Lego Mindstorms Review – Make Your Own Robot

Product: Lego Mindstorms

Price: 349,95 $

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My ratings: 9 of 10

Everybody that came across Lego at some time in his/her life must admit there is nothing like Lego, am I right? So you all know how Legos look like, how sets look like, how easy is to follow instructions etc. But what Lego does better than other building bricks companies is their development and progress in their sets, modern design, proper themes, innovations and list goes on.

I must admit that I’m huge fan of Legos, I think that 90% of time me playing was with legos. I decided to take a look at one of their themes and write a Lego mindstorms review. If you don’t know what Lego mindstorms is please read further more.

What Is A Lego Mindstorms ?

So Lego mindstorms is the most proper STEM toy ( Stem toy – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ). Lego stepped into the field of robotics for kids, and made Mindstorms set. So basically it’s a set that you build a robot, programmed and control your robot. Now before I dig into Lego mindstorms just a couple of words about history of Lego mindstorms. So the first generation wasn’t Leo mindstorms but it was named Lego RCX – robotics invention system, it was launched in 1988. The second generation was named Lego mindstorms NXT and it was launched in 2006. There are a couple upgrades to this set – Lego mindstorms NXT educational version and Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 ( 2009 ).

Third generation, and of course the best version of mindstorms, and the one I’ll write a review about it – Lego Mindstorms EV3, launched in 2013.

About a Lego Set

Lego mindstorms comes in the box obviously, in the box there disposable plastic bags with Lego pieces inside – that is a bit disappointing because 1st generation of Mindstorms ( originally is RCX – but we all know what I’m talking about) came with storage trays which very essential for sorting pieces.

Instructions are included for the feature robot and are very easy step by step instructions ( like all Lego instructions are ). Set includes:

  • 550 + Lego pieces
  • Brain brick
  • Color sensor
  • Touch sensor
  • IR sensor
  • Remote control ( IR )

Brain brick is the most important piece ( and looking through prices the most expensive piece – it’s worth about 250 dollars ) because it runs the whole robot. It contains a slot for micro SD, Bluetooth, WiFi and micro USB port ( for charging ).

Bricks aren’t classic Lego but Lego technic, so studdless bricks.

About Software EV3

So first thing you do is that you download EV3 software app ( software for Lego Mindstorms ). That you run it – EV3 software is fantastic, easy to handle. The platform has instructions for 5 feature robots and 12 additional robots, all from one set- pretty awesome. After you choose a robot ( I guess for all firs timers the robot that’s on the box will be build ) you dig into programming your robot.

Now programming isn’t as tough as you imagine, I know when I hear that something needs to be programmed, I get cold feet and back off as soon as I can, but in this case, is so simplistic, you can not do anything wrong. You just insert orders, one after another to programmed your robot for mission. You can even look a video on this platform of what is robot doing in that mission you choose, so thumbs up for their approach for programming.

Pro’s And Cons

I will not lie to you, Lego Mindstorms has flaws as well. There are a lot of good stuff I admit, I’m a huge Lego fan but there some things that just should be done better. So first I will write my pros and then cons


  • It is the best Lego Mindstorms set
  • Lego is always fun to build
  • Good instructions for younger ones
  • Best stem toy for technology and engineering
  • Software is easy to understand
  • Aproach for programming is as well easy to follow and to programmed of course
  • You can build, programmed and run 12 different robots
  • If you have any Lego technic sets from before, you can use pieces for Mindstorms
  • Endless fun for children and adults
  • Even the fact that Lego Mindstorms EV3 was launched in 2013, you can control your robot with devices that have android, ios or windows platform
  • You can get an expansion sets for some upgrades


  • It’s quite expensive set- it starts with a price of 350 dollars, the most expensive piece is brain brick because it’s basically a whole computer and it’s about 250 dollars
  • Basic Lego brick is 2 by 4 stood brick, but unfortunately this set has stoodles bricks so are can not attach like classic Legos, are are attached with pins and axles
  • Box doesn’t contain storage trays
  • Using app for programming can bug and freeze
  • Remote control is; I admit, awful. First of all, you build your robot, you can programmed it and control it with a smart device, so an IR remote control is unnecessary. Beside that it’s an IR – basically you can control it on short distance. And the lest thing about remote control – it has 5 buttons, no left or right, just push the button. So remote control is useless and you can throw it away

Final Thoughts

I’ve pointed out a lot of pros and couple of cons. But in overall review it’s a very good choice to have. Just think how learning in stem fields and having great fun is good for children. They enjoy in building it, and then are learn some basics of programming, and are programmed it by their selves and control it, just imagine how proud would that make them, knowing are did it by themselves. Go for it! I don’t believe it’s a hazardous thing, no ifs, it’s a stunning toy/device you must have. I have it, and I’m very glad that I’ve purchased it.

If you have any questions about it, any suggestions, or you want to write a comment please do and I will be happy to reply,


Primoz P.

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  2. Thank you for sharing with us this interesting review on Lego Mindstorms. We are in the world of technology and many people are interested in it.Robot is the word which can be searched many times a day because people are interested in robots too.Why our children could not enter the same world?I found Lego Mindstorm very good as it will help our kids enter the new world through games and we all know that the good way of learning is learning by doing especially through games.

    I wish I get money to buy this toy for my son.It seems enjoyable.

    • It is really enjoyable toy plus you get to learn a lot of programming and coding with easy child friendly approach.




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