Lego Police Station Sets

Every child on this world wants to become either a fireman, soldier or a policeman. Why not? Defend the law and help other – how great is that?

Lego has a lot of themed sets that children can identify with them through playing. Beside that are a lot of things and benefits that make Lego just brilliant toy. I wrote an article about that topic, and if you would like to read it, you are welcome and just click on the link below and it will take you to an article.

Why are legos good for kids

In last article I was writing about what Lego sets are an airport sets, so I decided that in this article I will write about Lego police station sets. There are couple of really good police station sets, just continue with this article and you will see their police station sets.

Lego Police Station

Price: $100

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 6+

Number of parts: 894

Consumers reviews: 4.8 out of 5

Lego police station set includes huge 3 floor police station with two jail cells. Crooks break out of a jail cell and run away in getaway truck, police is going for a high speed pursuit with a cop car and police motorcycle. Crook truck is getting away, but hold on – police sends its police helicopter to chase them down.

Because of some many things included in this set, there is endless role playing for children – everything based with cops and crooks. Definitely one of the best sets for children.

Set includes:

  • Three level police station
  • Cop car
  • Police motorcycle
  • Two jail cells
  • Watch tower
  • Helicopter
  • Crooks truck
  • 4 mini figure police officers
  • 3 crooks
  • Police dog

Lego City Mountain Police Headquarters

Price: 160$

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 6+

Number of parts: 663

Customer reviews: 4,7 out of 5

Mountain police station is for ones that love to play mountain pursuits. In this set crooks have their own helicopter, and they break jail bars with a helicopter, and then they tend to escape – only if they can because this police headquarters have a shooter cannon that shoots net to capture a crook. If crook or crooks still get away, then the police sends a police helicopter, police mountain car/ jeep or a police motorcycle, so the mountain pursuit for bad guys begin. And while looking for crooks or crooks running away, there is a danger for both sides – a mountain lion is out there.

Set includes:

  • Police mountain station with helipad
  • Jail cell
  • Shooter for net shooting
  • Crook helicopter
  • Police jeep
  • Police motocross
  • Police helicopter
  • 4 police officers
  • 3 crooks
  • 1 mountain lion

Lego City Mobile Command Center

Price: 40$

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 6+

Number of parts: 374

Customer reviews: 4,8 out of 5

I had to touch to mobile police station – mobile command center. Police officers finally arrest a crook that they were after for a long time, and they tracked him down in truck’s command center. They arrest him of course, and put him into a jail cell in the police truck. Not much time passed, the crook’s helper – another crook drives with an ATV in front of the police truck, hook the chain on to cell bars, and break them down and they both escape.

Then the police chase begins – one of the officers jumps on the police motorbike and starts chasing them, while the other is a dispatcher from command center- just one scenario, but children would imagine a lot more stories with that.

Set includes:

  • Police truck with detachable cab
  • Command center when truck opens
  • Jail cell in the truck
  • Crook’s ATV
  • Police motorbike
  • Male and female police officer
  • Male and female crooks
  • Police dog

Lego City Swamp Police Station

Price: 200$

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 6+

Number of parts: 707

Customer reviews: 4,5 out of 5

Now lets change urban modern city to swamps – how awesome is that? A police station in the middle of swamps, taking action with a boat looking for crooks.

Swamp police station is a bridge connected police station – on one side is a police station with a garage and command room with computer, across the bridge is a jail cell for those sneaky crooks. In the swamp is an alligator looking for some food.

Set includes:

  • Swamp police station
  • Police boat
  • Crook’s boat
  • Hideout
  • Off road motorcycle
  • Off road police truck
  • 4 police officers
  • 2 crooks
  • Aligator

Lego City Police Forest Station

Price: 150$

Place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 6+

Number of parts: 633

Customer reviews: 4.5 out of 5

What is your first thought if you’d robbed a bank, where would you hide? Of course in the forest, but be prepared for forest policemen. Not to mention, that bears are roaming in the forest.

Set includes:

  • Police forest station
  • Jail cell with 3 beds
  • Police helicopter
  • Robber ATV
  • Police truck
  • Movable tree to hide out from a bear
  • 2 forest policemen
  • 1 police pilot
  • 2 robbers
  • 1 bear

Lego City Sky Air Base


Place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 6+

Number of parts: 529

Customer reviews: Not rated yet ( new Lego set)

If we covered the whole ground with police station, then we must cover sky as well. This will give you plenty of action playing with an airbase – why not chasing crooks with a police plane and then a policeman jumps with a parachute to catch them.

Set includes:

  • Control tower
  • Jail cell with breakaway wall
  • Large police plane
  • Jetpack
  • Parachute
  • Getaway car
  • polcie motorbike
  • 2 crooks
  • 2 police officers
  • 2 sky police officers

Is That All?

Well of course it is not all, there are plenty of police themed Lego sets, but these sets are not a Police station set with jail cells.

There is also police patrol, or a bulldozer break in the bank and more and more awesome Lego sets.

If you have any questions or comments please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


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