What Are The Best Toys For Children ?

No matter what, everybody has his own preferences about what are the best toys for children. But what really are the best toys? I think I have an answer. Those are toys that everybody on the world can recall them. They’ve been in the past, a lot of them even before I was born, that my parents were playing with them, and some of them were “invented” when I was a child. And now my children are playing with them, and they’re still the best toys children can have in all prospects.

I’m going to break it down for you what in my opinion are the best toys for children.


Did you know that Lego produces most tires in the world? Well they’re mini tires but still it’s an awesome fact. So who doesn’t know Lego? I spent my whole childhood playing with Lego. I’ve built buildings, villages, copied movie clips, and even improved them ( of course in my imagination ) , high speed chases, everything you can imagine. Believe it or not, Lego are the best toys for children, their skill sets, space, mathematics, physics, everything. And now, of course I’m buying Lego for my children as well, you have a lot of themes for Lego. Evergreen is of course Lego city. You have police, fire trucks, restaurants, trucks, everything. Elves is now one of my favorite themes by Lego, where you have beside elves dragons, vampires and these amazing houses. And there are a lot more themes like Ninjago ( ninjas ), Star Wars, Lego friends etc.

Let’s not forget Lego for toddles – Duplo, they’re awesome as well because they’re busy children for hours and they’re quite big and colorful so imagine building full of colors is getting built.



Now crayons kick me back to kinder garden, while we were outside, after lunch, waiting our parents to pick us up, we were drawing pictures and a lot of stuff on concrete. I remember one day they’ve given us ( by us I mean children ) new pack of crayons. There were about 20 crayons in the box. In next hour or two we draw huge picture on concrete and of course there were no crayons left.

And nowadays, when my young family visits grandparents in the spring, summer or fall, guess what is the best toy they have? yup crayons. literally they’re busy for hours, plus they are learning an art performance.

Teddy Bear

In my home, I think we have about 30 – 40 teddy bears. That’s  teddy bearright, a lot of them. Well my children don’t really play with them anymore, but they were the best when they were children. I think every baby should have coupled of teddy bears. It’s probably the first and the most primary toy for children to have. They attache to them, as if they were a replacement for everything.

My son ( 3 yo ) is bringing his teddy bear to kinder garden even now. Well to be more accurate it’s not teddy bear but cow. Yeah he just loves cows.


The good old trucks. I think trucks are boys all timer toys. My daughter just hates them. She hates anything connected with construction. But my son can play for hours with trucks. It is just something about big wheels that make every male the hugest fan there can be. And if you observe playing with trucks is actually an imitation of a real life behind the wheels. It’s just impressive.

Play – Dough

Do you remember, when you celebrated birthday, and one of your friends got you a gift, and when you opened wrapped present, you saw a yellow box and you immediately knew that is play- dough? and when you opened a yellow can you immediately recognized that smell? Am I right?

We were playing with play- dough, my children are now playing with play- dough as well. You create funny things, nowadays you get a lot of props, like a model for a hair, and a lot of different stuff. Play- dough is still amazing.


This family game is a bit older children and of course for parents as well. There letters on cubes, I think there are 16 cubes or dice, every dice has 6 letters, and you shook them in a funny looking box, you open it, set sand watch upside down, and you have 3 minutes to write as many words as you see or read them. The one that writes down the most words wins.

Me and my family were playing scrabble a lot. I remember, I never won, my father took all the wins. The most iconic thing I can recall from scrabble is the noise when we were shaking cubes. Beside that it’s an awesome toy/game for writing, brainstorming and reading.


I really don’t know if we can say that’s a toy, because if that is so, grownups than play a lot, but I think children believe it’s toy. If you watch them on bicycles you can see it’s just a game for them, and their imagination, definitely the best prop for children’s game. Every child should learn how to ride a bike. I believe in these days it’s necessary.


One of the best, if not The best board game of all times. Everybody knows it. You move in square, you buy houses, blocks, basically this game is trying to teach how our economy works. I’m just kidding, but it’s great, it keeps you playing for hours.

Beside Monopoly the second best board game is definitely Risk. The Best tactical game where you are fighting for you land and you try to get someone else’s land.

Honorable Mentions

I know that’s not all, there are plenty of other toys, games, that are one the best as well. Gameboy for example. OK it has been our toy for coupled of years but it was one the greatest ones. Back then we didn’t own a computer, it was too expensive. Smartphones and tablets were years ahead of us. But gameboy was our awareness of an electronics.

What is your favorite bathtub toy? Rubber duck.Every time my son is bathing in bathtub, he always plays with rubber ducks.

So like I said there a plenty of other toys and games, but we can all agree that these toys that I wrote about, are all actual nowadays yet they bring back memories, don’t they?

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