Lego dots bracelet - the best DIY bracelet

Lego Dots Bracelet – The Best DIY Bracelet?

It was in the middle of an April when I was in the store shopping for groceries. Of course all shopping stores now offer beside groceries thousands of other, unnecessary stuff. And of course one of them are toys.

I am not saying toys are unnecessary stuff, I love them and I always stop at the toys section, I meant unnecessary as in consumer’s point of view – basically the essential thing is to buy food. But store owners know what to do and they of course put at the entrance section with toys, consumer technology etc.

I don’t want to go too far how stores work, anyway I was looking toys when I saw Lego dots bracelet little set. It was very cute and I knew instantly that it would fit my daughter – on her hand and after its DIY content.

Funny as it is I know everything Lego will or would launch, but somehow I neglected to me unknown themed names like Dots.

Of course, I bought it and presente

With my son on city center hike with Dots bracelet on

d to my daughter what is behind it, and she was so enthusiastic about it and designed/built it as how she wanted to. My son was looking at her and decided that he needs a Dots bracelet for himself as well.

Do you think he got it? The answer is yes, and they still wear it on special occasions like going into city center or some special place.

It is such a great, cheap and unique idea Lego made, that I have to write an article about it. This article “Lego Dots bracelet the best DIY bracelet” tells about Lego dots theme overall, why is it good and presents other cool and DIY Dots sets as well.

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Lego Dots bracelet sets

Lego Dots bracelets come in 5 versions:

  1. Rainbow bracelet
  2. Funky animals’ bracelet
  3. Sparkly Unicorn bracelet
  4. Cosmic wonder bracelet
  5. Love Birds BraceletLego dots bracelet - the best DIY bracelet

Every bracelet set is packed in the bag with same dimensions, and contains a bracelet and 1×1 flat tiles. Every bag of each bracelet has its own motive.

I bought my children Funky animals’,Sparkly unicorn and Love birds

About Dots bracelets

Now lets dig into this whole idea behind Dots – and it is just an awesome idea the Lego could’ve thought about.

I’ll put like this – Lego has themes and almost all sets that come with instructions, which are essential because maybe just few or rather none people could build a huge set from scratch without instructions.

Dots idea is to boost children’s imagination to pour their idea onto a bracelet, which can be as well-worn. My daughter and son attached “dots” on bracelet as how they have wanted, and you the result? They were absolutely astonished when they figure out how cool and unique a bracelet could look if they build or DIY it.

Lego dots bracelet - the best DIY bracelet
Attach any “dot” you want

Pretty cool isn’t it?

How does Lego Dots bracelet look like?

Want to know where “Dots” expression comes from? Well dots are basically 1×1 flat tiles you attach on the bracelet, and tell me is there any other as good expression as dots is?Lego dots bracelet - the best DIY bracelet

Before I counted all 5 Dots versions. So they differ in bracelet color and dots color or by tile images.

Every bracelet bag has a bracelet and 33 tiles in.

Every Dots bag has different bag color, bracelet color and tiles have own color and images.

Rainbow bracelet has a blue bracelet and tiles or dots have images of a rainbow, clouds and water themed dots.

Funky animals’ bracelet has a pink bracelet and tiles have images of a cat, bunny, paws and other tiles.

Sparkly Unicorn bracelet has a purple bracelet, tiles have images of unicorn, stars and other beautiful unicorn themed tiles.

Cosmic Wonder bracelet has a black bracelet, tiles have images of starts, planets and cosmic themed tiles.

Love birds Bracelet has a green bracelet, and tiles have images of parrots and “tropical” themed tiles.Lego dots bracelet - the best DIY bracelet

Tile shapes are either round, square or a quarter of a circle.

Why are Lego Dots bracelets the best DIY bracelets for kids?

I am talking based on my opinion and my experiences.

In the past couple years my daughter received either birthday or Christmas gifts with DIY concept bracelet a lot. And you know those DIY bracelet kits are not so easy to assemble. I remember Rainbow Loom, where you had to knit rubber bands on this special tool. Finished bracelets were pretty, but time you had to invest just to figure out how to knit for a specific pattern. My daughter was very young back then and I knitted just about 4 or 5 bracelets and than I put the set in the corner and never looked back. Too much to do.

And of course there are other methods that you must either put some colorful rings on a string, or where you must fold shoelace in the exact order to get a bracelet – everything is too complicated for me. OK I know girls have more patience for this, but as I remember everyone that created a DIY bracelet, only made 1 or 2 and never looked back to make another one.

Well Dots is much simple, and you make a bracelet very quick. And when you are bored by the look, you just deattach all tiles and make new one. After a while you forget about a bracelet, but after a while you take it back and it becomes interesting and you make a new bracelet looks. What I am trying to say is, that it is a Lego – Lego never gets old.

Lego dots bracelet - the best DIY bracelet
You can bend it as much as you want but tiles will not fall off

That is why I proudly refer Lego Dots bracelet as the best DIY bracelet.

Other Lego Dots sets

Lego dots doesn’t and with bracelets but there are couple more cool sets they have to offer. One of them is a bag with 109 different tiles for upgrading basic Dots bracelet. And it is very cheap as well, I believe it costs like a minifigure in a bag, couple of dollars.

The second and very cute as well little set is Animal picture holders. Basically you get a plastic tray with drawers inside and of course Lego parts in. And you can build three cute animals like a bunny, cat and a dog. Well at least I think that these are animals’, maybe they are a dog, bear and a cat. Anyway they very cute and likable.

The third thing Dots has to offer is Rainbow jewelry stand. And what you do is you build a stand according to instructions and than you do and attach dots or tiles anywhere you want to. And the best feature – it is stand for jewelry.

The last but not least – Pineapple pencil holder. You get a slice of a water melon ( paper clip holder) as well. Beautiful and very useful as well.


I was really surprised at Lego dots, I mean something so simple, so basic, but has and carries huge value. Bracelet. Just simple, beautiful, colored and minimalist bracelet. What else can we ask for? Once again Lego – bravo!

With my son on a city center hike with “Dots” bracelet on

if you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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