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Top 15 Lego Alternative Brands – The Best Guide

Before we start to talk about Lego alternative brands, you must first know the difference between Lego alternative brands and knock off brands, copies, replicas, fakes etc. Alternative means that these brands ( they are mentioned in this post) use the same type of bricks but they have their own themes going on, knock offs, copies, replicas, clones, fakes mean are just pure clone sets from Lego.

I already wrote an article about clone brands, and you can read it here.

I have my no.1 clone brand, and I made a review about a particular set, you are welcome to read it!

OK so being a huge fan of a Lego, I search for alternative brands, because Lego doesn’t have everything covered ( of course not – there are too many ideas ).

And I did a big research ( but only on Chinese market) about Lego alternative brands, and I must say there are some good ideas being realized in these brands.

So in this post “Lego alternative brands – the best guide” I will present you brands that are producing some good ideas, and before you start to read – there are a lot of different brands mentioned and described, therefore this article is rather long, so please take your time, maybe you will find something for yourself.

Just before I start, you should know, that considering buying an alternative Lego brand set is not immoral – Lego’s patents expired in 2011, so if you think about it, it is like someone would try to stop you from eating a pizza in USA, because the original comes from Italy – it is a nonsense, but, a big But – alternatives are OK, copies is something we shouldn’t practice, at least not too much.

Cada Brand – My number 1. Recomendation..

Before we kick off I would like to introduce you to Cada brand. Cada is a Lego alternative brand, but more or less I consider them as “compatible with Lego and other brands”, because they are investing their time and money and countless hours to create their own themes and sets. Cada brand is only about 4 years old and they will definetly reach for starts, they are so good and unique, and not mockers or clone brand, etc.

They offer themes like guns ( and they can shoot as well ), tanks, army, cars, construction vehicles and more. Beside brick sets the same company that owns Cada ( Double Eagle industries) has a huge variety of RC alternative brands

Just recently I received their set – a 61018W set – it is a Lamborghini 610 in Technic parts. it is awesome, can easily compare it to Lego Technic theme, if it isn’t even better ( in my opinion Cada exceeds Lego Technic).best lego alternative brands - Cada brand review

And Cada even designed a lot of their own parts, so they are very concentrated into developing their sets.

Do you want to know the price? Well for this particular set the price is about 60$, and there are 1700 parts in this set. Do you want a comparison with Lego? Well I dig out that one particular vehicle with 1600 parts ( Lego Technic) costs about 150$ – that is 1,5 times more expensive, but features, sturdiness and firmness is the same. Product – 1696Pcs Doublee Building Blocks Cada Technic C61018 

I wrote very thorough review article if you want to read about it ( be amazed):

Best Lego alternative brands – Cada brand review

If you want to check out company’s website or YouTube channel:


Sluban is one of the biggest brands in China. Now their specialty sets are army – war sets. They offer a lot of different types of tanks, helicopters, and overall soldiers with arms. And to be honest – they look pretty alternative brands

There are of course other themes, that are actually quite nice. One of them is a “wedding”. I pointed out wedding theme, because sets are amazing. The first thing you notice are colors – just to look at them is relaxing. And they offer a wedding chapel with some extra accessories like grand piano, beautiful limo for newlyweds, some sort of house, which I really don’t understand, but very beautiful and a double-decker intimate bus with open roof for a party. Product – 0515 SLUBAN 

I had some Sluban sets ( war theme), and they are very good, except minifigures are not as good as Lego’s are, but good enough.


Oenas brand as well offers military sets – but not Sluban copies if you will. They are doing in their own way, and their military vehicles are awesome.

Second thing that Oenas offers is their own city theme with their own sets. To be honest, their sets are not so detailed as Lego’s are, but they are still great alternative brands

Oenas also has architecture theme, but they have other buildings and architecture offering than Lego, their architecture theme offers: Brandenburg gate, Burj al Arab hotel, China’s new year, Singapore Merlin statue and more. oenas

One more thing I would like to expose, that is very cute is mini street, and mini street offers small shops like McDonald, KFC, Hotdog stands and more little shops, really cute.


lego alternative brands

So kazi is bigger company than most of Chinese brands. They have some themes, common like Lego, but they do it in their own way. Of course sets are less detailed than Lego’s are, but still they are worth to try them. Product – Kazi

They have themes like military ( totally their own theme), police theme, city theme, fire theme. They also have Girls theme ( Lego has Friends theme), but more or less they are bad copies of original Friends theme, so I really don’t recommend reaching Girls theme.


I tried to know more about Wangao, since I bought one set from them when my family was on vacation, and my son wanted to

best lego clones

have this set with a robot and a car ( 2 in 1 set), so of course I bought him one. Looks like, after exhausting research, that Wangao produces only 2 in 1 sets, 5 to be more accurate, and they are all a robot or a car. I bought my son gray Porsche or a gray robot with a huge sword. I believe I paid about 10 Euros ( 80 kunas in Croatia), and it is very good set.

best lego clones

Porsche looks awesome and is very detailed and big, a robot is

best lego clones

less attractive, but still a big deal for my son, and he just loved it. if you are looking in that way I recommend it to you.

I wrote a review about Wangao brand, and you are welcome to read it.


Gudi is as well as Kazi one of the bigger Chinese brands with their ow sets, but themes are more or less Lego’s. But like I said, beside mocking Lego’s themes, they develop their own sets. Of course, they have military sets as well as police, fire rescuers, city and alternative brands

I can not compliment their minifigures – about two years ago I bought Gudi’s set, it was a mech, not a Lego copy, and everything was OK, except minifigure was truly honestly bad. Not worth mentioning it, but beside minifigure it was an OK set overall. Product – Gudi

The North E Home

lego alternative brands
A huge titanic for just 30$

It is a very strange brand name ” North E Home” but it is one of my favorite Chinese brands. And why is that so? Well I love sports, soccer and basketball to be more accurate, and they have a theme with stadiums! Now how cool is that? I always wanted to build a stadium with building blocks like Lego, and now, unfortunately bit too late for me, you can build a alternative brands

And those stadiums are playing a big role in soccer, like Camp Nou, Old Trafford and more. Product -the north e home

The North E home also offers lots of other sets and they are not Lego copies. I recommend it to everyone!


Now Lis is basically a Lego fake brand, but they have a theme, that Lego doesn’t have – sets from How to train your dragon! Product – Lislego alternative brands

They offer couple of sets with Toothless and other dragons. So if you ever wanted to have Lego compatible bricks with train your dragon theme, than this is it.


Feleph offers military theme, like some other Chinese brands, in their own specific manner, but they also have some sets that are based on some Chinese fairy tale. I was searching and noticed this beautiful ice dragon, well it is more Chinese dragon, but looks very promising, and the fact that is made after a Chinese fairy tale, must be amazing. Product – 1109pcs Chinese Fairy Tale Movie Dragonlego alternative brands

Feleph is no 100% alternative brand, it has some fake Lego sets as well, so heads up.


Qunlong is a mystery brand, I mean I don’t know everything they offer, but I do know that military theme is covered, as well other sets, with technic sets as well. Product – 1422Pcs Technic City Gatling GunsQunlong

But there is one set I must show you ( the in the picture on your right): a Gatling gun!lego alternative brands

And seems legit, I mean just look at it, it looks scary realistic. But that is not all – it also shoots “Lego” bullets and it is run by Technic motor. Honestly it looks stunning!


lego alternative brands

Xingbao is quite a big brand, that offers a lot of sets, all alternatives. There is military theme, of course, with a lot of tanks fleet to offer ( very cool ). You can buy technic sets as well, they also have planes, ships, and a lot of different sets. Product – XINGBAO

I recommend buying Xingbao, because they are truly a brand with their own sets and themes.


First to be honest – I don’t know if QWKZ is brand, company or a store, I just don’t know. But I must talk about it, you know why? Did you watch Pacific rim movies? Or more known Predator or Aliens? Well you know now what I’m talking about – QWKZ has robots or mechs from Pacific rim: Gypsy avenger, Bracer Phoenix, Guardian Bravo and Saber Athena. And they all look amazing, in fact my son told I need to order one as soon as alternative brands

Beside Pacific rim, there is also a Predator, very authentic looks and Alien, looks good as well. Product – Pacific Rim robots


Another Chinese brand that offers a lot like sluban and kazi, but they also added an alternative Duplo alternative brands

You can choose between police, war, military, ww2, Technic, city and different themes, there is a lot to choose from. Product -Huiqibao


enlighten does have a lot of Lego copies, but they also have their own sets, mainly military sets. Product -Enlighten Star Wars lego alternative brands


lego alternative brands

Like Enlighten Kacuu has a lot of Lego copies, with their own military theme as Product – Kacuu

What are brands to look after?

So this where I stop presenting you alternative Lego brands, more or less they are alternatives, but some of them produce Lego copies as well. So what are my top picks to look after?

Well Cada would one of my top picks, with their Technic and guns sets going on. They have their style, and their style is very cool. I wouldn’t recommend it for smaller children.

The other brand/store I would recommend is QWKZ. I loved pacific rim, not story, no content, just pure giant mech fights! And you can get them in ricks, why not?

The 3rd option, I would recommend is either Kati or Sluban. They are one of the biggest Lego alternative brands in China, and as much as I know everything, they are legit and have some integrity, so buying either Kazi or Sluban sets is a safe choice.

The biggest con for all alternative brands are mini figures – from my experiences so far, they are not very good, I mean either you can see bad quality, or their hands and arms are to lose, or they are not even Lego minifigure copies, but other brand style minifigures. Overall, don’t be surprised if mini figures are not as good as you were expecting them to be.

Must read HINT!

If you are not sure what to purchase I advise you to visit  and just type in search bar “Lego” and if you want a theme just type as well “Lego theme” and enter – trust me there will be thousands of different sets and, but all of them are Lego knock offs.

What should you be aware of?

If you are a Lego fan and don’t support Lego clone brands, than I advise you not to go after Lepin ( Lepin is basically Chinese Lego with a lot of Lego clone sets) and Bela ( Bela is as well Lego clone brand, although their replicas are very good). But if you are looking for clone sets, than I advise you to go after Bela!


No matter what, every brand mentioned in this post is OK, and I believe you shouldn’t be afraid to buy some sets form these brands. I must admit, I have a Wangao set ( 2 in 1 robot/car – alternative ) and a Bela set ( Lego elves clone set), and to be honest, I’m not even sorry. I support Lego, and can tell you I ( well my son ) have at least 40 original Lego sets, and buying a couple of alternative or fake sets shouldn’t be a moral question, whether to buy or not to buy it.

If you have a question, or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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  1. Wao, Primoz! Sorry for being so excited but I had actually been thinking if there could be Lego alternative brands that were as good and cool as Lego itself. This post has answered my question. I have particularly liked Huiqibao for my child and The North E Home for me. LOL

    Thank you very much for this post!

  2. Hello Primoz, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I enjoyed lego as a kid and now my son is crazy for this kind of toy. I had a Bela set but I think I throw it after I graduated lol. You are right, every set is unique and we can’t go wrong with any to choose. I will definitely buy Wangao set for my kid, it looks powerful.

  3. I must say I really like this article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me….I really like Lego products as my siblings and cousins do enjoy playing with them but due to it prices I think this alternative would be nice and also since it a festive season they would go well for Christmas gifts

  4. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. The opulence of toys cannot be over emphasized on. And till date I still have a flair for toys. Lego is my number 1 brand and its hard to replace it. The only alternative I could consider would be cada, Kati or sluban. I am going to shop for some for my nephew 

  5. These brands are really cool and for their specialty, I must acknowledge them very well. I am not really familiar with the lego alternative brands so I had to pay close attention while reading through this post. Some brands are cool with designs but are not 100% safe because of tiny sharp edges. However The North E Home is very cool and its products are nice as well. Best regards.

  6. Hi Primoz, I must say that you did a wonderful research on this, I don’t think there can be another brand that can be so useful as the Lego clone brands.
    I like the mini figures and the mini streets of the Oenas, thy are so superb and also top notch.
    I really appreciate this research of yours

  7. Hi Primoz, great article.  I was not aware all these awesome alternate building block brands existed.  Unlike Lego though, many of the models look like exact replicas of the real thing, especially the military-style building sets.

    Some of these brands I have not seen before and would love to check them out.  Can you tell me if they are available through your site?

  8. Hi Primoz, I must say that you did a wonderful research on this, I don’t think there can be another brand that can be so useful as the Lego clone brands.
    I like the mini figures and the mini streets of the Oenas, thy are so superb and also top notch.
    I really appreciate this research of yours

  9. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I really liked this post because I have been looking for a good brand that is cheaper than lego for my little boy, who loves to build!  I really like the looks of the The North E Home brand.  I understand why you said this was one of your favorites.  I may get my son some of these!

  10. Before reading your post I honestly never thought about Lego alternative brands. I didn’t even know there are any. Now I see that I couldn’t be more wrong, since there are plenty of them.

     I’m going to check out Wangao, because my partner is both Lego and Porsche lover. Especially knowing that you think the car looks awesome 😊 And The North E Home just gave me some great ideas for presents – men in my family are football enthusiasts so buying them versions of stadiums of their favorite teams will for sure score me some good points.

    Thank you! 🙂

  11. I found your article very useful and informative. 

       Lego alternative  Brands.North E Home ,Ditmogf ,Feleph , Qunlong , Cada  , Enlighten , Sluban  , Oenas , Kazi, Wangao  , Gudi , Xingbao , QWKZ seems very good . I like the military theme sets , titanic theme , stadium and Dragon theme.

    Thanks for sharing these great reviews!

  12. Hey Primoz, Thanks for finding Lego alternative brands. Wow, you have found many alternatives, I haven’t thought about it. but it is a grate idea. We also have 5 original Lego sets. We will try some alternative like Oenas and Wangao . You have done a grate research I appreciate it. Thank you .. Parveen

  13. It’s very good to see that there are a couple of brands from the beautiful Lego that are only the cloned types. It’s bad though that the names of the brands are not so much in connection to Lego itself. I thought I would see names like Leno or something. Anyway, I feel it’s nice and those who cannot afford the real thing can just go for this.

  14. Wow! List of LEGO toys! Luckily, I read your writing when I’m not next to my child. If yes, then it seems like he will ask me to buy each series. LOL

    My child also collects LEGO toys. And I chose this toy for him, not because LEGO has many interesting and creative series. But also, LEGO also has good quality control of its products. So it is safe for children to play. We as parents also do not need to worry, because this toy is very durable and sturdy.

    As a new year gift for my child, maybe I will ask him to choose some toys from here.

    Thanks for your article!

  15. My kids have been talk about lego alternative brands.  I just assumed that they were cheap knockoffs.  You article indicates that slightly different materials, looks and themes set them apart from normal lego.  Are they available in stores across the U.S?  Is the price comparable to the original lego sets?  Can extra characters and pieces be purchased anywhere the full sets are sold?  I am going to talk with my sons about getting the Kazi set.  It looks most what I am used to.  Thanks for another article that helps lego enthusiasts know what’s out there.

    • Hi! Sluban and Cobi brands are available across the USA, but I don’t if only on AMAZON or in stores as well. Price of alternative brands is way more cheap than Lego’s sets.


      Primoz P.

  16. wow I didn’t even know there were so many alternative brands to Lego games. I have been a huge fan of Lego when I was younger but in all honesty their prices are ridiculous. Even for their absolute smaller packages they charge an arm and a leg and I refuse to pay so much money for such a simple toy. And anyone that has children know pretty well that children’s attention to any kind of game either it be expensive of cheap last a few hours to a few day maximum. So I will definitely look at these alternatives to see if their prices are better than the official Lego ones.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment, i assure you that prices are at max a half of price comparing to Lego, a lot of them just a third of Lego’s price.


      Primoz P.

  17. Lego toys are great and I remember myself and my siblings owning a lot of it growing up. Over the years, unfortunately, it has gotten a bit pricier, and buying for the grandkids now is very unaffordable if you want to buy a decent set for them. It is great to know there are high-quality alternatives available now that don’t cost as much. 

    The tankers look wonderful and I can’t wait to show my nephew. His birthday is coming up soon and this maybe the ideal thing to buy him. 

  18. WOW, basically I like the toy,you choosing best title of Lego Alternative Brands. It makes me frees. In my friend’s house, there is one toy from the North E Home brand, now only he bought. when I see your article it makes me gain additional knowledge about the top brand. I learned so much information about Lego Alternative Brands. And personally thanks for giving the recommender information


  19. This is really a nice article on the Lego alternative brands. On my own opinion just like you, I don’t see anything wrong trying a Lego alternative, besides just like you pointed out that Lego’s patents expired in 2011.

    The alternatives above are really cool especially North E Home. I find it to be interesting because I love sports and I see that they have a theme with stadiums.

    Thank you for this post.

  20. Hi, I say this respectfully, that I didn’t know that China was making such nice looking toys. Those sluban Army Lego Toys look like they’re pretty high quality. Mind you I haven’t played with toys for at least 20 years, probably more than that, so I guess toys are improving every year with technology and all that stuff. If I would have known about this kind of thing when I was younger, I could have bought and a lot more toys.

  21. hi Primoz. I must admit that I am totally blown away by these Lego alternatives. Thank you for sharing these Lego alternative brands, I know this article will put an end to our long research of Lego alternative brands because this post is just complete. China is doing a great job.


  22. I never seen these alternatives on the market, all I noticed was Lego. Gudi looks like Lego. All these alternatives are more cheaper than Lego right? 

    Feleph also looks like Lego. I understand it’s nothing immoral about these alternatives, but I guess it brings discomfort to Lego fans, well some I think, and except you. 🙂 

  23. Wow. You really got me with this article. 

    Over 2 weeks is my boy’s birthday and I want to give him a gift. He loves lego toys but he doesn’t have much because my budget is too limited for the price of an original Lego toy.
    These alternative lego brands are perfect and I think every parent can afford it. After all, our child does not differentiate between an alternative lego brand and an original lego. Besides, I find it very qualitative, maybe better than the others.

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing article and explanation given. Wish you all the best! 

    • Hi! I have tons of original Legos, and a couple of fake Lego sets – you really can not tell the major difference, they are by its means basically the same.


      Primoz P.

  24. It is true that LEGO is a huge and popular brand, but there are so many ideas that can be covered. That is why it is seemingly easy for other brands in the same industry to get their own market share. To an extent, alternatives are even encouraged because they create competition and competition push these brands to bring the very best to the consumers.

    Besides, these brands offer very interesting alternatives (think QWKZ).

    Great post👍

  25. Wow, you really went all-in with this review and best guide to alternatives to the Lego brand toys! I had to bookmark as it was more that I could absorb in one reading. There are some really nice brands out there and I will likely be buying my youngest grandson a Lego copy set for his birthday.

    They all look acceptable to me, and I have no heartburn using a copy of Lego since I have spent so much on Lego toys over the years, time to save some money! What is the delivery time on these brands from China? Have you had any problems receiving them (i.e. Customs, damage, etc.)? Answers will help me decide on what to do, so thanks! 

    • Hi! To answer you: I received everything I ordered up to date, and everything was there,unharmed, no pieces were missin, oposite- there few as areserve parts. Shipping varies- some sets came in 3 weeks, overall ot takes abput 5 weeks, sometimes deleivery time is 2 months, there isn’t a rule about it.


      Primoz P.

  26. Thanks a lot for this information, I always felt Knock Off was a brand of its own. Never knew it was an imitation from another brand – Lego. The way you celebrate Lego and her originality makes me want to check her out and see her various themes and functionality. But amidst all, I still stand with Sluban.Thanks a lot for this information, I always felt Knock Off was a brand of its own. Never knew it was an imitation from another brand – Lego. The way you celebrate Lego and her originality makes me want to check her out and see her various themes and functionality. But amidst all, I still stand with Sluban.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful article. I really liked your article. To be honest, You will be surprised to know that I didn’t even know there were so many alternative brands to Lego games. I have been a fan of Lego. Now I learned so much information about Lego Alternative Brands. Thanks for the information.

  28. Hi There,

    It’s quite remarkable what types of lego are available these days and your sure to do well with this. I’m keen on kids been happy at Christmas so I can imagine the kids opening up their presents and seeing a big box of lego tanks and guns it really is something kids would love. I’m going to book mark this page it’s unique and doesn’t just give me gift ideas it shows me what I didn’t know.

    In Friendship


  29. Although Lego cubes are a well-known generation of children around the world, the company itself has best shared notes in the last ten years. About a year ago, Brand Finance consulting firm declared Lego the strongest brand in the world. Here is another of the world’s largest manufacturers, Ferrari, which in the first half of last year Lego emerged from US competitor Mattel and took over the position of the world’s largest player manufacturer.


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