming hi-tech.

There has been a lot said about robot kits for kits in my previous articles. I wrote about Lego robot kits, Makeblock robot kits, solar robots etc

I have also mentioned Ubtech’s Jimu robots, but I didn’t get in deep explanations and descriptions about Jimu robots.

That is why I decided to write just everything you need to know about Ubtech Jimu robots – about software, parts, all kits that are available and their features.

Ubtech is AI company and they are developing robots overall – robots to program, robots to assemble and program, and they are as well developing humanoid robots – they already made 2 really awesome humanoid robots, and I guess they have a great deal of future in their hands.

Read this article to the end and I will describe, present, clarify everything you need to know about Jimu robots, so stay tuned.

What is Jimu?

Ubtech is a company behind Jimu robots. Like mentioned before they are in AI niche inventing new smart robots of all kind – for small children, for a bit older children and a real humanoid to make our lives (for people) easier in the future.

Jimu is a line in Ubtech and it is all about robot kits – basically Jimu has 8 different robot kits, they are all compatible with each other, and they are all using the same software – Jimu app. Everything about Jimu app will be described in next section.

Jimu’s primary idea is to engage children into building a robot through step-by-step instructions, and then learn them how to program a robot via app ( everything you need to assemble a robot and then program and control a robot is in the app ).

Jimu parts to assemble look like Lego Technic parts – but here is a disclaimer – Jimu is not compatible with Lego technic parts.

Jimu robots are great education for children with great STEM value ( STEM meaning for science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Jimu consists of 8 different robot kits, it is for kits above 8, kits vary in price – the cheapest is about $100, the most expensive is about $400.

Software – Jimu App

Jimu app is available on Android an iOS. It is free to download and it doesn’t take a lot of storage space.

The first thing on the app is a home button on top of the screen and under are 4 blocks with different features. If we go from Left to right: the first block is build, the second one are controls, the third one is action and the fourth one is coding.

The first one – build is essential – in build application are instructions for each jimu robot. Instructions are pretty neat because, beside step-by-step instructions, you can look at them from different angle because you can rotate a building structure for 360 degrees.

To make your robot move you can either control it with an on-screen controllers or you can use a block-based coding system to code every move it makes.

Blockly is really easy to use – you basically put blocks of different movements together – easy way to program it. At first, it is a bit overwhelming to code it how you want it, but with some practice anyone can master it.

Beside that within the app Jimu has its own community – a real platform with help and different projects Jimu users around the world are making.

App itself is easy to understand and navigate, nothing too hard to understand.

All Jimu Parts

Like any robot, Jimu robots as well have a lot of different parts and electronic parts. Here is a list of all parts that are included in Jimu robot kits ( not every Jimu robot kit has all of these, but almost all of them )

  • Snap together parts ( every jimu robot kit has these )
  • Connectors
  • Fasteners
  • Smooth motion robotic servo motors
  • DC motor
  • RGB light
  • Color sensor
  • Main control box
  • Color cards
  • USB cable
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • IR sensor
  • Bluetooth speaker

All Jimu Robots

So there are 8 different robot kits available in Jimu and those are:

  • Overdrive kit
  • AstroBot kit
  • TankBot kit
  • BuzzBot & MuttBot kit
  • Explorer kit
  • Inventor kit
  • Meebot kit
  • UnicornBot kit

BuilderBots Series: Overdrive Kit

Price: $90

Number of parts: 410+

Overdrive kit can be build in two different modes – DozerBot and Dirtbot.

DozerBot is the real hero in Overdrive kit – it is a funny looking bulldozer.

DirtBot is a truck that can load and unload small stuff.

AstroBot Kit

Price: $125

Number of parts: 390+

AstroBot is a space robot can be build in three different building modes – features AstroBot, a rover or an Astron.

Astron is the most appealing robot in this set – it has caterpillars and looks great.

TankBot Kit


Number of parts:190+

TankBot is the only features robot in this kit. It has awesome grab-and-lift feature – you can lift and carry an item and let it go.

BuzzBot & MuttBot Kit


Number of parts:260+

This kit has two featured modes – a BuzzBot and MuttBot. Buzzbot is a basic robot that features a lot of movements, Muttbot is, well a mutt.

Explorer Kit


Number of parts:370+

Explorer Kit has 5 different robots to build – penguin, seal, baby, T-rex and a parrot.

Inventor Kit

Price: $400

Number of parts:670+

Inventor kit brings animals in robotic modes. There are six different modes you can build – wolf, elephant, giraffe, humanoid, mantis and a rhino. All animals a good-looking when they are build – a lot of servomotors care for animal movement.

MeeBot Kit


Number of parts:200+

MeeBot robot delivers life-like movements. It can literally dance like a nut.

Mythical Series: UnicornBot Kit


Number of parts:44+

This is a purple-white unicorn with glowing horn – probably the best Jimu kit for girls


There a coupled of extra kits and one extra odd-on kit with animals. What is more to say about Jimu robots? hey are easy to build, in spite some kits having a lot of parts (400+).

Price of Jimu robots kits is quite high – it is quite expensive to buy – starting price is about 90& and then it goes up to $400.

Jimu robots kits are very good and Ubtech won a lot of awards for their tribute to STEM.

Jimu robot kits are not the best robot kits out there, but definitely in top 5.

My primary option, and the one I always recommend to anyone is Lego. Lego has coupled of programmable sets that are, in my opinion, top of the top robot kits in the world. I wrote reviews about them and you can read it with a click on the links below:

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If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


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