lego molten man battle review

Lego Molten Man Battle Review

Just the other day I promised my children, if they behave with honors, I would buy them Lego sets for price range about 50 Euros. They actually behaved stunning so I had no choice – I took them to Lego shop ( Lego sets is always their first option of a choice) to choose Lego sets.

I thought daughter would reach for a Friends theme, no, she wanted a Ninjago green ninja dragon mech, my sunny on the other hand knew already what he wanted – Molten man set ( Spider man far from home movie based Lego set ), and when he saw a price comparing to green ninja dragon mech – he insisted that he has a right to choose another set, but for a price that a sum of them both even out with green ninja dragon mech, so he chooses Marvel’s Thanos robot mech, but I will write a post about it in my next post. I had to write a review about Molten man, and because, well, to be honest, it is not the most perfect creature adapted from a movie with Lego, it has its pros and cons. Now let’s begin!

The Box

Basically the picture on the box shows an appearance of the whole set – all three mini figures and the Molten molten man battle review

When you open the box, a booklet with instructions and two numbered bags fall out of the box.

Now this was rather new to me – only two bags? If that is so, then looking for a particular pieces would extend building it. And I was right. After I finished with Molten man I started to build Thanos mech, and it had 3 numbered bags, and it has at least just a third of pieces than Molten man has so, yeah, very weird.

Let’s Start To Build!

So the whole building goes in two parts. Both bags are filled with Lego parts, and it took me at least half of an hour to build the first part ( to be honest I could build it much faster, but I was really tired from all the work I had these days – December is a pain in the ass month).

So first bag assemble gives you two mini figures – a new suit spiderman and a fireman. Molten man at this stage has a full body with both molten man battle review

The second bag completes Molten man and gives you the third mini figure – Mysterio!

So the whole assembling took me couple minutes more of than an molten man battle review

Something About Molten Man

Do you remember the movie? When Spider man and Mysterio fight against Molten man, and then Mysterio destroys it? Do you remember its appearance? Well in Lego’s case, it isn’t the best adaption transforming Movie monster into Lego monster.

Let’s start from beginning – Molten man basic color is Grey and translucent orange. Now Grey is imitating a lava getting cold – a becoming of a rock, and translucent orange shows lava, or a fire, well you know how Molten man looks like. In this case, how Lego choose colors and how arrange those two colors over a Molten man, they did it with excellence.

Molten man’s face

Head is something that they shouldn’t be very proud of – it is this Lego part that Lego uses for Hulkbusters head or Venom’s head from Spiderman mech vs. Venom mech set. And it is printed with Molten man’s head, but it is very inaccurate, I mean if you watched movie, you could sense a head with a face, but not more than mouth and eyes, and even they were fiery and smokey, so basically in movie, Molten man’s head is more or less blurry, and I would expect Lego to do the same, but still they made Molten man’s face too detailed, which is something, that makes a con, at least in my opinion.

Molten man’s legslego molten man battle review

Moving along, now we’ve mentioned brick colors and its face, now we have to discuss about its body. So the whole body and legs are quite nicely designed, it is Lego’s style body, that Lego makes used to make mechs – it is practically the same, but in this case they didn’t use leg joints like with other mechs ( other mech have joints at the pelvis and ankle, they don’t use knee joints), they used joints as well in pelvis, and knee joint ( or maybe an ankle, but it is very high, in the middle of the leg, so I’d rather say it is the knee joint). Do you wonder why I’m I telling you this?

Well let’s put it in this way – now I understand why Lego isn’t using joints where knees are in their mech. The answer is very simple – playing with it, make joints too loose, and when they get too loose, they aren’t stable anymore, therefore it start to fall all the time eventually.

In my case ( well in my son’s case ), it started to fall after a couple of minutes of playing. You can easily make Molten man stand, but if you move it just a bit, its legs spread and it falls down. So now I understand Lego system where to put joints in a leg – no mech has problems falling because of joints – that is why because almost all mech don’t have knee joints.

Molten man’s arms

Now that we covered color theme, face and legs, we can move to arms. They are fully movable, they move nicely, arms are a big pro in my case. So the right hand has a huge palm with four fingers and orange claws -somehow I don’t understand claws but hey, it can grab and hold a minifigure – and something like that is a win when boys are playing with it, although in the reality if a Molten man would grab a person, a person would melt or get burned to death.

Left arm has the same arm, but instead of a hand with fingers, its hand is a gun that can shoot 6 1×1 stud brick from it. It’s rather new system for firing. It is a wheel, that has smaller wheel side with 6 slots in a circle. In straight center, you attach a piece that stays still ( a wheel and a 6 slot magazine both spin). And because it stays steel, and the wheel spins, brick studs shoot. Seems pretty senseless describing it, but when you handle it, you can see it is pretty simple and very original, if I may add.

But BE AWARE! This can can shoot brick studs very fast, I think my sunny already lost all original shooting studs from this set, now we are using whatever we find in our storage Lego molten man battle review

Details attached on Molten man

So to make a Molten man more real, Lego decided to add some extra stuff on Molten man, so it would mock an appearance of a liquid melting creature, that melts everything on its way, and things got stuck on it.

It is very beautifully made, to be honest – on the fight right hand they stuck like an iron stick or a steel fence from the street, and on the same arm there is a traffic light with a green sign that has ” KRATER RD” on it, personally it is my favorite thing that got bit molten and got stuck while Molten ma was roaming down the street.

On the right side of the body there is almost the whole car melted inside Molten man, with just a car hood sticking out of it. on the back Molten man has the same steel fence sticking out.

Left arm has a stop sign sticking out and a street lamp on the right hand.

Through his body it has attached three orange sticks, that I guess mock lava drips of a Molten man.

Beside those three lava drips, everything else is very beautifully designed. Those three lava drips more or less spoil the whole movement because legs are keep kicking them, and while child is playing with a Molten man, it just bugs a lot – I had reattached them couple of minutes after assemble – my son got annoyed and frustrated so I had to put them down.

About Minifigures

Spiderman, Mysterio, Fire fighter

I wanted to stop with and tell something about minifigures. Spider man has a great new appearance of a Grey-black outfit, like he is using it in a movie. And it is very detailed – I love it because Spider man always had a blue-red outfit, and it seems to me like he is trying to drag attention, with this new suit, he is totally molten man battle review

Mysterio is the most perfect interpretation of a movie Mysterio. I read some posts about this set, and a lot of them point out that it is not the same outfit like in a movie – I don’t see it in that way – it has all appearance characteristics like in a movie, well maybe except this golden shield through his chest, and that is it.

Mysterio has as well transparent helmet/bulb on his head – that is new from Lego, but under it there is head, but it doesn’t have a face, instead of that mysterio’s head is, well, Grey! Now I know, that it doesn’t matter, because Lego tried to make a special effect – like in a movie, where mysterio’s bulb/helmet has a Grey smoke or something inside, well Lego has done there great job.

Fire fighter is an unnecessary extra minifigure – I can’t recall if in a movie was some special fire fighter with a roll, and it is not good-looking as well – so basically nothing special.


Price: 24 – $40

Number of parts : 295+

Best place to buy ( for 24$ ): AMAZON

My review: 3,5 out of 5

So overall Molten man battle set from Lego is a good playable set comparing to a price. The real reviewers are definitely children. While I, as an adult ( well I’m an adult and a father) am complaining about its appearance and how to not do some things, my son has a completely different view about it. And I will tell you why I ( or him ) didn’t give Molten am a 5 out of 5 molten man battle review

When he is playing ( my son – all the time ), there is always a “daddy” call, and 90% of the time is because Molten man can’t keep its balance and is always falling down. And of course I re stable it, pull legs together, and tilt it so it can stand by itself, After couple of minutes there it is again “daddy” call. So again I go to check what is wrong – yep, it felt again.

But he loves it, no matter what – a giant creature, melting, which makes it highly dangerous and life threatening – boys will be boys and they love it.

So the content, pure content, what they represent, is I guess one of the most awesome things they ever heard – Molten man.

If Lego would do something about legs, then I would definitely give Molten man battle set at least 4,5 review.


I’m reviewed it from how I see this set, and listening what my son has to say about it while playing.

If you have a boy, that loves fighting, robots, mechs, than he will love it, please don’t buy it if you have a daughter – they don’t like it, they hate it – I have a daughter, and I asked how she feels about Molten man, she just replied with “it’s disgusting, I can’t understand how Nick can like it!”.

If you have a question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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