lego ninjago golden mech review

Lego Ninjago Golden Mech Review – The Best Ninjago Mech So Far

Recently I’ve decided to go to store and buy toys for my children to surprise them. I already knew what my daughter wanted so I got her stuffed toy – a bunny (she is almost 7 years old and she has a massive stuffed toy collection, and she’s been collecting them basically since she was born).

My son on the other hand ( he is almost 5) doesn’t like stuffed toys too much, rather than any toys he loves to play with Lego. Ninjago and Superheroes are his favorite Lego themes. He already has quite big collection of Ninjago sets, couple of sets were so good I actually wrote a review about them:

Lego Ninjago Lloyd’s titan mech review

Lego Ninjago Green ninja dragon mech review

So I was looking in Lego section and Golden mech caught my attention. It costs about 35$ which is just a half price of Lloyd’s titan mech ( I want to show you a small comparison, because Lloyd’s titan mech is quite massive, and not so good to play with if we consider from child’s experience as it is quite sturdy, too big and not very movable, but the design of it is just brilliantly awesome)

At the end I bought Golden Mech for my son, and he was really happy, and told that he saw it before in some store and wanted it (well he kind a want a lot of stuff, not just Lego sets).

After we assembled it and manipulate with for a short time I was really surprised with it because in my opinion it is probably one of the best if not the best Lego mech I ever put my hands on. I knew I will have to write a post review “Lego Ninjago Golden mech review – the best Ninjago Mech so far” and describe everything you need to know about it.

Unboxing the Golden mech

The box is not so big like Lloyd’s Titan mech was, but the price is just a half comparing it to Lloyd’s Titan ninjago golden mech review

There are 4 numbered bags inside with instructions of course, and a small set of stickers ( which actually great because I don’t like too much sticking stickers on bricks – it just irritates me)

Building the Golden mech

So assemble is ongoing in four sections – every numbered bag at the time.

Before, I continue to describe how assemble is taking place I want to talk about minifigures in this set. There are four minifigures in it and those minifigures are: Golden Ninja Lloyd, Sensei Wu, General Kozu and Stone Army Scout. Now Golden ninja Lloyd and Sensei Wu are well-known, but General Kozu and Stone army Scout are something new I don’t really know about them anything. General Kozu looks like even more raged Garmadon with his four arms, that is all I can tell you about them.

Bag number 1

Bag number one gives you at first Golden Ninja and Sensei ninjago golden mech review

Then you start to build a body of a Golden mech. It is a very similar body to Lloyd’s titan mech’s body only that it is bitten smaller. There are some Technic pieces included in it. lego ninjago golden mech review

Front shield can open and overall it is a very beautiful design. I forgot to tell you that colors of a Mech are of course golden, white color is the most frequent and there are some gray pieces included as well.

Bag number 2

bag number 2 gives legs, but without ankles. There are no minifigures in this ninjago golden mech review

Let’s touch Golden mech’s legs a bit. This mech actually has like a real leg three joints – pelvis are, knee area and ankle area, which a lot of you guys know that it is not that common for a Lego mech that it has all three joint. In most cases Lego’s mechs have just two joint areas- pelvis and ankle, I guess the reason for that is a stability of Mech so they don’t fall all the time.

Thank god that’s not the case with Golden mech – it has all three joints, and the best part of that fact is that it keeps its stability and has wheel protectors on its ankle so it can post on his knees, look at the picture – it is one the best features that mech has.

Bag number 3

Bag number 3 gives us chubby ankles – they are true much too big and chubby but I believe there is a reason to that – I am sure that is because it needs to keep its stability, and it does that with ninjago golden mech review

Beside chubby samurai ankles there are General Kozu and Stone Army Scout minifigures in this bag.

Bag number 4

4th bags sums up an assemble. This bag gives us arms, samurai sword, Kasa and golden sword ninjago golden mech review

Arms have two joints – shoulder and elbow joint. There isn’t any hand joint, but don’t worry you don’t need one to be honest – arms are very movable and enough to manipulate with them as you ( kid) ninjago golden mech review

Sword is huge ( like Lloyd’s titan mech’s is) and looks awesome in Golden mech’s arms.

You attach a huge Kasa to cover an operator in this Mech – and with huge I mean like a really huge Kasa, that I never saw before with Lego sets.

Lloyd’s titian mech has its own detachable flyer with 6 green translucent wings on its back, Golden mech doesn’t have its own flyer on its back, but it has some sort of golden sword wings o0n its back – it looks good and within its ninjago golden mech review

And there it is – an awesome fully operating and movable gold and white mech with huge sword in its hand and a huge Kasa on its head – brilliant Mech!

Review of the Golden mech

Price: 35-40$

The Best place to buy: AMAZON

Number of parts:489+

My rating: 5 out of 5 ( the first perfect Lego Mech)lego ninjago golden mech review


  • it is a very cheap set comparing it to other potential mech sets
  • fully movable mech
  • awesome minifigures
  • great huge Kasa
  • very beautiful design
  • better than Lloyd’s titan mech
  • beautiful colored theme (white and golden)
  • Huge samurai sword ( or Katana)
  • more usable features than other Lego mechs


  • To be honest I really can’t think of any

Like I said before Lego ninjago golden mech is my personally favorite Lego’s mech so far. I will explain why do I think it is the ninjago golden mech review

First of all price- it costs only 35$ – I have bought lot of mechs in recent year, and if we consider how much you have to pay for a proper mech set and compare the price to Golden mech price – you realize that Golden mech’s price is unbeatable.

Lloyd’s Titan mech’s price was about 65-70$ – now Golden mech’s price is about 35$, so about a half of Lloyd’s titan mech price and you get basically much better, smaller and fully movable and playful samurai mech. Beside that it looks unique and is very beautiful.

War machine Mech carries the same price, and the mech itself is great, but is less movable than Golden mech, and it as well doesn’t have knee joints as Golden mech – therefore is less stable and quite clumsy.

Also, if you look at the photo, I must point out the same price range set, Hulkbuster smash up set. It is basically almost the same mech as a War machine – again to compare it with Golden mech – it is less stable, less movable and clumsy than Golden mech. I believe you got the right picture.

What I like about Golden mech is that arms move sleek, legs are fully movable, they have three main joints ( pelvis, knee and ankle) and with the fact it has all three major joints, it still stays still, and it is stable as Lloyd’s titan ninjago golden mech review

Huge Kasa on top of the mech is just a cherry on top of the cake, at least for me.

Minifigures are great, there are actually 4 of them, and bad guys are new ones so thumbs up for that.

My son is playing with it every day since he got it, and he is totally blown away because it can be manipulated all over. He tried to include Titan mech, but it is just too big and clumsy, so he eventually excluded it.


If you asked me, which mech to buy, I would tell you go for Golden mech, it is definitely my number 1 choice so far. If it isn’t meant for a collection but for playing, again Golden mech is a number 1 choice, believe me, your kid won’t be disappointed.

And the last but not least the price: no mech will come near according to features that Golden mech has – therefore, again, it is unbeatable in every aspect you look.

If you have any questions or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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