The Best Lego Clones -Wangao Brand Review

Clones are everywhere – watches, smartphones, gadgets, computers, almost every original item has its own clone. And of course Lego has a lot of clones wondering through the world.

Now there are really a lot of clones brands all over the world, but most of them are from China. Until now, I’ve noticed at least 30 Lego clone brands just in China. also written a couple of articles related on this topic ( Lego clones), and you can read them with just a click below.

Best cheap Lego clones

My number 1. Lego clone brand

In first article I wrote about companies overall, what companies are good alternatives to Lego, in second article I wrote about what is my number 1. Lego clone brand, if I have to choose of course. Everything I wrote about Lego clones is based on my experiences – I wanted to get to know about Lego clone brands, and in addition to that I purchased couple of “fake Lego sets”, but most of them didn’t meet my expectations – they were just bad and you could tell on first sight that it is just really bad quality plastic materials.

But there were some exceptions, and after buying at least 10 sets, just two of them were quite impressive. The first and my number 1. Favorite Bela and the second Wangao.

So in this article, the best Lego clones – Wangao brand review, I will focus on my number 2. Best Lego clone brand Wangao.


Wangao – 2in1 Car/Robot Set

best lego clones

Reecently I bought on some flea market this 2 in 1 Wangao set. As I looked at the box I saw that it kind looks very promising. You could build a gray awesome looking Porsche or a robot. So I thought what the hell, I have to try it, and my son just adores Lego robots ( he already had original Lego ninjago mech I bought a month before Wangao set) and I knew no matter what he would enjoy playing with it.

So the first thing I must point out, that the box has its own “not so Lego” look, which was quite impressive.

After opening the box, there were three poly bags with bricks inside and instructions. These bags were not numbered like Lego’s, but I didn’t mind because it is not a huge set.

After that I opened instructions, and my my – they were excellent, not like Lego’s but in its own way – totally readable, not like most of Chinese clones, that have up to 10 pages form Lego set squeezed in on page, and of course unreadable and very confusing.

My son wanted a robot instantly so I had to build a robot first. I build it very quickly, and I must admit that it is not anything special, but good enough to play with. Just a regular “Lego” robot, with fully movable shoulders, elbows and wrists with fingers that actually move.

best lego clones
“Robot” Product – Wangao Transformations Robot Ford Mustang Bugatti Porsches Compatible LGSet Technic Voiture Building Blocks Bricks Toy GiftLegs were movable as well in hips, knees, but knees are not in the middle but rather low, and ankles are movable too.

The robot doesn’t have a head, instead of the head you sit a mini figure on top of the robot so it can operate with a robot, although there is a minor flaw – it has a steering wheel for operating a robot and I can not imagine how could anybody operate a robot with just a wheel, but OK lets leave it to child’s imagination.

Couple of days later I had to tear the robot apart and reassemble it to a Porsche – that was my priority when I was buying it.

Final product of a Porsche was a remarkable very look a like Porsche. Seriously it is one of the best looking cars you build with Lego compatible bricks ( and wheels of course).

It is very firm, sturdy, compact car – it can not be broken ( I threw it on the floor and there were just some small pieces that fell

best lego clones

down, but overall it stayed in its primary shape. Awesome looking car, hard to break, and fast as well – what else can you ask for?

But my son, once again, loves robots, so eventually I had to break it apart and build a robot again.


Wangao Review

Price: I payed about 14$

Review: 9 out of 10

best lego clones
The original box

There are two different builds I need to review. Let’s start with a robot.

Robot is an ice-hot item. Why is that so? Well there is a huge bug that was going on until I repair it with some extra Lego bricks – robot is in its hips very fragile – it constantly break in two halves because the original design of robot’s body ( in its hips) isn’t designed for playing ( at least in my opinion), because there are just two by one bricks that hold upper and lower body together – so you know what is the result of playing – constant reattachment of lower and upper body.

But I reassembled it with a two by four thin Lego brick, and form then on it never felt apart.

Everything else works fine, except that upper body is not designed very good with steering wheel and a chair on top of the robot.

Car is win-win item. While building, it I already noticed that it will sturdy and firm little ( although it is not a little car, if we compare it with a mini figure, it is a huge car ).

Completed car looks like a real Porsche, like a race car Porsche, and it has a real bad ass look, I believe every child, that would get hands on the car, wouldn’t want to give it up, it is that cool Porsche. Product – Wangao Transformations Robot Ford Mustang Bugatti Porsches Compatible LGSet Technic Voiture Building Blocks Bricks Toy Gift 

About Wangao

So I was very please with Wangao set, so I wanted to see what more do they offer – so I visited Aliexpress to find out what else is there form Wangao. Sadly the reality is that they have only 8 sets, and all of them are 2in1 sets, a robot and a car, but different types of a car, and robots have different features. But if you re into cars, believe me, for that price, you get a hard core car.

Below are all 8 robots/cars in pictures you can purchase

best lego clones

best lego clones

Wangao – Not Really A Lego Clone

I don’t want to say that Wangao has nothing in common with Lego – we all know that Lego stands behind brick building concept, but about 8 years ago all patents that Lego had expired, so it would be unfair from me to claim that Wangao is Lego clone.

If they had clone Lego sets, than that statement would be true, but Wangao has its own concept Wangao created.

Well there is a one clone in this set – minifigure is Lego’s minifigure, but thank god for that, because all alternative brands, that try not to make Lego clone sets, but their own sets, made mini figures that are just bad. Whether they have weird shaped heads, or arms aren’t moving, or legs are something completely different, overall they are bad, unplayable mini figures. Product – Wangao Transformations Robot Ford Mustang Bugatti Porsches Compatible LGSet Technic Voiture Building Blocks Bricks Toy Gift 


Like I always say – support Lego as much as you can ( I have at least 90% of all sets original Legos), but sometimes an alternative is very welcome – there are some sets very expensive, and to look after some cheap alternative now and then is OK, just don’t let Lego clones to become your major thing – don’t forget that Lego puts a lot of money into making and developing new bricks and sets.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


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