Kano Touch Reivew – Make Your Own Tablet

Product: Kano computer kit

Price: 279.9 $

The Cheapest place to buy: AMAZON

Warranty: 1 year

My rating: 9 out of 10

I remember when I was a child and with PC revolution coming in our country among others, I then couldn’t understand anything about computing and coding, and programmed language, basically I didn’t understand computer at all. But I’ve always wanted to know, but never learn.

Beside that, 20 years ago owing a PC was a huge financial output, it was like, as I remember three monthly payments for my parents back then. Thank good nowadays computers are available for almost every pocket and there a lot of varieties of laptops, stationary PC’s, tablets, PC gadgets, PC sticks etc.

Couple of months ago I was looking for some unique “toys” for my brother’s children, and I come across a brand Kano. Kano caught my attention because of their children friendly approach in computing. So I dug further more and saw this outstanding DIY computer/tablet kit made by Kano. The best explain what this is that you build your own computer/tablet, you get all accessories to build it, and then, when you tablet is prepared to use, you can code programs, make your own games and learn about basics of programmed languages, and the best thing about this is that you don’t need to have any technology/programming experiences and its for users that are 6 years old and more. Its plug and play kit.

So in this Kano touch review below I will break down everything you should know about Kano computer kit, software, hardware, usage and pros and cons. Let’s begin!


OK so this kit includes everything you need to build your own computer:

  • 10.1 “HD” touch screen
  • Raspberry pi3 ( single board computer )
  • Battery
  • Wireless keyboard
  • case and stand
  • Memory card
  • 3 USB ports
  • HDMI cables
  • Power cables
  • Sound system
  • Kano operating system
  • Instructions

If you are not familiar what Raspberry pi3 is, I will explain you. Raspberry pi is a series of a single board computers made by Raspberry Pi foundation in UK. It’s a small computer size of a hand, its ran by Linux operating systems and could be operated with keyboard and mouse. This single- board includes:

  • 85,6mm x 56 mm x 21 mm board
  • 4 x USB port
  • 10/100 LAN port
  • 3.5 audio jack
  • CSI camera port
  • Full size HDMI video output
  • Micro USB power input
  • Micro SD card slot
  • On board BLUETOOTH 4.1 WiFi
  • 1 GB ram
  • 64 bit quad-core 1,2ghz processor

Kano’s touch screen has insanity quality and its very accurate, so touchscreen, which is the thing, is all good. Wireless keyboard is rather small and has a mouse pad in it ( your finger tips are your mouse). Color of keyboard is an orange, and really beautiful and attractive for all ages.

SO building it goes like this:

  • You follow instructions, they are excellent and easy to follow almost like Lego’s instructions
  • You attach raspberry pi3 and cable holder into colorless case
  • Then you attach USB ports into case
  • After that you connect all cables into computer boards
  • then you connect cables to touchscreen and attach a touchscreen on to case
  • now you have your own build computer
  • then you connect your wireless keyboard and you are prepared to start using your tablet/PC


Like mentioned before its working force is raspberry Pi3.

But Kano developed their own operating systems named Kano operating systems. It has a lot of apps, YouTube and google apps included, it has its own app store with 100s of apps, but unlike android the main purpose of the whole kit is that you learn to code everything by yourself. Program language are Python, JavaScript, and Terminal commands, and they’re beginner friendly.

So to start the best thing is to start with storyteller app. It guides you through from start to finish and it teaches you how to code with simple coding blocks. Literally you drag code blocks one below other so its very easy to follow. So basics of coding is really awesome made and really, even a no-tech person can do it. You can make games with coding, pictures a lot of stuff basically, you can play minecraft as well, and you can build inside minecraft everything you want.

Pros and Cons

So like any product on this world, Kano computer kit has flaws as well, it isn’t perfect of course. So I will talk about my pros and then cons


  • Beautiful design and colors
  • Best approaches for children to understand how to build you computer
  • its own keyboard
  • High quality 10.1 HD touchscreen
  • Super easy to follow instructions
  • excellent approach to teach about coding
  • easy to handle tablet for youngsters
  • great fun for children and grown-ups
  • minimal age is 6 years – awesome isn’t it
  • It’s own Kano OS is awesome for children to handle and to understand how OS’s work
  • Beautiful design of the whole computer and you can carry it almost everywhere ( maybe without keyboard )


  • Price is 279.9 $, which is maybe too much for start
  • The same computer kit without touch screen is 150 %
  • Battery attachment could break your backside of touch screen if you’re not careful
  • To easy to build it up if you’re a grown up
  • It is not an ANDROID – I’m used to use tablets with ANDROID OS, so I would never pick Kano OS over ANDROID
  • I have a big hands, so keyword isn’t the best to suit my hands and fingers, but for children is perfect
  • I love mouse in my hands, I hate finger touch pads instead of mouse


So Kano computer kit is really good choice if you want to show your children how programming, coding, building a computer really is. And because its for age of 6 and more, I can’t wait my daughter to be 6 years old, because the first thing I’ll do, when she learns how to read and write, I will definitely get her a Kano computer kit. If your child starts of with windows or Android, it can be a little bit

overwhelming. But Kano has the right approach, I mean its really awesome thing for your children to kick it off in computing knowledge. If you’re thinking about getting it for your children, go for it, if you’re thinking to get it for yourself, I believe you should rather go for an ANDROID tablet for this price.

If you have any questions about Kano overall, please leave a comment, question please do and I will happily reply.


Primoz P.

8 thoughts on “Kano Touch Reivew – Make Your Own Tablet”

  1. What a fantastic idea! My kids (ages 9 and 12) have used several different programming kits, but have never built their own computers to program on! Do you think my 12 year old would find it too easy? He can very quickly build lego sets (just finished the Hogwarts Great Hall in a couple of hours). 

    • Legos are the best toy there is and ever was –  did you know lego is the only that has won 2 millenium toy award?  Ok to answer your question – it will be really easy for him to assemble, but, there is always a positive but, when he will start to start learning how to code programme and everything you’ll see, he will fall into it – instructions is like with lego, first you code simple things like a hello or a circle, but more he will code more he will actually do, you’ll see.


      primoz P 

  2. I am father of several kids and I would love them to be computer programmers and or anything to with computer will do just fine with me so to do this they need to know early  how to learn and it seems kano has the best idea in place so  I will grab one or two  for my kids and see how they do it

    • Hi! Well to be honest, I’m waiting for my older daughter to learn how to read and write and when she conquers that she will definetly get one. I want my children to know a lot about everything technology, because in the future you will have to tech savvy.


      Primoz P

  3. Hey Primoz,

    Thank you for sharing your review about this Kano Computer Kit Touch. l agreed that Kano has the right approach, its really awesome thing for your children to kick it off in computing knowledge where they can build a tablet, learn to code and play.  I definitely will buy one for my son’s birthday.

    All the best!

  4. I never knew there is a toy out there that kids can assemble piece by piece to build their own computer, I can see the logic in all this when kids who might have a huge interest in IT technology into their adulthood. this is the future now and no better way to give this to your child for educational purposes, I love it, thanks for sharing this. 


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