lego ninjago green ninja dragon mech review

Lego Ninjago Green Ninja Dragon Mech Review – Lloyd’s Dragon Mech From Lego Ninjago Movie

This is my third article/review about Lego sets, I bought together for my children about a week ago. The first review I wrote from the same purchase was Lego Molten man battle, the second one Lego Marvel Thanos mech ( a new set with a purchase date in 2020 ), and of course the least from the same purchase – Lego Ninjago green ninja dragon mech review.

If you want to read just click either: Lego Molten Man battle review or Lego Marvel Thanos mech review.

I Promised my children to buy them both Lego sets for the maximum price of 50 Euros, my daughter chose green ninja dragon mech ( it’s price was just 2 Euros under 50 Euros).

The funny part about that is I would never expect my daughter will go for a Ninjago set, especially dragon mech set- but my daughter loves dragons, so why not? I mean she already has 2 Lego elves sets ( Lego elves theme is not actual anymore – which is too bad because it was an awesome theme, and my daughter just loved it), and both sets with dragons ( I wrote a review about one, but it is a fake Lego brand Bela, but this set is awesome as hell – if you would like to check it out click here: best fake Lego brands – Bela review).

My son went for Molten man battle set, but it cost about 35 Euros, and he insisted that he can get another Lego set, but just a small one to even out Dragon mech’s price, so he chose new Marvel’s Thanos mech set, which is totally awesome and I believe it is the cheapest set, that contains decent mech with a mini figure, and the fact that it is Marvel’s theme with Thanos, is extraordinary.

Now we’re returning to Lloyd’s dragon mech review, which you came here for, so please keep reading further, I gathered all information, from assembling, to actual use/playing with it.

I kind a knew what to expect because my son already has Ninajgo’s Stormbringer dragon ( Jay’s dragon), but it always surprises me in how good and awesome Lego is and why I am still the biggest fan of a Lego.



So the box is rather huge – I don’t remember buying so long box from Lego – bigger yes, but it was never at such length, so you can just guess how happy my daughter was, seeing this huge box set – of course she knew her new dragon mech will be ninjago green ninja dragon mech review

So when I tore it, and emptied it, 4 numbered bags fell out with stickers ( almost all Lego sets have stickers, which I don’t like too much, beside there lot of small stickers – yeey for me).

Those bags were huge, so I knew instantly that 1 bag will take me more than 10 minutes, beside I already built Molten man battle set and Marvel Thanos mech before dragon mech.

So beside 4 bags packed with Lego pieces, there was as well interesting fact there – there were two booklets of instructions, the first one was really small comparing it two second, and they both have instructions for two bags – smaller booklet for bags number 1 and 2, and the bigger booklet for of course bags numbered 3 and 4.


Start Building It!

My daughter was anxious, when will I start to build it so she was really happy when I started it, she had to wait for Molten man and Thanos mech to get build before her dragon mech’s turn ( it was a mutual agreement of her and her brother, who will go first).

Bag number 1

First bag instructs you to build Lloyd – it is the same like in a Ninjago movie.

Afterwards you start to build a dragon. The first part of a dragon is build – the body, that hold both pairs of legs. This part of the body holds front ninjago green ninja dragon mech review

One another thing I must point out – before we had this dragon mech, I wondered, how the hell does fly – it doesn’t have wings, so the answer lies where I believe ribs should be – both side of a body lifts, and these very cool engines can be pulled out, so it can fly, how cool is that? Take a look at a picture and you will understand how does it “fly”.lego ninjago green ninja dragon mech review


Bag number 2

Before you continue to build a dragon mech, you first build one of the army fellow guy, apprentice of a Garmadon, with a fish lance.

Bag number two doesn’t give anything wow, just front legs and the part of the body that holds lower legs. I have to point one awesome thing about second, lower part of the body – it is connected with a joint, but to prevent too much movement of both main body parts, on both sides of a joint, there is Lego piece, that is rubbery, and when a body parts wants to move on side, the rubber part absorbs energy and stops moving, so it just moves a bit – brilliantly performed moving Lego ninjago green ninja dragon mech review


Bag number 3

Before you continue with dragon mech, you first assemble master Wu – the one and only, and he is a brother of Garmadon – very sleek.

After Master Wu you continue to build a dragon mech. Now lower legs are assembled and attached, and dragon’s tail is being assembled and attached on dragon mech’s ninjago green ninja dragon mech review

Where tail is connected to body, it has a wheel, so when you want to make tail rotate or move as you will, you just grab it your fingers and move it left and right, and the whole tail moves from one side to other side.


Bag number 4

The last bag gives you first Garmadon – very cool, very funny black fourth armed ninja – basically he is a villain.

Afterwards you continue to build and finish with a dragon mech.

You add a neck, very huge neck. And this neck has a spot where Lloyd sits and operates with dragon ninjago green ninja dragon mech review

Then you finish with this huge head of a dragon. It is nicely designed, and has big lower jaws.

And the whole dragon mech is finished!


About Dragon mech..

Now I want to discuss with you some things I found to be either a good job or a complete fail. I will start describing it from the tip of the tail through whole body with legs, and at the end I will finish it with dragon’s head. So let’s begin!

Dragon mech’s tail

So like I mentioned before I will tell you some things about it’s tail. So tail is assembled with three joints, and they are fully movable. lego ninjago green ninja dragon mech review

So basically it mocks the real tail’s movement – and you have the spinning like a wheel on the top of the lower dragon mech’s body, where is connected, and you can turn the wheel left or right and the tail pretends its movement to convince like it is the real thing waving.

The bad part of fully movement of a tail is when you left dragon alone – the tail always slips on one side – either left or right. So what I’m trying to tell you is, that maybe they made dragon mech’s tail bit to loose, and when you play with as well tail goes from one side to another, depends on how you tilt a dragon.

Dragon mech’s legs

We are going straight to legs. There aren’t any specialties to expose, they are rather fine, they have joints where legs are connected to a body, with joints that click, and you can move joints up and down and right to left – those are the best joints that Lego created for big creatures or mechs.

Another joints are where the ankle area is, but don’t worry, hey are rather tightened, so don’t have fear it would get loose – beside that you basically don’t manipulate too much with ankles, more with ninjago green ninja dragon mech

I have to mention one parts that kind bugs me, but not too much – font legs have a stud shooter on them. But in the way that when it stands like a normal dragon, they are face down, but you manipulate witha dragon and like lay him down, then stud shooters face dragon’s front. I don’t understand ti to be honest, well it is just a minor bug – children don’t care about this small anomalies, they think it is very cool that dragon can shoot studs – I mean it is awesome isn’t it?

Dragon mech’s body

Dragon mech’s body is made of two part – the one that holds upper legs and the one that holds lower legs. Now the best part, at least in my opinion, of two separate bodies is that where it is connected, there are two like a Technic parts, but they are rubber, and they prevent too much of dragon’s movement of a ninjago green ninja dragon mech

Upper body has on both sides a lift up doors, and when you lift them, you can pull engines out – like a real dragon mech – truly awesome, I admit, it was a breath taker.

Dragon mech’s head

Now lets move to the best part of a dragon mech – the head. So here is separately neck and head. Neck is connected with a body with two joints, to move up and down, and head is connected to a neck with one joint and the head movement is for left and right.

Neck has a space on the top created for green ninja to sit on to operate with a dragon mech – we are talking of course about Lloyd.

The head is made of upper jaw, that needs to be assembled, and lower jaw, that comes in one piece – its head is truly amazing and very beautiful and has a lot of details – almost perfect.

There is bad part about jaws – lower jaw, the one that is in one piece, is attached with one joint, and to be honest the worse one – lower jaws keep falling down while you manipulate/play with a dragon- this is probably the biggest con about this set.


I have nothing to discuss about minifigures – they are exact like in a movie.

lego ninjago green ninja dragon mech

My honest review

Price: 65-70 $

Best place to buy: AMAZON

Number of parts: 544

my rating: 4,5 out of 5

So if you read a post until now, you should know why I didn’t rate this dragon mech set with all 5 stars – it is because of a lower jaws that keep fall down. Other than that it is an awesome Lego set.

One year ago I bought my son Jay’s Stormbringer, and when I was building it ( it was my return to Lego – my younger son fell in love with Legos ), I thought back then wow, what an awesome dragon of Lego, I mean it was remarkable. Now, after at least 40 Lego sets build, it was again a breath ninjago green ninja dragon mech

I also had to make a size comparison of both dragons, and I thought Strombringer was enormous, but wait, dragon mech is even bigger, I believe its length is somewhere between 55 -60 centimeters, so it can really crowd up children’s table. I made shelves for my children’s Lego sets, but only for Lego sets.

if you are thinking whether buying it or no, please, do yourself a favor ( well your kid’s ), ad buy it, you won’t regret it, I promise you – and when your kid stops playing with it, if you are an adult Lego fan, you can always display it, it is that amazing ninjago green ninja dragon mech



If you have any question or a comment please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.


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