Solar Robot Kits For Kids

Couple of months ago, when I started to focus about STEM toys and benefits of them ( I have two small children and got sick what kind of toys stores offer ), I was looking for some quality STEM toys to buy my children in near future. I?m tired of toys that have no value and are just simply a big non-sense throw money away sort of toys.

So toys in STEM fields seem a legit way to activate my children brains while playing. I have to mention that at least 70 % of all toys in stores ( well at least in stores in my country ) are just really bad. OK the Lego section is awesome but couple of months ago my children didn’t play with Legos as much as they do now. ( Legos are the most brilliant toys there is – you can read an article about benefits of Lego and why are they good for children, click on the link below and it will take you to my article).

Why are Legos good for kids

But there was one section, before I never noticed it, that is dedicated for STEM toys only. There was National Geographic sets like grow your crystals, or make a volcano etc.

And then I saw it – a solar robot kit. I grabbed the box and take a look at it and buy it. I was convinced by this kit and immediately took it back home.

So in this article solar robot kit for kids I will present you everything about solar robots you need to know and I will present you 3 best solar robot kits to have.

About Solar Robot Kits

What should we know about solar robot kits? They are very affordable, price range is moving between 15 $ and 40 $. Int he boy set you get a lot of pieces for a robot, and instructions of course. Every solar robot is run by solar energy – so basically all solar robots is assembled with its solar panel. So they are not run by batteries but sun energy. Bad thing about this is that robots movement depends on sun.

So you build your robot, put in under the Sun and the robots starts to move. Assembling a robot is very easy, it takes up to an hour to build it. It is very education able and fun toy for children to have.

14 in 1 DIY Solar Robot Kit

This robot kit is probably the best solar robot kit in the market. In this set you can build 14 different modes that the robot can switch to. It is for children aged 10 and above and it is very education able and entertain able.


  • Motor powered by solar energy
  • 14 different modes – roly-poly bot, quadro bot, zombie boat, dog boat, auto bot, turtle bot, beetle bot, slither bot, crab bot, walker bot, boat bot, surf bot
  • Has all parts for a robot to move in water and land


  • 14 different models a robot can be switched to
  • It doesn’t need battery power because it’s solar
  • easy to follow instructions
  • Great STEM toy for children 10 +
  • The set includes plastic bags and stickers for each bag to sort pieces – this system makes instructions easy to follow, in other case you can get lost because of a lot of small similar pieces
  • No tools requried
  • Great price – great deal


  • Robot works only on a sunny day
  • A lot of parts makes assembling a robot a bit overwhelmed and are easy to loose
  • Not for younger than 10, trust me, they get frustrated because they simply don’t understand everything
  • You have to cut the plastic parts from a plastic holder – if you do not cut them correctly, you will be having bugs during building you robot

Owi 6 in 1 Solar Kit


This is really cheap compared to 14 in 1 DIY solar robot kit. You can build up to 6 models and these are; Airboat, windmill, car, puppy, plane and revolving plane. The good side of this kit is that it doesn’t contain so many pieces therefore they are easily to find. But a downside of this set, due to its price, many pieces don’t attach properly so kids might need parents to help them out. But overall it’s great STEM toy, the price and what you get is very good.


  • You can build up to 6 models
  • Not so many pieces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great STEM toy
  • No need for tools
  • Teaches Kids about solar energy
  • Great value for that price


  • Because of motors powered by solar energy it works only on a sunny day
  • Sometimes pieces don’t attach
  • pieces could break
  • Help of parents assembling the robot is almost a must

Super Solar Recycler

This one is my favorite – become Eco friendly and teach children how to reuse soda cans, old CD and plastic bottles.

This set is really awesome to play with it. Like any other solar kit is powered by sunlight, but I will concentrate more on what robots you can assemble with waste soda cans, CD and bottles.

  • CD – RACER – you build a three wheel robot, wheels are CD
  • DRUMMER ROBOT – soda can is drum and a robot hits with sticks on drum
  • WALKING ROBOT – this one is a classic robot with a soda can being his head
  • BOTTLE YACHT – a bottle is a body that flows on the water and robot is a motor of the yacht
  • FLYING BIRD – build an arm that holds a bird and attach it to the tip of the bottle
  • STREET ROVER – build a rover that has two soda cans


So as you read about solar kits, the main con is that as good as solar powered motor are, they are as bad as well because you need sunlight. But I’ve read couple of articles and guess what – they can easily be hacked and you can integrate batteries.

But overall they are great STEM toys, and they bring really powerful message for children – they teach them about solar energy, as well how to assemble robots and other models.

If you have any questions or comments on this topic please write me in the comment section below and I would be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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