lego star wars boost droid commander review

Lego Star Wars Boost Droid Commander Review

Star Wars franchise is great to watch, and I know there are millions and millions of people that are the biggest fans of Star Wars franchise, and with that being said, we all desperately wait for a new trilogy to end with the last movie being launched in December.

Lego has as well release an “update” to their Boost set ( it was released in 2017 – there are is also a review of Lego Boost creative toolbox, you can read) – Lego Star Wars Boost droid commander set.

Lego Boost creative toolbox is one of the best Lego sets – it is a fusion of Lego bricks, technic pieces, tablet use and programming – an excellent approach to children to learn how to build a robot, program a robot and control a robot. It is one of the best STEM toys I ever saw.

So two years later Lego updated original Boost set and upgrade it to new Star Wars boost set.

So in this post, “Lego Star Wars Boost droid commander review” I will present you my honest review, pros and cons and everything you should know about Lego Star Wars Boost set.

What Is A Lego Star Wars Boost Droid Commander Set?

So the original idea for Boost is that you build a robot ( primary Lego action), that program it via APP and then control it. Well there are is a lot more going on but I’ll get to this subject a bit later.

Star Wars Boost is not different, only that there are are three iconic droids you build:

  • R2-D2, lego star wars boost droid commander review
  • Gonk droid and a
  • Mouse droid ( you don’t need to build one, and then rebuild it into another – it is not 3 in 1 set, so all droids can be build at the same time ).

There are 1177 pieces included and it costs about 200$. Seems quite a lot, but trust me, like I mentioned before, it is not just any Lego set, it is the one you can do so much more like programming it and controlling it.

An APP (Lego Boost Star Wars APP) is essential as well owing a smart device ( which I believe it is not a problem).

Compatible Devices

Supposedly all ANDROID devices are compatible, but please, before purchasing a Lego set, download it, run it and you will see if it works. Other compatible OS:

Fire OS :

  • Fire OS 5.3 or higher
  • Fire HD 8
  • Fire HD 10


  • iPad 2017
  • iPad 2018
  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone XR

How Does It All Work?

OK so like mentioned before, you need a smart device, a Star Wars Boost set and you are off.

So first of all you download Lego Boost Star Wars APP.

Then you run it, wait to buffer, and that at first is video you must watch, and that you choose which droid you want to build. There aren’t any physical instructions included, all instructions are in the star wars boost droid commander review

So then you follow instructions to build droids.

After a droid is build, the fun begins.

SO there are are three options you can operate with a droid – virtual RC, programming it or missions.

Before I start to explain, there are is only one Bluetooth – controlled moving hub, so you must install it in a droid you want to play or do missions with.

Droids are built and you choose one you want to play with and install a Bluetooth controlled moving hub in. Now you can choose how would you like to play with it. The first option, and at least for me the best one is that you choose a virtual RC game pad. So at first you don’t need to start learning how to code and program, just simple fun controlling a droid with your thumbs.

If you choose to program a droid, you must learn how to code it. It is not difficult to learn it, but you must have some time to conquer the knowledge how to code. Coding or programming is child-friendly: it is a good old drag and drop coding, one of the best approaches to children about programming. You just simply drag a block-code and drop onto coding canvas in the app platform. Very simple. So you can program a path where a droid will travel, and how to behave if it bumps into an obstacle.

And when you conquer all the knowledge, that you put your droid on missions, where you meet Star Wars environment with Skywalker, x-wings, Darth Vader and many more. There are more that 40 missions to solve.

Con: app instructions, one moving hub

About Droids..

All droids ( R2-D2, Gonku droid and a Mouse droid) are very beautiful and each one has its own features. In my opinion R2-D2 is the most attractive droid in this set.

Every droid has its own authentic sounds, but they come from an app, because droids aren’t equipped with speakers.

R2-D2 is the most known and has its authentic driving. Gonku is an awesome walking droid and it can wreck things. Mouse droid has doors on the both sides, and they open both.


  • Great toy with STEM value ( science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
  • Most memorable Star Wars droids
  • Expect hours and hours of play
  • Good APP with great programming approach for children
  • Fusion of Lego bricks and simple programmable robotics

CONS:lego star wars boost droid commander review

  • Costs about 200$, making it non affordable for everyone
  • There aren’t any physical instructions included (only on Lego Boost Star Wars APP )
  • There are only three droids you can build ( the first Boost set could be build and rebuild in numerous robots)
  • Bluetooth-controlled moving hub is essential for a droid to move, and there are is only one included in a set, therefore you must uninstall moving hub and reinstall it in other droid if you want to play with all droids


My Rating: 8 out of 10

Best place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation:8+

Number of pieces: 1177

Price: 199$

Overall it is a great set, Lego made, and it just awesome for children to build, to code, to put a droid on mission, in my opinion it is a win-win set. It has flaws, like every toy has, but if we neglect flaws, this is definitely on of the best STEM toys there are is. I definitely recommend Lego Star Wars Boost droid commander to everybody that is huge fan of Lego, Star Wars and robots.

If you have any questions or comments, please write me in the comment section below, and I will happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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