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Lego Friends Mia’s House ( 41369 ) Review – One Of The Best Lego Friends Sets

Recently, me and my kids went to Lego store, to look out if anything new arrived in our country. My son choose Lloyd’s titan mech ( which is not the best titan mech to be honest), my daughter is only for Friends theme, and she at first wasn’t sure if there is any set that is good enough for her ( she is very picky when the subject is picking a proper toy)

So after an hour or so, she was finally convinced that Mia’s house will suit her best. I had some coupons, and the sum of both sets was $ 150 ( Mia’s house was about 65-70$, and Lloyd’s titan mech was about 80-85$, I paid with EUROS, because we live in Europe and the sum was 135 Euros).

Of course when we came home I had to help my children to assemble both sets. The first on menu was Lloyd’s titan mech, it took us with my son about two hours, and after that Mia’s house was on the clock.

Lloyd’s titan mech didn not convinced me to be something extra good, but Mia’s house became after assemble my number 1. Lego friends set.

That is why I decided to write a post “Lego friends Mia’s house review”, to convince you that it is a very good set and of course to explain you details, if you are not sure whether buying it or not. So let’s begin.


What Is In The Box ?

Lego friends Mia's house review
The first bag was already in an assemble mode

So the box is quite big – of course it is it contains 715+pieces, which is quite a bit to assemble.

OK so when we tore a side on the box 6 bags of pieces fell out with instructions – this isn’t just a booklet, it is definitely a big book of instructions with 188 pages of instructions.

Plus, like with a lot of Lego sets, there are stickers included with this set as well – let children have some fun sticking stickers on bricks, why not.

Bags are not so huge, but when look close at them, you can see that every bag contains big pieces, and includes 1 or 2 more smaller bags inside a bag with small, mostly 1 by 1 different pieces – of course assembling a set shouldn’t take you just 15 minutes, where would be then the first and the most educable part of assembling together bricks?



Bag no. 1

So with bag no. 1 the whole sets stars – obviously.

First things you assemble is Mia and a horse, grey beautiful horse.

After that, you have to assemble a well, that is independent and not waiting to be attached with the house.

Then, the house begins – the first thing you assemble is Lego firends Mia's house review

kitchen, and this kitchen is so beautiful, take a look on the picture – it has beautiful white and green tiles, with white drawers, that could actually be pulled out, and every drawer has either knives or forks.

Beside that there an oven with a stove, a sink and what I think is Lego friends Mia's house review

mixer or blender with cherries inside. So overall beautiful and functional kitchen to play with.

I must not forget – there is quite a big kitchen set of pans and dishes.

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Bag no. 2

Bag no. 2 doesn’t have any special particular feature, you Lego firends Mia's house review

upgrade kitchen are with another “room” or “space” with an entrance with very beautiful door front, that I can only dream about it have real one at my house.


Bag no. 3

Bag no. 3 starts with Mia’s parents, Ann and Angus.Lego firends Mia's house review

Then you start to assembling a backyard of a house on an entrance side, and you assemble a big rock with wooden stairs coming up to first floor, and after that you assemble what I like to call a “picnic” table with chairs, that is not a part of the house, and is very likeable.

Bag no. 4

Bag no 4. starts to build up your upper floor with a bathroom.

Now bathroom is rather small, but big enough for a Lego set. Toilet is just awesome, like a real one. Bathroom has its own doors, of course, and it is positioned as the last room on upper floor, above an entrance area.Lego firends Mia's house review

Next to bathroom is an entrance with a porch ( wooden stairs leads to upper porch).



Bag no. 5Lego firends Mia's house review

In bag no. 5 you build the last upper room, and to be honest, I am not sure what kind of room that is. it could be a small office, or maybe a play room, I don’t, but

Lego firends Mia's house review

what I do know is that on the outside of this room, there is climbing wall, that you can open to go inside this room, so it is an extra entrance, or a window,


whatever suit you fine.


Bag no. 6lego friends mia's house review

Bag no. 6 finishes the house – first you build a bed above play room with a ladder, and then you just finish with a roof. Roof is made from 4 different roof parts, and each roof moves.




So if we put together – we built the most beautiful house with two floors, a beautiful porch on the first floor, beautiful roof, a climbing wall, that opens and a figure can enter into a playroom. Backyard has a big rock with wooden stairs that reach upper porch.Lego friends Mia's house review

There a re three minifigures included, Mia, Ann and Angus, a horse and a rabbit.

There is also a well and a picnic table with chairs, and they are both independent builds.

There is though one thing, and probably the essential thing I forgot to write about – a look of the house! Yes walls, colors, small things that make this house look perfect. The whole outside look of the house is just perfect, and that is it!

lego friends mia's house review

The house itself has one side missing ( wall to be more precisely), but hey – it is a Lego set, it is meant for children to play with the house. So on the outside, you look at the dream house, but when you turn it, you have open rooms, with very functional interior, and playable as well of course, and those facts with the price not over $70, makes my rating 10 out of 10.



If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.




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