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Stem toys in modern era have become almost necessary and crucial. Parents look out to get their children proper toys, proper means toys that have educational touch – and stem means toys in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, nowadays there is a new term, STEAM, so beside those four knowledges extra A stands for art. I wrote an article about STEM toys and their benefits, if you want to read it, just click here and it will take you to an article.

There is a lot written about what are top of the top stem toys, but there is not a lot written what are the top stem toy brands, and I believe it was about time that somebody writes an article about brands that produce stem toys, not just their products.

This article is dedicated to stem toy brands, starting with number 1 as the best stem toy brand, finishing with the least best stem toy brand.

*This article doesn’t contain any affiliate links, as I’m not aiming in this article just to promote and earn, I really want you to know about quality brands that produce stem toys and are worth to be mentioned. Links in article are just internal links to my other posts/articles about stem toys and brands I already wrote an article about them.


Lego has been with us for so many years, and as a big fan I will always advice Lego building bricks to anybody. Everything is good about them. Children can stick to instructions and build default structure, car, vehicle, and can break it apart and build something totally different. Children enjoy playing with Legos and there are so many options to build create, and the best thing about Legos is, that children are unaware about benefit and educational note that playing with Lego brings them.

Everything that STEM means ( science, technology, engineering and mathematics), in every field Lego has set foundations. And they have a lot, really a lot of different sets, including Duplo for younger children ( toddlers) and Technic ( for older ones), that Lego definitely deserves a number one in every aspect and category as STEM toy.

If I must point out a set with the best STEM value, it would definitely be Lego Boost creative toolbox. I wrote an article about Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, and it is a huge set, that you can build different assemblies, and the best part of it is, that it also contains Technic parts and electronic modules, with a computer, you can program it with an app on your smart device, so it has all – construction part, electronic assembly, using a smart device, and it teaches children how to code with simple yet powerful drag and drop coding. Great set to have, and I would recommend it to everybody.


Although I haven’t written any article about K’NEX yet, I trully believe K’NEX is one of the best toy brands. In my childhood I had couple of sets, and K’NEX was always my number two toy behind LEGO, only back then I haven’t had a clue how beneficial LEGO and K’NEX really are.

K’NEX is similar to LEGO, but not that similar – basically it consists of different parts. a rod and connector. But it is not just rod and connector, there are a lot of different styles and shapes of them both, allowing children to do numerous structures. Of course their sets include instructions like LEGO, but they are great, like LEGO, because you can break default assembly and make something completely different.

K’NEX has as well, like LEGO, sets for all ages, even for toddlers, and they have, like LEGO, sets that have electric modules.

One thing I need to point out about K’NEX is, that structures you build with K’NEX rods and connectors are in commensurable to LEGO’s structures. With far less K’NEX parts you can build a lot bigger stuff unlike with LEGO building bricks.


Coming three is MakeBlock. If you haven’t heard about Makeblock yet, let me tell you it is really great company with crazy yet educational sets. To be more precisely Makeblock has STEM kits, and to be even more precisely, those are 6 different products – mBot, mBot ranger, Ultimate 2.0, Neuron, Airblock and codey rocky.

Flagships are definitely first three ones – mBot, mBot ranger and Ultimate 2.0. What is good about them, is that they are compatible to each other. Their parts are made of very quality steel material and they truly can’t be broken. Once assembled, they need to be programmed via app – they also have electronic modules, sensors and everything you need so a robot can move. And like with Lego you need program them with drag and drop coding.

Airblock is a really great set to have as well – basically it is a hovercraft, and it consists of 1 core module and 6 power modules, and every module is magnetic, so now you know what a great fun everyone could have.

I also wrote an article about Makeblock stem kits, if you want to read it just click here.


Osmo is doing a great job linking children’s tablet game playing with a physical and educational table playing. What is the deal?

I believe a lot of parents are becoming frustrated with the fact that their children are playing games on tablets too much. So Osmo got an idea – why not taking advantage of children’s focus while playing games on tablet and educate them while playing games on the tablet.

It works like that – playosmo developed an app, playing educational games is of course primary, but an app uses camera on tablet, and their reflective mirror you must put where the tablet has camera, so an app reflects physical games on the table area into a game in an app. Games on the table are basically tiles, and those tiles can have numbers or letters or something else in, and let’s say you play a game of numbers where a game in an app shows you 2+3, and you have to put a sum number in tile, and in this case is the number 5. So you put a tile with a number 5 on the area that is reflective to a mirror, and game recognizes it, and when the tile is the right answer you advance.

Overall it is a great approach to children how to educate them when they are playing games on tablet. There is though one big con – you can play games only on iPads or Fire tablets, but not on Android tablets.

I also wrote an article about Osmo, and you can read it if you want to, just click here.


Owi is a company, that are specialized, beside of course STEM fields, in renewable power sources. They have a lot of different products, that are either solar or run on fuel cell power – salt water. So they do have a lot of different robot kits, which you assemble them first and run after Assembly. owi is not a brand that put different levels in their products, they are aware of the fact, that children play with one toy for a limited time, after they get bored ( every child is the same – at some point they all get bored playing just with one toy ). So they aren’t focused in build it first, program and run later, they are focused in building it and immediately run after.

They took advantage to teach children about alternative energy, which is remarkable, and because of their plan is to get to children with this knowledge, their products are very affordable – their price starts at 20$ and doesn’t go above 70$. So their STEM toys are meant for a huge population, which is great fact.

If you want to read an article about Owi, just click here and it will take you to an article.

Is That All?

Well that is not all – there are a lot of different toy brands that are making good STEM toys, but I needed to write about those brands because I really believe they deserve to in top charts for STEM toys. Every brand in this article won awards for their toys – LEGO is the only company, that won two awards for millennial toy, that is right, it is the top of the top.

Every brand mentioned company has something special, their flavor., that makes them special, Makeblock has these high quality unbreakable metal parts, Owi is giving effort to teach children about alternative power sources, Playosmo wants teach children while they are playing witha tablet, K’NEX and LEGO are in their fundamental playing time STEM valued, so how much more can they even offer?

I have two children,3 and 5 years old, and because I didn’t approve a lot of toys they have, I started to search about quality toys and their benefits, and now practicing what I’ve learn, I must say, that their skills, problem solving, logical thinking and their development has highly increased, therefore think about your child’s future and support STEM toys.

If you have any questions or a comment, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be happy to reply.


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  1. What an informative and exhaustive review of What Are Top Stem Toy Brands! I think you hit on the head with these brands. I’ve used some of these myself as a kid! While I don’t have kids, I have friends with children who could benefit from STEM toys. I think this is a great place to start in search of a good STEM toy! I love the idea of adding art into the acronym. Do you have any plans to make any recommendations in that area? 

    • Hi SHERRY! Thank you For feedback, in the near future i’m planning to write a guide about stem toys – But Just the Best ones. Cheers


  2. Wow, thank you for this very educational article! I was aware of STEM toys but I did not know they were such a huge market with so many different ones to choose from. In my day, we just called them “educational toys” but now there seems to be subdivisions of educational. I think it’s great! I have a 5 year old autistic son. He loves anything that moves, like hot wheels cars and tracks. Do you have any recommendations for autistic children in the STEM area? Thanks again!

    • Hi! To be honedt, I don’t have knowledge yet to recommended what toys are poper For autistic children, But it is on my path to get to know about those toys. And I promise I Will write An article dedicated For children with autism. 



  3. These brands are all found in one of my stores that focuses on stem toys. There is a huge interest in such toys and with reason. They do help the kids develop skills that will be needed in life, and they can keep the kids’ interest for hours at a time and that time is gainfully spent.

    Of the top brands, I like LEGO toys myself and have spent a lot of time with my grandchildren building things. They are not cheap, but the quality you get makes them a good investment. They also can be used by the next kids that come along, and indeed that has been the case, as I have 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 22 all the way down to infants at this stage.

    The K’Nex brand does have some similarities in concept to LEGO, but the differences can provide a variety for the kids and they do enjoy working (playing) with them too. We have an assortment in the houses of my kids, and the grandkids use them as they may be in one or the other visiting.

    The Makeblock toys are cool I think, and my grandsons gravitate towards these over the granddaughters for some reason. They can create all kinds of machines of their imagination and do. I have to get a brief sometimes, as I am not sure what it is they have created!

    The other two you mention are ones that people are asking for more and more too. As parents get more attuned to what is out there, they are wanting brands such as these to create more of a selection, and also keep the classic toys they have been offering.

    Whenever something new comes out, it gives me a chance to communicate with my customers too, so it is a win for all. The brand’s companies, my store, the parents, and most important of all, for the kids that will benefit from adding such toys to their playtime.

    Nice roundup you have gathered in this article, and a worthy subject to share with us all. Thanks! 


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