lego marvel thanos mech review

Lego Marvel Thanos Mech Review

Just the other day I promised my children to buy them some Lego sets, for each of my children for maximum of $50. My daughter went for a Ninjago green ninja dragon mech ( I thought she wanted a Friends set, but she saw a Ninjago movie in she fell in love with green ninja dragon mech ), and my son choose Molten man battle ( spider man set) and a brand new Thanos mech set ( he insisted that I have to be fair – if my daughter chose a 50$ set, he can then choose more than one set, a total sum of $50 ).

So I already write a review post of a Molten man battle set ( you can read it if you want to, just click here), and now I must write a review about Thanos mech set. Do you want to know why? Well it is very cool little mech, and totally worth of your money ( it costs just bit over $10), and I can’t recall if there was any Lego mech that came so cheap.

If you don’t know who Thanos is, then I suggest you to watch Marvel’s Avengers Infinity war and Endgame, and you will see this cruel, smart toughest villain in the universe, well Marvel interpretation of the Universe. My son loves him, but not because he is mean, but because of his super powers.

So  keep reading further, it is truly worthy little Lego set.


The box set is pretty small. When you open it there is instructions and you can’t believe – three numbered little bag filled with mostly 1×1, 2×1 and 3×1 marvel thanos mech review

It felt weird, because just before assembling Thanos mech I built a Molten man battle set, and Molten man battle set contains almost 300 pieces, and it was wrapped in only two numbered bags, meanwhile Thanos mech has about 150, so a half of all parts comparing to Molten man battle set, and there were three numbered bags, pretty strange, I must say.

An Assemble

Like I said before there are three numbered bags in this set.

In the first bag you build just a body, with Thanos themed chest armor, and it looks stunning. It took me about 5 minutes to build the first marvel thanos mech review

In the second bag you add on a body both legs and a right arm with a hand and four fingers ( thank god they are not claws).lego marvel thanos mech review

The third bag completes the whole mech – legs are completely assembled and you get the left arm with a hand – infinity marvel thanos mech review

There is also a Thanos minifigure included, but I think it is Thanos form comic con, than form a movie, at least I think so.

Couple Of Things You Need To Know About Thanos Mech

Now I want to describe everything you need to know about this mech.

The Mech’s body

Mech’s body is pretty simple – it has got the waist belt like all super heroes tend to have, and it is golden as well with golden buckle in the middle. Upper body has of course back, and the front has a moving golden shield – very Thanos like shield. It moves just a little, so a Thanos minifigure can be put inside.

The Mech’s legs

Legs are bitten strange to be honest. They have all three joints, which is very unusual for a Lego mech, because a lot of Lego’s mechs have only two joints – one in the pelvis and another one for an ankle. A day earlier I wrote about Molten man’s legs in Molten man battle review, and I pointed out, that I understand why Lego is making mechs with just two joints – it is all because of stability, and Molten man has more of a knee joint, and is very unstable, most of the time.

Thanos mech on the other hand has no problems with all three joints to maintain stability. Lego use in Thanos mech other joint bricks comparing to Molten man. Lego uses a 2×1 joint brick, and this brick is perfect for stability, it doesn’t get to lose for a long time playing with it, but eventually they get lose, but not as fast other 2×2 joint brick with a 2×2 joint.

Legs aren’t attached on body, but there is an extra part you insert on the bottom of the body, and I believe is from bionicle theme of Lego. This part has room for three joints, but of course you need two ( legs ). There is a bug, or what I thought it would cause a bug – it is rather fully rotatable, like a propeller, and I thought that it cause problems. But Lego pulled it off, it doesn’t cause bugs during play time.

The Mech’s arms

Arms have as well three joints, and the same brick joints are used as with legs – but there is an interesting fact with that – there isn’t an elbow joint, there is a shoulder joint, upper arm joint and a hand joint.

The right hand is smaller, and has 4 fingers on, like all other Lego mechs have. Nothing special about that hand.

Left hand on the other hand, is an Infinity gauntlet one. Lego included all 5 fingers, and they are all longer than on the right hand. The right arm mocks Thanos arm with an Infinity gauntlet, so it has all 6 infinity stones on it.

Minifigure Thanos

Like I mentioned before, I think that Lego redid Thanos from Avengers comic book, because he is dressed in the same pattern like in a comic book. He has an awesome helmet on as well, and has an angry face, so he really looks like mean and majestic.

lego marvel thanos mech review

Review of Lego’s Thanos Mech

Price: About 10-15 $ ( I paid 12 Euros )

Number of parts: 152

Best place to buy: AMAZON

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

The whole Thanos mech overall is great. It is maybe the cheapest mech that Lego has to offer, and we are talking about Marvel here, and you all know that if you want to make toys after some brand you must pay for rights to do that. And Marvel sells rights for astronomic price. And paying just a bit over 10$ is fantastic.

What bothers me the most are unequal hands and unequal number of fingers – why did they put 4 fingers on right hand and then 5 fingers on left hand is a riddle, we will never find out.

Because of that I can’t give this set a 5 out of 5 rating, but I believe 4,5 is still great and big pro and recommendation for you to buy it.

There are more sets Lego offers – they as well offer Iron man mech and Spider man mech, they practically the same with small differences, but still great stuff, I tell you.


Lego is improving from year to year, but they were improving since their beginning. They are truly amazing – in year 2020 you can expect a lot of new Marvel sets, and they are all really amazing, I will definitely buy a lot of them, of course when they will be released – and write reviews for every each and everyone.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply,


Primoz P.

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