The Best Star Wars Toys For Kids

Star Wars – an iconic movie franchise of all times. May the force be with your, jedies, Darth Vader, all characters, ships, enterprises, planets, movies they all rock, don’t they? And I’m really happy, I believe children as well, that they didn’t stay only with movies, but it has become a brand, in all aspects. You can get clothes with Star Wars themes, dishes, computers, gadgets, all kinds of stuff, and thank god for Star Wars toys as well.

Why not become a star wars fan as child? OK being young your can not watch movies Star Wars, but your can play with Star wars toys and get to know Star Wars right?

When I saw Lego set of Star Wars, I couldn’t be happier. I bought it as soon as I saw it. It was a millennium falcon. Awesome right? Of course, I built it, because my children were too little to build it. And I still keep it safe at my parents house. When they’ll be a bit older, I will definitely introduce them to star wars and we’ll watch all movies together one more time.

So what are the best star wars toys for kids that would be best for them to play? I’m going to show your different variate of Star Wars toys your can buy and they are all very good and playable.

Lego Star Wars

Nothing more can we say about Lego star wars. You can literary build Star Wars movie stage with legos and create your own movie. Lego has a lot of sets of Star Wars edition, your can choose millennium falcon, resistance bomber, Darth Vader’s castle, x-wing star fighter, snoke’s throne room, imperial landing craft, Han solo’s land speeder, Yoda’s hut and lot more.

Lego Star Wars is the latest theme made by Lego, and in my opinion is the one that is the best, and popularity of Star Wars is rising among children.

Lego Star Wars Action Figures

Now Lego released Their own action figure. They’re not minifigures like all basic legos are, now they created big action figures. This idea was outstanding for me, when I saw it first. So its basically an action figure, in Lego touch, but what differs them from other action figures, is that they are agile to the max. They’re like Lego Technic figure, but upgraded and more sophisticate. I bought one, a storm trooper, and its staying on the top shelf in my apartment.

BB-8 Sphero

This one is one of my favorite Star Wars toys. Sphero made this awesome droid BB8, its like a hand size. It powers on its own docking station. The best thing is that it is app-enabled. So what does that mean is that your download an app, you set bb8 through app and then your control bb8 via smartphone. And beside that it makes sound and noise like Star Wars movie. Brilliant toy for a little older population.

Monopoly Star Wars

That blew my mind as well when I saw it. Unfortunately Star Wars monopoly in country where I come is not available. But I had to point out this great board game wit5h star wars edition.

Star Wars Squeeze Water Toys

Please tell me that all kids taking a bath play with water squeeze toys. My son loves them. OK after bathing and showering its all wet and everything out of control, but children enjoy playing with them while bathing. Why not give them Star Wars squeeze toys?

Star Wars Nerf, Mask And Lightsaber

All boys love to play a game of cowboys and Indians, or policeman chasing a thief, in general good guys bad guys. Insert space, universe in their game and your get Star Wars children game.

  • Nerf created Star Wars blasters and guns, and Nerf pistol I guess is OK for children.
  • Masks have never been better- now your can get a voice changing Star Wars mask
  • I must point out ultra saber, with aluminum handle and really movie-like glowing in the dark

Star Wars Drone

That’s right your can get Star Wars drone with a storm trooper riding it. Beside that there are a huge variety of Star Wars drones in the marker.

LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

A lot of your doesn’t know what is LittleBits nor what is a steam toy but don’t worry, I’ll try to explain everything. So steam toy means that a toy is encouraging learning of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. LittleBits company is aiming for steam toys and they are doing it really great.

So their Star Wars themed droid inventor kit is really great toy. There is my favorite and it is R2D2 droid. So first your have to put it together. You have to connect hardware and a body. Then your have to download an app so your can control your droid through app. then your have to assemble droid to programmed it. And then your run missions, trying to make missions with your droid. It’s really learn able toy and I would recommend anyone to try it.

Not A Star Wars Fan Yet?

So I’ve pointed out couple of toys that I think are good for children. If your’re Star Wars fan, make your children fans as well. I’ve already started to make my children fans l. They are still young, so the first thing was buying just a couple of shirts and cups Star Wars-themed. Maybe one day they’ll be fans as well. Once they’ll be old enough, then they will have a lot of star wars toys, and then I’ll be playing a lot with and without them. Just kidding, my general conclusion is that Star Wars everything is just great.

There are a lot more Star Wars-themed toys, and please write me comment, what is your favorite star wars toy. I would like to hear or read from your what is your favorite. If your have any other suggestions about toys or what should I write about please let me know.


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  1. Wow! I had no idea there were so many star wars-related toys! I would think that these would be very popular this time of year for gifts, as so many people are into the star wars “cult.”

    I can see why you went for the star wars legos. Who wouldn’t, if they were a fan and wanted to interest the kids as well. Looks like a great product!


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