Good And Cheap LEGO Clones

Let me tell you a joke: God created an Earth and universe, everything else is made in China. Supposedly China has a clone of everything that exist in the world, and of course with that fact they have Lego copies as well. I don’t support that kinds of companies, but they do exist. And as I searched there are good and cheap Lego clones.

I didn’t know that there are Lego clone companies out there ( well in China ). Just 2 months ago I was searching for a Lego set elves- themed, I was looking that white dragon really big one that costs about 100 euros ( $113 ). I think I was searching on EBay or Ali express, I can’t remember. So as I was scrolling down all of a sudden I see “Lego” sets that are three or for times cheaper than real Legos. I looked closer there was “Lepin” logo there. Instantly I knew that those are copies of real Legos.

My article isn’t about promoting Lego clones, far from that, I’m a real Lego fan and I support them heavily, but you know, Legos are not that cheap, they’re expensive, and now and then you have to search for cheap alternatives. So I dug into this and I will describe below how are things with Lego clones.

If you want to see what is my no.1. Lego clone brand click here

If you want to see what is my no.2 Lego alternative brand click here.

Legal Grounds

That was the first thing that came to my mind. How is it possible that you can buy fake Legos and everything is OK. Apparently Lego has or had a lot of cases in court suing a lot of clone companies. I think in 2011 all patents have expired for Lego and of course a lot of companies went for factoring building bricks that are compatible with Legos.

Not all companies duplicate Lego sets. Mega blocks brand, existing in Canada, they don’t duplicate Lego. The have their own sources, branding, their own development, sets, marketing, etc. So basically they’re building their own authority. Which is OK because they have nothing in common with Lego except bricks that are compatible.

China companies on the other hand don’t have own authority, they rely on Lego buyers, offering them same sets as Lego, only difference is that box sets have another name on them and other theme name. Here are two examples:

  • Lego has Star Wars theme, clone factories have Star Wnrs or Star Fights
  • Lego has Elves, other company has Fairy

And there are other factors that separates clone companies from Lego. As I was telling you about legal grounds, when it comes to China, there is nothing companies can do to prevent those clone factories to stop making building bricks. And that is because China doesn’t do anything about it because they are protecting their ( Chinese ) companies because they pay taxes and fees and China supports them.

Is Lepin Worth To Try?

This the first company in my opinion that I need to tell you about. So Lepin is a “brand” in China. Lepin is basically Chinese Lego. They copy everything that Lego does except Disney-themed ones, because Disney is a big fish in the World and they do not want to step in their way. None of those clone does Disney-themed copies of Lego. Product – Lepin 

I have to admit that I purchased one Lepin set because I was curious. And of course I bought “Star Wnrs” x-wing star fighter. I was on YouTube videos and x-wing came across and I decided I need to have one of x-wings. Now the original Lego set cost about 60-70 euros ( Europe ), but this Lepin box set cost about 25 euros and I bought it.

So when I received it was like I bought a Lego. Then I built an x-wing star fighter. So this is what I had to tell you: they aren’t as bad as I expected. Building blocks/bricks are the same as Lego, main difference is that blocks don’t have logo on them like Lego does. I compared mini figures and they’re slightly bigger than original Lego mini figures.

Instructions are shorter than Lego’s, but they have a lot of stuff on each page, at least two. Three times more and it gets quite hard to understand everything in that mess of instructions.

Final product is good, but it lacks of being perfect. Window where pilots sit can’t close, and bullets or missile doesn’t shoot like in original Legos.

Quality of plastic on first sight is the same. But when I got through reading and searching, of course they are not the same standard quality like Legos.

There is one question left- how come they are so cheap? So the answer is simple. Legos does marketing, development, engineering, licensing and everything that needs company to be successful. Lepin does not do marketing, branding, development, they just rely on that these “legos” are three or four times cheaper than an actual Lego, and because they’re cheaper, they know that there is big audience that support cheap legos and they will buy from them.

My opinion is that Lepin is a good alternative to Legos, and occasionally you can buy from them, but true Lego fans will never agree and support them.

Gudi Building Blocks

I was in one store in my home city, buying groceries and came across a stand with Gudi building blocks “compatible with the leading building blocks company”. As I was looking them their price was really low. I said what the hell, I need to buy them and check them.

So I bought this robot like on the picture on your right. As I was building it, I remembered times when I was a kid and building Legos. Literally this box set had old Lego bricks/blocks form times when I was a child. So the final product was not so sophisticated like Lego.

Plastic of gudi is supposedly an OK standard for Europe, but it is quite awful. You could tell while making this robot it’s just bad plastic.

So as alternative Gudi is OK, but far from Legos. They’re truly just compatible with Legos and nothing else. Old school Building bricks/blocks, cheap plastic, unsophisticated final products, and mini figures are simply awful.


LELE has a lot of LEGO-clone sets, like STAR WARS or NINJAGO, and they are like “real” LEGOs, only that you can spot with your eyes that minifigures are really just fakes, and not good quality, but structures you build on the other hand, are actually quite good actually – I bought LELE ninjago set two weeks ago, and I must admit, that it is not that bad, quite good actually, well you can tell the difference between LEGO and LELE, but as alternative – it is O.K.


Another chinese “Lego” compatible brand, but it doesn’t produce copy Lego sets, they have thier own themes going on – and the biggest theme they own is – military. They offer a lot of different sets with military note, such as tanks, war helicopter, soldiers, fire arms and the list goes on.

I saw couple of their sets, and I must say that the are doing excellent job with aesthetic designs with their military sets.


I wrote an article about Bela, and it is my number chinese brand that copies Lego lego clones bela review

So beside the fact that they produce fake sets of a Lego, they make them actually very good.

I bought fake Elves lava cave set, and I was actually very very surprised! Bela named theme “Fairy” instead of Elves.

Instructions were easy to follow ( a lot of chinese knock offs have instructions completely chaotic), and assembly didn’t take me more than 2 hours – and you must be aware of the fact that you get the set wrapped in plastic bag and there are not different numbered bags for building in sequence – you just tore a bag apart, throw building blocks on the table, and start to pick proper blocks.

Final product was awesome! It looked like an original one (assembled set is in the picture above). Everything works fine, nothing to complain about, except for joints on the dragon – they are a little loose, therefore they are a bit to movable, but overall perfect fake set!

Oh, not to forget – the price was just about 20$, the original one from Lego was, I think, about 60$, or maybe even more. So Bela is in my opinion the best company that makes fake Lefo sets! Product – Bela 

Other Lego-Compatible Brands

So there are many other companies that produce Lego-compatible bricks:

HINT!! – Must Read

If you want to search/browse for Lego clones, just sign into,  find the search bar and type in Lego, or Lego and a theme ( like Lego cits ), press enter and it will show you everything except original Lego, and there are literally thousands of Lego duplicate sets.

But if you are more amazon ordering fan than visit amazon and type in Sluban, Bela, Kazi, Gudi, Enlighten or Mould king, and I believe you will defintely find something for yourself.

Are Lego Clones Worth It?

That depends on how you look at it. For developmental sake of Lego we shouldn’t support those clone companies, because if we stop buying Legos, that means that Lego wouldn’t stop manufacturing and progress will be lost , what basically means that everything would stagnate.

But I think if we buy now and then some unoriginal box set is nothing wrong and beside that they’re cheaper.

If you have any comments please write them I will be happiy to reply.

Primoz P.


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Hi! Thank you for a question I’m here for you. To answer you – depends which seg you were looking for – it it is the one that has about 700 pieces, too be honest it is a bit pricey for a clone ( original one is about 60-70$), if you were looking for the one that has about 2000 pieces, than don’t do it, believe it is not worth it. If you are looking for the big set, I think that price is about 70-80 $ on aliexpress ( the one with 2000 pieces), and this brand is “legit”. Star wars Lego clones aren’t that many, and from my experiences, almost all Star Wars sets are quite Ok, to be honest.
Primoz P.

I think there is nothing wrong to get lego at a cheaper price, my only concern is about safety. In the past years’ different cases of toys made in china that contain unhealthy chemicals were discovered, especially in Europe. How will I know that a product is safe to use for my kids?


Well internatioal law determs what quality standards are minimum and supposedly chinese brands have all ABS standard plastic – ABS is just a bare minimum, but noone is 100% sure if they respect that. Like I said – support Lego and every now and then buy some alternatives.


primoz p.

Thank you for sharing this post but I have a question on the pricing, especially at the Ali express , personally I have bought more products from them but I really find it disturbing on the adverts that shows low price of a product but when you get the the real product it’s way different, so for the Lego clone I hope what you indicated is the real price.

Thank you for sharing some more alternative. Am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more from your articles.

Thank you.

Hi! I am aware that aliexpres offers items from – to prices, but averything I wrote is true.


Primoz p.

Hi Primoz,

I really enjoyed reading your article about Lego clones. I had always assumed that it was illegal to copy Lego and so have never bought any of the clones. I didn’t realise that all the patents had ended and so will consider clones in the future. My son has a large collection of original Lego and I am wondering which of the copies is the best quality in your opinion? Thanks in advance, Andrew

Hi  andrew! Well, based on my experience, bela has the best copies of Lego, second coming Lepin.

Thank you,


Primoz P.

😆 Funny story you told from the start. Well, God actually made the heavens and the earth, the animals and plants. He then handed over creation to man; that is why man was able to discover and invent different things.

China has clone of almost anything you can think about ranging from gadgets, devices, toys etc. China produces clone of almost everything but do not produce most of them in good quality; that’s why the price of these items are like 2, 3 to 4 times lower than the original.

Hi, Primoz.
Thanks for sharing the views on good and cheap Lego clones. It has been every child’s dream to own a personal Lego with maximum units of bricks in it, but due to the high cost of Lego other Chinese companies flourish in the clone market. Can you spot some websites which sell used or out of fashion Lego games? This way the current users can upgrade their games and first timers can use the old games.
Warm Regards,
Gaurav Gaur

Hi, an interesting article, my children and I love to build Lego sets.

Are the clone sets built to a high standard so they are made with safe materials for children to play with?  Do they really integrate with authentic Lego sets or do they not quite match?

Thanks for the help.

Hi! Well ywah plastic used for chinese knock ofs is plausible, it is abs plastic which is allowed in europe,and yes they are fully compatible with original legos.

thank you,


primoz p.

Well! If companies decided to clone Lego products, I am not too bothered but when I start to get concerned is the quality of the product produced by these Chinese companies. Though they offer a much cheaper option, I believe that with proper diligence and work while putting consciousness of safety at heart, the proper Lego should be considered. Chinese toys are known to contain harmful chemical. This, I would not want to try this

These toys have bene really amazing and Lego is one known brand I know for it’s clones generally, although some of the prices for their items online are on the high said and they get me discouraged sometimes. Knowing the nature of kids, they are usually careless with things and in some cases poke themselves with it. Hope there are some clone toys that considers that aspect of child safety?

Its very true that when it comes to making clones and duplicate versions of almost everything, China is a world class home for it. I really don’t have a problem with that but it baffles me how they do all those things in low qualities, this makes it hard to get original and last long clones, well at such they sell them very cheap which makes it very affordable for people. Thanks for sharing.

I’m not really okay with the information’s I can discover here. It should not be permitted for all these companies making clones of the Lego. Though I agree that they can be cheaper and a source to save money but then, it still should not be allowed to stand. This lepin seems to be one of the topper among the clones of Lego. Well! I have a friend who really bought one of them and I just felt a disgust and that has been the reason I researched more on here. Thanks

Hi! People will buy fake stuff, trust me – i have a lot of Lego sets,originals, but I did buy some alternatives,as well 1 copy! I don’t support stealling ideas, but some lego compatible brands are OK like Wangao – they just use expired patent,bit they do their own theme on their ideas! Cheers,

primoz p.

Nice article. Do I understand it correctly that the base pattent for Lego expired and that enables other companies to make lego compatible blocks? Still, there must be plenty of other copyright issues when they start doing stuff like Star Plan or Star Wrs and they are obvious knock offs?
My take is: if other companies produce generic stuff like policemen, western themes etc it’s ok: more choices so long the quality is ok. Lego will always be lego but that’s how patents work. Connect 4 is no longer patented either. But I would not buy stuff that is still a copyright violation. After all I create content myself. As do you, so I take it you would not like people stealing your articles?

Hi! Ok about copyrights – lego itself is a clone brand that copied unpatented oxford bricks in 50s, did you know that? Or let’s take coca cola company – there are so many beverages that have cola something names on. but you are right though, I don’t support fakes,I have lots of lego sets, and only one coly set,but that is it. Other couple of not lego sets have their own themes, but people are buying these stuff, so my job is to at least inform them, that if they have to buy a clone lego set,which js then probably safest option,nothing more than that.


Primoz P.

It’s very thoughtful of you to share this article, the clone market is something really common now in our logo market but this is most common to China as they happen to be the largest and biggest maker of these clones. It is the joy of every child to Ave his or her own logo but considering how expensive the originals can be its a better option to not deprive these kids, so clone versions are easy to purchase.

Hello Primoz!

I just came across the so-called Clone Troopers that belong to the Star Wars theme.

I am not sure whether their “Clone” name part means they are really Lego clones or genuine. There is an entire variety of them, coming in different military grades (like Clone Pilot, Clone Trooper Sergeant / Lieutenant / Captain / Commander).

What do you think about these Troopers – should we consider them as affordable Lego pieces?

Hi! I believe you look at clone troopers of of original Lego, that actually exist, now I don’t know what you consider to be afforfdable – in my case, Lego sets are all affordable. Cheers,

Primoz P.

While I do agree that Legos sell for a higher price due to marketing, development, engineering, and licensing, I personally feel there’s a lot to do with the brand name as of itself as well. I mean, they can afford to sell for higher and not lose clientele because they’re Lego. I feel it’s much like Apple can sell their PCs for higher prices and still, people are willing to pay for them just because it is an Apple. Same here – just because it’s a Lego.

But overall, I have to absolutely agree with you, Primoz. Any clones I too have come across do essentially just feel like a cheaper version of Lego. In that sense, they definitely are the leading force in the industry.

Loved the hint! And I completely subscribe to that notion of supporting the better company!

And thank you for the article, I appreciate it!

Cheers, and have a Great One!


I really enjoyed the article, Primoz. It was very timely and helpful as well. I will be also checking out your article on Bela. But before that, I wanted to add a few ideas to the discussion and why I believe lego clones in time will be a huge market.

I think it’s all about the price.

For example, at my native country, Lego is ridiculously expensive. To illustrate, on average we have like at least 5-10x lower salaries than the ones people have in Germany but still, when it comes to the actual Lego prices in our local shops they are actually more expensive than those in Germany. I mean, it’s beyond ridiculous if you think about it.

As a customer, to me, it doesn’t really matter whether locals overprice it or not but I feel that kind of approach does give the opportunity to Lego clones. Which inherently will over time significantly increase their market share and thus, may ultimately make it so that the clones surpass the pioneer in the field. 

This is not to say that I like Legos less than the clones. However, I would personally choose a clone over Lego 100% of the time just because of how truly ridiculous Lego prices are (at least in where I’m living). But it’s not necessarily Lego’s fault, it might be just that they have a too high perceived value in the eyes of retailers. And I believe it’s a problem. However, I think until a worthy rival appears on the market that can effectively outdo Lego, they may never go down.

Just wanted to share my thoughts! And thank you for the viable clone versions. 🙂

Have a Wonderful Day!

Thank you rasa for your comment! Well, to be honest, even in my country avarge salaries are about 3 times and even more lower than average german salaries are, so to be 100% Lego-y, is quite impossible, and buying yourself ( well kids, of course) some alternatives – why not’


primoz P.

Thanks for this interesting article about good and cheap lego clones because it has been really enjoyable from its beginning to its end and thanks for allocating us to some of good and amazingly cheap lego clones so we are ready to purchase and try these lego clones and also thanks for providing us to many sites where to find these lego clones. Thanks for this article in advance. 

This is a good and very interesting article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.the clone market is something really common now in our logo market but this is most common to China as they happen to be the largest and biggest maker of these clones and it good but still has some negative effect on the market.thanks lot for bringing up this article my son do love the clones

Thanks a lot for such an amazing article about this logo clones. 

Because the Christmas holidays are here in 2 weeks, i want to make a gift for all my 3 kids. They are in love with this lego toys but here in Romania this products are very expansive. These lego toys are very useful for children’s education. They manage to grow their imagination and be very creative. Did you know if this toys will arrive in Romania in 2 weeks ? I want to have it in the Christmas night.

Thanks again and keep in touch! 

Hi! Sorry to tell you, but according to my experience, it will take at least 3 weeks to get there, only if you look on ( german amazon ), they have some sets, look after sluban, kazi, maybe lepin and bela, they are bit expensive  comparing with China, but still a lot cheaper than original ones.


primoz p.

Hi! Yes I’m aware of Cada ,i know they are doing great things! I wrote a bit about Cada in one of my other articles: alternative lego brands the best guide, where I write about alternatives, and not clones or copies if you will. I welcome you to read it.
Primoz P.

Oh this is just perfect. It’s very nice to see that one can really get a good Lego clone and for a very cheap  price too. I would’ve never thought there are actual companies that come up with cheaper Lego sets. I feel like I should try one of these. I will give your tip on thing on AliExpress a go. Thanks.

Hi! I recommend you to try – I did, and am not even sorry, but overall I support Lego – biggest fan.

Cheers ,

Primoz P.

I had no idea that fake lego sets existed, but I should not be surprised. Everything seems to be made in China, even fake lego sets. I am not crazy about it, but I like the Bela set, especially the yellow dragon. And of course, it’s much cheaper, so that’s convincing for the buyer too, isn’t it? Interesting that Lego ran out of patents in 2011 … Does that mean that they can no longer sue companies who copy them?

Hi! Supposedly not even a country doesnt do anything to prevent industry cloning,copying other brands, so you can imagine how is everytjing standing over there.


Primoz P.

Hello, this article is amazing, very informative and helpful for every parent and every passionate to the Lego. I like Lego and I think that it is very good for the learning and development of our children. I want to thank you for this detailed information, about Lego clones and what is most important that I know now where to buy good and cheap Llego for my daughter. 

hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i have come across the lepi and gudi building blocks. i find bela fascinating from your post. although the pricing is not favorable to most people. this article will help you make choices

Hi, I’m interested in buying the UCS Millenium Falcon but don’t have he money for it. Is the Lenin brand worth it or would I just be wasting my money?

Hi Nick! It would defintely not be a waste of money, Lepin is like chimese Lego, and they do copies. Now I saw a lot of their sets, and they re good.. if you are aiming for minifigures,let me tell you, that minifigures arent as good as Lego’s are, but a whole set is worth it,trust me.but if you are not sure,than try A toy A dream brand – That brand makes great fake sets.
Primoz p.

Since I was my baby daughter, I have never bought Lego. At that time they were quite expensive but they helped in its development. I am glad that cheaper versions have appeared. And to end with a joke: what are the most used words in the world? Answer: made in China lol.

I don’t know if I would personally be willing to cheap out on my star wars collection. There is something that is special about the star wars genre. I cannot see myself getting exciting about buying my children a cheap Lego clone. How would he be able to brag about it with his friends?

I would imagine that Star Wars can be expensive, and if it is only Lego, then perhaps your child will not care. Anything cheap is not something I sound pumped about buying so it really depends on the quality of the clones. 

If my child will get just as excited and enjoy it all the same, then I suppose it is worth looking into. Not for me though. 

Yes, I believe a lot of parents like me also want products “like” LEGO at low prices. For me personally, it really doesn’t matter if it’s not LEGO because children often don’t know the difference between LEGO and not.
However, what comes to my mind is whether the product “like LEGO” has the quality and safe for children?

Hi! With safety is like this- if Europe accepts thoes brandy thsn it is okn,i guess.


Primoz P.

I appreciate your post about good and cheap LEGO clones. I have seen some of them, but always questioned their quality (therefore never ordered anything, because I didn’t want to end up with useless gifts for my nephews). Thanks to your post I have now a clearer picture about them. I will look more into Bela, since it’s your favorite brand.

Piracy or brand cloning is cancer in any industry. There are some circumstances where they must exist (when the original price is for no other reason rather than its brand made tagged an astronomical price), as the original manufacturers are opening themselves a black market by overpricing their products.

Marketing has a cost, and Lego es everywhere a child looks toward; but there should be a better way. Chinese production costs are also very low. 

At the end of the day, it’d depend on the final consumer to give Chinese manufacturers the benefits of the doubt when getting any product from them (You’ve been very lucky to fund good quality products).

Thanks for your post, It has taken me back to my childhood at the price of the Chinese version of the authentic trip!  🙂 

I didn’t know Lego’s patent has expired. I didn’t even know there are Lego copies, even though that shouldn’t be very surprising. 

As a Star Wars fan, it really hurts my eyes to see that Star Plan -text on the Lepin box. Because the ‘Star Plan’ text is written with a font similar to the original font of the Star Wars brand, but it looks like there’s something horribly wrong with it.

I have a question. You said the Lego clone companies don’t make copies of Disney themed Legos. However, Star Wars is now part of the Disney company, and the clone companies do make Star Wars Lego clones. So, is Star Wars an exception to the Disney rule?

Hi!i believe it is the matter of Lego disney sets – pure disney are all pricessess, crested years ago, Star wars are only disney’s for 4 years or so.


Primoz P.

Hiya Primoz,

You really know your lego! Is there a Lrgoland where you are like the one in England? Lrgoland Windsor used to be Windsor Safari Park and they moved all the animals out and put Lego there instead! I’ve never been myself (I preferred the safari park) but my ekdest went with my mum and my brother so I’ve got pics of it. There are giant lego models there 

I would definitely go for the cheaper option as I have a lot of cubs and they destroy everything! Thank you for providing such a lot of well researched information, it has given me lots of ideas for presents for my cubs that fit in my budget which is something I always have to consider, krs PurpleLioness 

Hey, Thank you for finding Good And Cheap LEGO Clones. I found LEGO clones are increasing in numbers day by day due to the higher price of LEGO. I Love LEGO and also spreading it with my friends too. LEGO quality is awesome then other LEGO clones. But they are cheaper then LEGO. I will also try some LEGO clones to check their quality. I hope LEGO clone will be in good quality. What are best LEGO clone for checking the quality?

I have bought the Faery version of a LEGO elves set and am impressed with the detail, EXCEPT: I can’t get the arms to pop in! Is there a trick to putting the arms in place? (Bigger thumbs, perhaps 🙁 )

Hi! Well the biggest con about fake brands – minifigures are not so good, now I didn’t have any problems, if I could see it, I would’ve known. Or you can just pressing harder.
Primoz P.

Hello Primoz and Happy New year!

I so wish I had stumbled upon your website earlier during the holiday season! I was in the hunt for the perfect toy for my little nephew and since I have no idea what kids like, I struggled a lot. I ended up buying him a lego truck, which was beautiful, but kind of expensive for the size of it. The star plan from Lepin would be perfect! I will bookmark your website for his birthday which is next month! Thanks a lot! 

Hi!thank you for that, if you have any questions, I am the most proper person to chat with.


Primoz P.

I used to enjoy your site about lego cubes. We used to buy them because the child was playing now playing less with lego cubes and more with dolls. I love star wars and lego cubes with their characters. Thanks for the post about lego toys. If I can try to get them.

I have to expressly say that I do not support the duplication of the original LEGO brand. It is wrong. But if I understand anything you’ve said, it is that though these copies are feeding off the hard work of the original without proper credit, they are not as bad as one might think, especially from the perspective of the consumer. After all, it might be a good alternative for consumers on a fixed budget.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article .Who does not want to get LEGO  at low prices! I would too .I saw a few years ago that different toys were made in a country that used some harmful substances for health .I thought they were not as safe .I always thought that the LEGO copy wasn’t valid so I never felt the need to buy it .But after reading your article, my whole perception changed .I need some LEGO related websites. Can I get this website through you? If I get one, I and my friends will benefit greatly. With that I am hoping that I will get .I really like it very much and I want to buy it .

Hi! I have links throughout my post, you can just click it and you know how it goes. 


Primoz P.

“Let me tell you a joke: God created an Earth and universe, everything else is made in China.” This is really funny. China is known to clone a lot of things from different companies worldwide and there is nothing we can do about it because the country supports it.

Well, looking at all this, I don’t see anything wrong with the purchasing of cloned Legos. It depends on oneself. Generally, Legos are not cheap, they are expensive, and so you can tell from the price of any cloned Lego just as the one you saw and bought.

Many of the Lego clone companies in China I must say did a great job cloning from real companies, and their clones tends to be awesome. I think that they target audience with low cash. The only difference I know between a Lego company and a fake is in the quality of their products and that’s why there’s a huge difference in their prices.

So, if you have money, go for quality. And if not, you can settle on the clone ones as simple as that. Personally, this is what I will do.

Hi! You said that right, if you can buy quality,if you can’t buy less quality,but still good enough! Cheers, Primoz P.

Hi Primoz Pticak,

It’s very thoughtful of you to share this article, it has been really enjoyable from its starting to its end and the clone is something extremely basic now in our logo market and China is the biggest and greatest creator of these clones. A debt of gratitude is in order for assigning us to a portion of the great and incredibly modest lego clones so we are prepared to buy and try these lego clones .so clone versions are easy to purchase. Thanks 

Hi Jiam! Yes of course it is good for you to chose other brands why not? Lego is quite expensive,even I don’t own 100% Lego, i have some sets from Bela ( if you want lego copy), Sluban is great as well, cobi, Gudi, and if you compare price to Lego, sets from other brands cost max half of Lego’s price, but overall one third of a Lego set price is more accuraze. Hope I was helpful,
Primoz P.

Many thanks to you for writing such a beautiful article. When buying a product from the AliExpress website, I fall in confusion with the prices of these products because I do not understand how much it is worth. I wanted to make a medium through which I could truly understand the price, so for the Lego clone I hope what you indicated is the real price. Hopefully I won’t be confused anymore and look forward to the next update from your website

Hi! Sorry, I didn’t explain how does it work on aliexpress – price is set for the cheapest set from a certain store, wgen you click on a spesific set, it takes you too it’s store site, and you have to click on “colour’ paragraph below, and it will show you all its offer, and you then choose specifical set, and it will show ypu its price. 


Primoz P.

My nephews (Including me) are obsessed with Legos. I took them to Disney World last October and they are in love with their Millennium Falcon ride that we all did it 2 times in spite of the long lines. Like you mentioned, Legos can get expensive and the edition that I like is never on sale. I will definitely check LELE on Aliexpress out. Thank you so much for your awesome review! 


I was reading this article with joy, I am 43 years old and still like toys from my childhood like lego.

I think the subject of clones is very fascinating and interesting to read about, it is like those cheap Nike or Adidas clothes from china…  you know it is fake but there is still appealing stuff.

It is with mixed feelings that I think that me to would love to buy one of those X-wings just to see how the quality is and yes, x-wing is a x-wing 🙂

Hello, thanks for exposing all the clones.
I was brought up playing Lego and am a fan of the quality and originality of the true Lego.
Recently I bought a set from Kogan (online market place in Australia), the brand is called Tomorrow World.  I was very disappointed when I opened it.  The pieces may be comparable with Lego but the quality does not seem the same.  I feel the blocks are not as sturdy and durable as Lego and I really regretted not buying the try Lego

Hi! Well, not every lego compatible brand makes quality bricks – in the summer I bought two fake lego sets at the seaside, well neither of them was good, and I didn’t mentioned them in this post.


Primoz P.

Good information about LEGO clones here. I often buy LEGO for my son, who is a huge LEGO fan, even though the sets are so crazy expensive! You’ve got me considering these as a purchase, if anything just to save a few bucks once in a while, like you said. Helpful site you have. Thank you very much for the suggestions and reviews.

Hi Primoz,

I really enjoy your article about good and cheap Lego Clones?

I thank God I came across your article.
My kid always bugs me every time with his lego clone stories.
I finally decided to buy him one.

But what I’m looking for is a cheap and safe lego for him.
I think I found what I was looking for because I think the Lepin would suit me.

Thank you for this amazing and helpful post!!

It doesn’t surprise me that Lego has clones. And where else but from China? In most cases the clones are not of the same quality as the original. It appears that these clones you covered are not either. 

Children know what toys are authentic. And if a child wanted a Lego set for their Birthday or Christmas for example, they would not be happy to find out they got a clone. Since the clones look so much alike, at first they will be happy. But that will soon change. With that in mind, ask yourself, would you buy a clone for a child?

The fact that clones exist is proof that people who are most concerned about price will buy the clones. 


Hi, you’ve done well by bringing this kind of post into limelight, I am quite optimistic that my daughter would love this, so am falling in love with the Lego clones already.
This is not the first time I would be hearing about Lego clones bit never knew I could get them this cheap, am always used to getting things on amazon, but I think this time around I would try Ali express.
So Lego clones are this cheap somewhere in China? Oh my word!

Many thanks to you for sharing the details about such a beautiful product with us.Personally I purchased a lot of products from AliExpress and I got all the products at a low price. The LEGO you show here is not cheap.The Lego is very nice to see.The thing I worried about was the variety of Chinese toys that came out that were unhealthy but tell us about how safe this Lego will be for us to use.

Hi! Yeah there aren’t any guarantees for safety of those alternatives, but if EU accepts, then I guess they are OK.


Primoz P.

Hi, you’ve done well by bringing this kind of post into limelight, I am quite optimistic that my daughter would love this, so am falling in love with the Lego clones already.
This is not the first time I would be hearing about Lego clones bit never knew I could get them this cheap, am always used to getting things on amazon, but I think this time around I would try Ali express.
So Lego clones are this cheap somewhere in China? Oh my word!

Hi! Michael loves Legos. He is my four-year-old son. I have tried to buy him 1 to 2 Lego sets every year. And yeah I agree with you, they are quite expensive. Although I truly support Lego, I’d like to give these alternatives I try. I was interested in Reading what you had to say concerning legal grounds. 


This is a really useful article, I was a massive fan of lego as a child. My son is now 5 & he’s never really got in to it. I think if we had a larger lego project we can work on together, it might spark his interest and be good for us to have some weekly time when it’s just me and him doing something together.

The main issue is always the cost, especially as it may go down like a led balloon. These lego clones sound like it may be the ideal way to dip my toes in the water and not spend a fortune. Hopefully it will be success and we will soon be showing off our legitimate lego projects!

Hi nate! Get into that project, I am playing wit legos with my children for quite some time now, and I and my children just have the best time. Highly recommend it!


Primoz P.


I love this website. Makes me feel like a kid again. I just want to go shopping. 

Its a real conundrum about buying the original Lego or the cheaper knock offs. I think for collectors, it’s really important to get the original, and of course, if money is no issue, one should buy it for your kids. 

I am really thankful for your article though, because real Lego is completely out of my price range and it is difficult to decide which Chinese products to go for without help. I hope that one day I can afford to buy real Lego for my kids, but for now, your article means that they get the learning and playing opportunity, even though their Mom is not wealthy. 

Keep writing! 

Hi Sam! Well I have lots of real Legos  but there are also couple knock offs o  my menu – why not, a lot of themes are outdated of Lego, but chinese brands offer legos outdated themes, so there is not wrong with that.


Primoz P.

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