The Best Stem Toys For Toddlers

Supposedly children’s Behavior Is done in 90% when they are 5 years old. Basically you have to be a perfect parent since they are born till they are 5 years Old, and then just try to keep up with parenting. So there are many tools for children’s Behavior and one of them is of course a toy.

But what do we consider is the best toy for toddler – in my opinion every toy that is a stem toy as well, is probably the best toy for children/ toddlers.

What is a stem toy I wrote about this topic in one of my articles. So so a stem toy is a toy that has basics of science, technology, engineering and Mathematics.

So what are the best toys for toddlers? Below in my article I will describe which brand has best stem toys in my opinion the best ones for our toddlers. I consider toddlers age is 12 to 36 months old.


I believe everybody heard about Fisher-Price. They have huge variety of toys, they are mainly made from plastic, but that plastic has very good standard. Their prices are a little high, I know, I’ll put it like this- my daughter is now almost 6 years old, so she doesn’t play with those toys anymore, but we kept one thing of fisher-price and it is piano ( this one in picture ). So its 5 years since I’ve bought it and it still works flawlessly, and looks like brand new. So really complimentary thumbs up for their quality. Here are some of the best and most appropriate toys ( stem ) for toddlers:

  • Little people world of animals see and say
  • Dance & Groove rockit
  • Puppy’s piano
    laugh and learn, Learnn with puppy potty
  • Shapes with color keys
  • first builders built learn table
    laugh and learn,
  • smart stages piggy bank
  • Mega Bloks

Lego – Duplo

Lego is well-known all over the world, Lego brand has two awards of Millennium toy ( so basically an award before we hit 2000s and one after). Beside Lego is top notch toy of all times and its the most playable toy there is, is also, a lot of population doesn’t know that fact, a stem toy. Lego encourages children to develop fine motor skills’ like grabbing blocks with fingers, and attach blocks one on another plus they develop muscles in fingers and hands playing with legos which is very good for writing and drawing. So Lego has beside regular building blocks/ bricks a bigger and easy to handle building bricks, that’s Duplo. I like to call them Legos for toddlers.

I have to admit that my children ( like I said – daughter is almost 6 years old, son is 3 and a half years old ) are still playing with Duplo, and I’m playing with them as well. They’re easy to build and so uncomplicated and they’re really fun for whole family. So here are some Lego – Duplo sets for our toddlers:

  • Fun creations
  • My first animal brick box
  • My first ladybug
  • My first race car
  • My first puzzle sets
  • My first bus
  • Number train
  • My first bricks

Melissa & Doug

I don’t know if you ever heard about Melissa & Doug toys, well let me tell you something about them. Their company is really awesome and its idea is about giving children back childhood. Basically what they mean with that is that nowadays everything is overwhelmed, overstimulated, and children don’t play that much as they used and they’re not even encouraged enough to provide time for playing which, in their opinion ( mine as well ) , necessary for children to do. So they’ve started this company, Melissa & Doug, to give children best toys for their development. They’re truly amazing.

If you visit their page you’ll se how much they’re devoted to children and they try to bring the best possible toys for children. They divided toys through categories, like themes, playing experience, skills’, toys for children with special needs, and inside these categories there are a lot of subcategories like social and emotion skills’, speech and language skills’, creative skills’ and lots and lots more. Please trust them, they want all best for your/our children. You can visit their site here Melissa & Doug.


I don’t know if you are familiar with Montessori toys, but you definitely should take a peek about it. To start at a beginning: Montessori is a method of Education that is based on self-directed activity, hands On Learning and collaborative play. Maria Montessori is the founder of Montessori educational method. This educational method is used worldwide, and its about 100 years old. And now you can buy Montessori toys as well, so your children can educate at home through playing with toys. They are wooden and really good for all skills’ child needs to adopt and conquer. You can check Montessori toys here.


Obviously those brands aren’t all of the brands that have stem toys, there are a lot others as well. I could mention LittleBits, Disney, national geographic and more, but I decided I would go for what I think are the best among all toys. Through early age of my children at first I did not focus about proper toys for my children, because, well in days when I was a child here in my country there weren’t a lot of good toys, well there weren’t a lot of toys in stores- we had Lego, of course, action man, barbie, play Mobil, couple of family games like monopoly, boggle, four in a row, chess and couple of puzzles and that is it. Now you can’t even direct in what kind of a toy you would like to give your child because there are so many toys, really, there are too much of lame pointless toys that bet on visual look and cartoon figures. Child can’t learn anything of them except idolizing something that not exist. So what I’m trying to tell you that after I put my focus on good educational toys, those four were the best my children had, they helped them in a lot of aspects, but if I have to point just one out, it would definitely be Duplo. Simple, colorful, hours of playing, developing a lot of skills’ necessary for children to learn and a big fun for parents as well.

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Primoz P.

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