Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

In the recent year I purchased quite a lot of Lego knock offs sets – either alternative sets or pure copy sets. I wrote some material on clone branding of Lego and you can read them here:

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I mainly focused on which brands are copy brands and which ones are alternative and whether they are good bad or horrible.

But I never wrote about some explicit sets that are hardly to be found but they are very interesting. I am not talking about clone sets but opposite of that – unique and interesting sets I would like lay my hands on in near future.

So in this post Unique knocks off Lego sets 2020 I gathered a lot of different unusual and unique sets I believe that will catch your attention.

I wrote this post because we are all used to Lego’s themes and sets, and now and then we ask ourselves ( well at least me) if there are some other interesting themes and sets going on that would be interesting.

Marvel knocks off unique set

I had included a lot of Marvel themed knock offs because there numerous sets that use Marvel theme, although I don’t believe that this kind of act is legal – I know Lego bought right and license for making Marvel themed sets but I don’t believe all those brands have rights.

Despite that I included most interesting sets I found and caught my attention.

Infinity Gauntlet, Thor’s Hammer and an Axe – Mjolnir and JarnbjornUnique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

First of all I should clarify some facts about MCU and original Lego company and knocks off brands – Lego bought license from Marvel to create Lego sets based on movies so it is basically an illegal act from other companies that produce knock offs.

Putting that fact on a side, I have found three items, props, that look totally awesome ad something that Lego doesn’t offer – buildable Infinity gauntlet from Endgame ( Iron man’s gauntlet), Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) and Thor’s Axe ( Jarnbjorn).

They look astonishing and more or less they are collectibles. I don’t know how many pieces Hammer and an axe contain but Gauntlet contains about 500 pieces which is quite a massive gauntlet.

Want to know price of all three sets?

  1. Thor’s Hammer aka Mjolnir costs 14$
  2. Thor’s Axe aka Jarnbjorn costs 14$ as well
  3. Endgame’s Infinity Gauntlet costs about 20$

If we sum all three together you get the best Marvel’s props only for 50$ – how is that?

Iron Man Collections BookUnique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

Main idea behind this book is to bring all Iron man minifigures to one place and the best place is always a display right? And what is even better option than display? Something that is portable and doesn’t interfere with figs position – a book.

So Sluban ( China brand) made for all Iron man fans a book from bricks, with Iron man head on cover, with 52 different Iron man minifigures. Seems nice idea, too bad that license is a bit blurry but OK.

The price of this Ironman book is about 65$.

Buildable Iron MechUnique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

There are a lot of mechs now on market from Lego and other compatible brands, but there is no mech style figure on market. But now there is – IRON Man. This Iron Man is from the final battle in Endgame – if you remember when Thanos fought with Thor, Captain America and Iron Man, during their fight Iron man said to Thor hit him with an electricity, a Thor hit him in the back where he had some kind an electricity collector and can shoot because of that.

I didn’t catch how many parts does this Iron man have, but the price of it is only 12,$5, so it is a very cheap set.

Marvel Superheroes Boost like sets

Do you maybe know what is a Lego Boost creative toolbox? If you don’t know it is set that costs about 160-180$, and you have a lot of pieces inside and you can build about 5 or 6 different builds, but keep in mind that there are of course sensors and motors included, so you basically build a robot. And there is an APP to this set where children can learn how to program a robot with drag and drop coding.Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

So one brand ( I really don’t know its name) decided to make copy sets, but in their own way, and one of them are Marvel superheroes. I don’t know if there is an APP with programming challenge included, but you can manipulate with it with an RC joy pad which good enough.

So the original Lego’s set costs from 160-180$, do you want to know how much does this set cost? Supposedly its price isn’t bigger than 30$, which is a quite good deal isn’t it?

Smaller version of Original Lego’s Lloyd’s titan mech

It seemed fine to include this small Lloyd’s titan mech into this list because, well it is not a copy set, but it imitates the original Lego’s set ( about 6 moths ago I purchased Lego Ninjago Lloyd’s titan mech, which a great set, I even wrote a review about it, if you want to read it just click here).Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

What can I tell you about this version? The first thing is that contains just half of parts comparing it to original one ( 316 pieces). And what is the price?

You will be shocked – only 8$. I can’t tell if it is worth it but it is definitely very interesting set.

Alien Blood Pool

I believe everybody watched movie Alien, if you didn’t you must watch it – it is an iconic movie.

So what have I brought to you from an Alien?Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

Do you remember blood pool and a little alien inside it? Xingbao made this, well a bit disgusting and disturbing scene from a movie and realized it in a set – they outdid themselves because when you build it, it even imitates blood dripping, and finished set gives a ‘bloody stain’ below a blood pool. It is truly amazing and designed perfect.

It costs about 33$ and there are 830+ parts in this set. What does that tell you about the set? Well it is a very detailed one. And the fact that Lego does’t offer an Alien set, you count is as a collectible.

Display box

I have included a display box because there are an of people that want to display Lego minifigures, and to be honest I don’t believe you need original Lego display box ( all I know is that Lego offers a display box, but it is rather big).Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

To describe you, basically you get 10 display boxes with transparent cube. Base plate in boxes are the same 6×6 studs, so you can easily include at least two miifiugres inside.

Do you want to know the price?

There are two varieties:

  1. 10 boxes for 12,5$ and
  2. 10 boxes with 10 random chosen minifigures for 17$

Apple store with LED light set

Yes you read that correctly – Famiart decided to make their interpretation of an Apple store – and they did awesome. Take a look at the picture, this Apple store contains all features that Apple has – bright white colors with minimalist touch.

There is no way that you could mix it up with some other famous stores. If you look at the first floor you can see tables with devices displayed on.Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

In the center there are is are spiral stairs to upper floor. Upper floor has a big room with chairs in it ( I don’t know what is that big room for) and it is surrounded with simulation glass walls with a big Apple logo on one side.

To put a cherry on top there is a LED light set included so you can light up this big house, very cool I must say.

Want to know the price? All together costs about 40$, but you have to understand that are 1116+ parts in this set.

Oriental Chinese dragon

I was wondering with all dragons that Lego has to offer, if knocks off brands offer their own dragon sets, more Chinese style dragon sets.

So this the only set I came across that is worth to mention it. But not just that, its head is truly oriental style designed, this comes to my mind when I think of oriental dragons, it is almost mythical.Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

I didn’t notice how many parts are included in this set, but I suppose that there must be more than 1000 parts in this set. Do you want to know why do I think so?

Well its price is about 30$, and from my experiences knocks off sets at price 20$ mostly have at least 700 parts. So if you count all together you get 1050 parts.

The other thing that I am certain about number parts is dragon’s length – 110 cm. I recently bought an original set Ninjago green ninja dragon mech and it has about 700 parts, and its final length is about 60 or 70 cm so comparing it to 110 cm, well it is a very long dragon. Definitely one of my next sets I will purchase and review it.

Pacific rim robots

Any of you that watched either of Pacific rim movies, you already got to know this huge robots right? Well if there is any fan out there you did realize that Lego doesn’t offer a Pacific rim theme, but thankfully to other knocks off brands there is a Pacific rim themed robots on market.Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

And which robots there are?

  1. Gypsy avenger, 462 pieces
  2. Saber Athena, 377 pieces
  3. Bracer Phoenix, 482 pieces
  4. Guardian Bravo, 512 pieces

Price of each set is about 17$, and they truly look amazing.

City wedding party

This is one of the most beautiful themes that doesn’t belong to Lego. Wedding theme.

QWZ is the brand that offers wedding theme, and there are quite some sets that completes the wedding parts. The best thing about wedding party sets is the uniquest of all sets, and colors used for this theme.Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

Green, light pink and white are main colors, just look at the picture and you will understand why I choose this theme as a unique theme.

What sets are in wedding theme?

  1. newly-weds limo
  2. Wedding chapel with a piano and appetizers
  3. newly-weds double Decker bus
  4. Beautiful newly-weds house in pink
  5. Tree house with a boat ( I don’t understand what a tree house has to do with a boat)

CADA weaponry

Cada is the brand that doesn’t mock Lego but it makes its own sets. Guess what kind of sets are its specialty? Weapon.Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020

Yup, you heard that right. They produce 1:1 scaled pistols, guns and rifles, and they can actually fire bullets – but just those that Lego has as well.

What arsenal can you pick from?

  1. Ak-47,498 pieces
  2. Rifle,583 pieces
  3. Submachine gun, 581 pieces
  4. Shotgun, 506 pieces
  5. Black rifle, 621 pieces
  6. Black submachine gun,617 pieces
  7. Pistol, 307 pieces

Price of those that have more parts is about 30$, for ones that have fewer parts like an Uzi or a pistol the price stops at 16$.

Smaller Lego knocks off accessories

There are thousands of accessories that are sold separately – and they cost from couple cents onward. I picked the ones that caught my attention, and those are:

  1. Food accessories like fries and pizza slices
  2. Transparent Star wars minifigures
  3. LED lamp street light
  4. Jason minifigure from Halloween movie
  5. 100cm tape with two row studs ( you could tape it on the wall)Unique Knock Off Lego Sets 2020


This is my final list of my favorite unique sets. If you have any idea or you want to pass me your unique sets you found, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply and include into a post more unique sets.


Primoz P.

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