Lego ninjago Lloyd's titan mech

Lego Ninjago Lloyd’s Titan Mech – An Honest Review

Recently my son celebrated his fourth birthday. His wish, what he wants for his birthday present was of course Lego! So after singing him a birthday song, eating a cake, we dressed up and we went to the Lego shop to the go after some awesome Lego set.

First of all, he was 4 years old, but he doesn’t like to the play with Duplo anymore, he prefers Lego minifigures with swords and weapons – of course he is a boy, and playing with an army and playing war is of course something natural with boys. Not that it is a must but even I loved to the play wars with minifigures when I was a child – but I was bitten older than he is now, you know because back then, there weren’t so many Lego sets to the choose from, we lived post socialism era in Balkans region ( Slovenia to the be more specific – a neighbor country of an Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia ).

OK to the get back to the Lego store we visited – we were in search for something new – he always wanted a big huge robot made from Lego. Before that he already had Spiderman mech and Venom mech ( Lego Super Heroes Marvel Spider Mech vs. Venom )

After hour or so he finally knew what he wanted – his eyes stopped at a sight of Lloyd’s Titan Mech. Boy did he wanted that set – this set is for children that are 9 years old and more, and it is with a reason, but I will get back to the that thought later in review.

I tried to the convince him to the pick some other “light” Lego set for ages at least 6+, but he was persistent, aware the fact that it is his birthday and he has rights to the pick this set.

I backed off and bought him Lloyd’s titan mech, and now, after 2 months playing with it ( we are both playing with Lego sets – my son, and myself with my son -I’m a huge Lego fan), I’ve decided to the write a review “Lego Ninjago Lloyd’s titan mech – an honest review”, to the inform you about all details, cons and pros, and basically all facts you need to the know about this set.

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Lego Ninajgo Lloyd’s Titan Mech Unboxing

So price of the set is about $80, and it is a set released in 2019 – so it is brand new set. The set has 876 pieces, so it is quite hugeLego Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech - An Honest Review


Box is big and has 6 bags numbered from 1 to the 6. There is also a booklet of instructions with no less than 158 pages of instructions. There are also couple of stickers included. Personally I don’t understand why Lego cancel those stickers and print pictures on bricks – i always hated to the stick stickers on bricks, this is because for me is very hard to stick them properly, they always lean on a side, and they are not even with edges and in the center, so I think it would be better that Lego could eventually cancel stickers.


Building The Titan Mech

So like I said before – there 6 plastic numbered bags, and of course numbers on them mean that you build one bag of legos at a time, and of course in the right order – starting with number one, and end it with number 6.

Bag no.1

First bag opens with minifigure flyer and Lloyd and two blizzard warriors. Flyer can be played by itself or it can attach on titan mech, and they look like a titan mech could fly. Wings are movable. Very lovely minifigure flyer.


Bag no 2.Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech - An Honest Review

Here yous start to the build a body of a titan mech. You build a body from leg joints up to the shoulder joint. The front /chests of a titan has specific Lego building included, completely opposite from what I’m used to the – very impressive and brilliant result.

Bag no.3

Here you build legs, thighs, anda blizzard warrior. Legs can move back and forth, and parallel they can move to the side as well – of course any ninja owns knowledge of how to the fight.

Bag no.4

So here legs are finished. This titan mech has huge feet, seriously. Beside that, knees aren’t movable, they just bend a little – there are some Technic pieces included, to the make legs more firm.

Ankles are movable, but they aren’t to the lose – but they do get loosen eventually, if you play with titan mech a lot. But if you want them not to the move, you can mount them by turning white plates around and attach them, right where ankles have joints. So if you want a titan mech to the stay still, this is the best option.


Bag no 5.

In bag number 5 there is the last blizzard warrior and arms. Arms are fully movable – there are shoulder joints and elbow joints, making titan mech a proper ninja.

One arm has a slicer/shield attached outside are of a wrist. It can rotate very fast.

Wrists turn the whole round, palms have a pin so it could easily hold a giant samurai sword.Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech - An Honest Review


Bag no.6

Bag number six ends building a titan mech with shield armors for shoulders and a ninja helmet, I suppose. Here is

Zane included with his tornado spinner toy.

This is the point where to the whole set is assembled. You just need to the attach minifigure flyer on the back and start to the play with it.


Everything You Should Know About Lloyd’s Titan Mech Set

Price: 70 – $80

Number of pieces: 876

Age recommendation: 9+

My rating: 9 out of 10

Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech - An Honest Review

So building will take you about 2 – 3 hours. It is not very hard to the build it. I built it by myself, because my son is just too little to the build it by himself.

So there are 6 minifigures included, Lloyd, Zane and blizzard army of 4 warriors. All minifigures are likable and great to the play with, beside that you get a lot swords and arms extra, is that is very cool.

To review Titan mech – so overall it is very big, just look at the pictures I took.

Arms are fully movable and you can manipulate them as much as you wish. Samurai sword is huge as hell and fits perfectly into a hand, and it won’t fall of its hand.

However, there isn’t any head, which maybe a good thing, there is samurai helmet that offers some safety above Lloyd’s head.

Lloyd is positioned above chest area, where neck and, I guess head should be. What bothers me is that, even though there isn’t any head or neck, ninja that operates with Titan mech is exposed, so, hypothetical, opponents would disarm him with ease. But like I said – hypothetical.

The whole Titan mech though looks brilliant, body, colors, arms, legs, sword, looks like a real human, I mean it is one of the3 most beautiful Mechs according to the other Lego mechs – they really out beat themselves.

Lower part of Titan mech, legs in its case, is something to the talk about. There are no knee joints, so there are joints to the move legs just in pelvis are, and ankles are a bit movable. With ankles, I’m very satisfied, because other mechs, that have joints in ankle area, move too much and you can hardly keep mech in balance, and you need to the fix its balance all the time.

Titan mech doesn’t have those problems, when you adjust it, it stays still, thank god for that, otherwise, due to the the fact that it’s huge, imagine falling down, or maybe even worse – falling down from the table – fixing it can take quite a lot of time.

One more thing is minifigure flyer. It is very awesome, and in Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech - An Honest Review

play’s sake it is awesome. It attaches on the back of a Titan mech – there are Technics beams on its back, and you snap flyer with pins. But don’t worry – it is not hard to the unpin the flyer off, neither it’s not to the lose to the fall down eventually by itself from the titan mech. Beside that, while attach on a Titan mech, gives Titan mech majestic, powerful look.


  • Huge Titan Mech for not that much money
  • Beautifl design
  • Includes 6 minifigures
  • A lot weaponary
  • Fully movable arms
  • Ninjago themes is always one of the most favorite themes for boys
  • Lego overall is the best STEM toy in the world


  • You need to the obey age limitations – younger children will have problems playing with it
  • It is more of a display set to the be honest

Playing With Titan Mech – My Experience

To clear some things – I don’t play with Legos, I’m too old, my imagination wandered off, I’m offering experience objectively, off course, I took Titan mech in my hands and manipulated with it – just to the see where are potential flaws, that could bug children playtime.

I did a mistake – my son was/is 4 years old when I bought him Titan mech. Although he loves it, I mean 3 moths passed since he got it, and he still adores it, and is playing with it for hours.

So age recommendation is 9+, and I understand why – you need to the have more technic skills to the manipulate with it, it includes technic parts as well, so please obey age limitation, it is with a reason.

Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Titan Mech - An Honest Review
Lloyd’s Titan mech against Venom mech, Spider mech and Spinjitzu mech

y son is playing with it a lot, Like I said before. And one of the bigger flaws – according to the the fact that 4 years old boy played with – is to the keep a balance of a Titan mech, specially if you try to the move its legs a lot. It tilts then a lot, and then there was always “daddy!” call to the help my boy up. Of course, I fixed his problem, but that “daddy!” yell is always on schedule when he is playing with it.

One more flaw is how to the handle a Titan mech while playing with it – my son is not very gentle, quite opposite of that, and then comes the flaw – lower body is getting detached, where leg joints are, and yet again expect “daddy!” yells.

With not so gentle handle here comes another flaw – potentially minifigure flyer could fall off. Remember when I mentioned that it doesn’t hold to the Titan very firm, but firm enough not to the fall off – well, in case if a kid plays with it rough, it will fall off.

So those are 3 bigger flaws you have to the consider if you ‘re buying it for younger children, below 9 years old.

Other than that, Lloyd’s Titan mech is just perfect set – a real ninja mech experience.

Although my son is 4 years old, and sometimes he has problems with some attachments to the be unattached and then “daddy!” needs to the fix it, I’m not sorry, opposite, I’m extremely happy and satisfied that I got him Lloyd’s Titan mech. And when he gets bored, he takes minifigures, and has wars with them,

It is definitely the best Mech, in my opinion, of Lego Ninjago saga.

Overall Verdict

So if you want to the buy your child Titan mech, I’ll give you thumbs up and recommend it to the you – it is quite a firm mech, and don’t be afraid that it can easily be destroyed – OK I mean it is a Lego set, it can be broken, but overall it is a very firm mech.

And it is very perfectly designed, with specific details, that makes it stand out from other Mechs, that Lego offers.

If you have any question, or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to the reply.


Primoz P.



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