The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

Have you ever wonder what gift to buy your son or your son’s friends when they celebrate birthdays?

Yes I was there and I still am there – there is always a question what to get them. You know what is the best gift for boys? In my opinion everything electronic is the best gift for boys.

What do boys love? Watching my son growing up there couple of things to point out, which is in common with all boys growing up and those things are:

  • war
  • cars
  • action
  • electronics

The best possible toy for children overall is a STEM toy – STEM for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A lot of electronic toys are STEM toys.

That is why I decided to look after electronic toys and wrote an article “the best electronic gifts for boys in 2020” and I gathered some cool electronic stuff that I think boys would love to play with.

Targets for Nerf guns

Who doesn’t know Nerf guns and Nerf bullets made out of foam? They are a great fun for boys because well boys love to play wars and shooting and what is better than imaginative shooting? Well the real shooting, only with a fact that shooting is really safe and it can’t hurt anybody because bullets/darts are made from foam and foam can’t really hurt anyone.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

Fibevon Direct made targets for Nerf guns- what is good about targets is that are four and they stand on the base plate. If you shoot a target, there a score indicator and it counts how many targets you shot. Please tell me how cool is that?

Want to know the price – about $30

Smart Circuits

Smart Circuits is one of the best STEM toys when it comes to learning about electricity and engineering. There are base boards you must snap together, sound and modules and a microprocessor. Beside all that you must have wires – and there are 30+ jumper wires which allows you ( well the kid) to build countless projects.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

You as well receive 50 instructions of different projects, and instructions lead you step-by-step to assemble and as well explain you principles behind each project. Truly a great STEM toy and one of the best gifts to give or receive.

The price of Smart Circuits is about $35.

Shifu Pluggo Letters

This toy is pretty new on the market, and it is similar to Osmo – I wrote a review about Osmo ( great interactive STEM toy) and if you want to read about just click here.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

So Shifu made as well an interactive toy to teach kids how to spell. It goes like this:

  • Before you even consider getting it you must own a tablet ( either an iPad, Android or Kindle)
  • You must download a Shifu app
  • The set has 1 foldable Gamepad, a trunk where you put letters on and where you store them, 48 letter tiles and a help guide
  • Then you put a tablet on the gamepad where it belongs
  • you put a trunk with letters on the gamepad as well
  • you run an app with letter games and start to play
  • the principle of a game is that it shows you a picture like an egg, and than you put letter on slots in the trunk, and if spelled it correctly you proceed to next level
  • APP has 5 games with more than 250 levels

And what is the best part of this game? It allows your kid to play games on the tablet, but as it teaches your kid how to spell, so basically it is a healthy screen time for children.

The price of Shifu Plugo Letter is about $ 60.


Lego has one of the best sets that combine Lego bricks and power packs with an app – so it is an app controlled Lego set. And the set is Lego Mindstorms or the cheaper version and easier to handle – Boost creative toolbox.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

I already wrote reviews about both sets and you can read a review about Mindstorms here, or a review about Boost Creative Toolbox here.

The idea behind Mindstorms and Boost is to build a robot from Lego bricks and Technic parts, you include in assemble as well power packs like motors, sensors, battery holders and more.

After assembly, you download an APP, either Mindstorms app or Boost app, and you program an assembly and then play with it. This is really one of my favorite engineering, programming idea and one of the best STEM toys out there.

The price of each set is quite big – for MIndstorms the price is about $350, price for Boost Creative toolbox starts at $150, so they are very expensive, but it is a Lego, and Lego is worth it.

Solar Robot Toys

Solar sets are quite unique sets and a great STEM value toys because they teach children about solar energy. Beside that those sets are great because you must at first assemble a particular robot and then of course you need a sun light and off it goes.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

The best part behind solar robots is that they are so cheap – it starts with $10 per set and more. I want to remind you again – a great STEM toy.

Music hat

Music hat is more for older boys, and for those that love to listen music constantly. And it is an awesome idea – why bother with headphones in your ears and with a cap on – it is just disturbing.

The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

But music hat has all everything covered – headphones are in the hat, because you wear a hat all the time with ears covered. And it the hat there are two small pockets and inside there are two small speakers on both sides. You connect them to your phone with a Bluetooth.

Everywhere you go during the winter, skiing, snowboarding on a hike or just to school, you put a hat on, turn headphones on and listen to music, great gift isn’t it?

Music hat aren’t expensive, their price starts at about $20.

Electronic drawing pads

Do you have friends whose kid loves to draw? I do, and I have one the same at home. Well I know just a perfect gift for drawing prodigy – an LCD drawing pad.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

And it is very easy to handle – you draw with its pen on a drawing pad, and when you are done you just push the button and it erases the whole drawing and you start to draw a new one.

Price starts at about $15, and it is a great electronic gift.

RC cars and robots

There are numerous RC cars and robots, and it could become overwhelming for a parent to pick the perfect one. But you know, RC cars and robots must meet just one basic principle – to work and that is it, boys don’t want the one with the special color or how it looks, no, just turn on the machine and play.

The market of RC toys is huge so I am not going to go deep with that. Price starts for both at about $10 and it can go sky-high.

Prograce – kids waterproof camera

For older boys who know a bit more about videos and would like to shoot adventures either on bycicles, roller skates, skateboards, segways, or when thea are snowboarding, skiing and more, the prograce is the best little camera for them. Ins’t this the most perfect gift for little daredevils?

The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

it is an alternative to go pro camera, but for children. Prograce’s camera features are:
  • Waterproof function
  • 4x zoom
  • 5MP
  • Burst shooting
  • Time-lapse
  • 3 level volume adjustment
  • 40 photos frames + 7 color video modes
  • It needs a micro SD TF card, maximum is 32GB
  • Costs about $40

Hand operate drones

A great gift and inexpensive as well are hand operated drones. It is good for small children and for older ones as well. The main principles is to manipulate with them with hands, not controller, which is great because according to my experiences a controller for a small child is just too overwhelming and it is a no no.The Best Electronic Gifts for Boys in 2020

There are a lot of hand operated drones, and each and every one is a good or great gift for your son’s friend. Hand operated drones starting price is at about $20 and up.


There are a lot of other electronic gifts for boys out there, I mentioned the ones that could have been great gifts for boys overall.

If you have any question or a comment please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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