What Is A Lego Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Lego is doing brilliant job in developing STEM toys for children ( STEM meaning – science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Lego brand has a lot of innovative bricks to offer – there are a lot of different themes, for the youngest ( Duplo), for elder ( Technic), and for all children ( Lego classics like city, friends, even Star Wars).

But what do they do the best? Well the answer is that they bring smile on children’s face ( the biggest smile brought to my face was always receiving a gift of Lego sets) and they have this great educational note that children are unaware of ( if you present children some toy that is a STEM toy, in my experience, they will not like it). I wrote couple of articles that are concentrated on why are Legos good for kids and what is a STEM toy. You are welcome to read it, just click the title you want below, and it will take you to an article.

Why are Legos good for kids

What is a STEM toy

So beside the fact that Lego is doing a great job with their building brick sets, they are even upgrading into more advanced sets – they are making wonderful robotics sets, that has even more value in STEM fields – they want children to meet basics of physics, engineering, science and programming and coding. They have Lego boost creative toolbox and Lego mindstorms EV3 and I also wrote ab articles about those two robotic sets, and you can read them as well if you want, they are both really good and would recommend to anyone that has a kid who is tech savvy – a great kick into programming and building a robot. Click on link below, which ever you want, maybe even both and it will take you to desired article.

Lego mindstorms review

What is a Lego boost creative toolbox

And because I am a huge Lego fan, I have to write an article and explain everything you want and need to know about what is a Lego education WeDo 2.0 core set. Keep reading, I promise I will tell you and explain everything you want to know.

What Is A Lego Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Price: $210

The Cheapest place to buy: AMAZON

Age: 7+

My rating: 8 out of 10

One of Lego themes is education – and in this section they ( developers ) are dedicated to educating children in elementary school about robotics and programming and coding. It is similar to Lego boost and Mindstorms, it is just that primary means was to educate children through Lego bricks in schools.

Thank god you can get them now in stores or in E-commerce stores.

Basically it is a set of Lego parts ( Technic parts are included as well), that you build, and among Lego parts there are couple of motors and smart bricks, so you can after assembling a mode (Either a robot, building, elevator, ETC.) control this mode via APP on your smart device or a PC.

It is not like you just download the APP and run your mode with remote control, well there is an option, but why doing just that, when can literally program each mode you want with ( kid friendly) drag and drop coding. I will get to software bit later, please keep reading.

Variety of modes you can build is huge, there is something for everybody, so after assembling a mode or a “project”, you than code it, and control it.

What Is In The Box?

The box set has 280 Lego pieces.

It is not like every other Lego box set – Lego WeDo 2.0 core set comes in awesome storage box with sorting trays – If it was meant for children in elementary school it is obvious why they didn’t stick to their box sets – pieces would get lost, so it must have storage space and sorting trays.

Instructions are not included because it is meant to be an educational toy, therefore a smart device is a must ( at least to get instructions on its APP).

Lego pieces come in plastic bags, but unfortunately they are not packed to be just put into sorting tray – you must put all Lego piece out of bags, and then you sort them in a specific drawer in sorting tray.

To sort right pieces into sorting tray, you get stickers for each drawer in sorting tray, so you can not miss out which part fits in the right drawer.

There are, beside classic Lego pieces, Technic pieces included and “smart” bricks so a different mode can do stuff ( Like a car driving, or elevator moving up and down, ETC.). Those “smart” bricks are:

  • Medium motor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Smart hub – it is the “brains” of every mode you build – it is a computer with USB plugins which you code and program, has a Bluetooth 4.0, and a battery storage for 2 AA batteries

WeDo 2.0 Software

So to build a mode you want you need to download WeDo 2.0 software. You can download it on Lego store.

There are two versions of software – FULL or STARTER.

Full includes 17 projects, including 1×8 models with building instructions.

With STARTER, you only get started project.

Smart devices that support WeDO 2.0 software are:

  • IOS 8 or later
  • IPAD 3rd generation or an IPAD mini
  • ANDROID 4.4.4. Or later and it should support BlueTooth 4.0
  • Windows
  • MAC OS X

Like in a Lego boost or Lego mindstorms the programming is very similar – you code and program a mode you built with drag and drop coding. That means that you grab ( either with your finger on touchscreen or with a left click on your mouse on your PC) a code from platform that has all codes, and drop it into a space where you need to put those codes so you can put orders to your what to do. It is easy as that, and it is not special to master it – Lego made all platforms to code their sets very easy to understand, colorful and friendly for children – you almost don’t need to read to code on this platform. Beside that everything is very good explained, so don’t worry using a software to become overwhelming – it doesn’t, trust me.

There are a lot of different modes to build or projects. Here a couple of examples:

  • Flood gates
  • Helicopter
  • Joystick
  • Lift
  • Luna rover
  • Race car
  • Cycling truck
  • Robotic arm
  • Young frog
  • And more and more

Don’t worry about limitations about how many modes there are – literally there are tens and tens of different modes, which you code in different ways, so anybody will find something that is great for him – endless fun.


  • Almost anyone has a couple of Lego sets, and you can always substitute lost parts, or upgrade with extra Lego parts
  • Great and fun STEM toy
  • Countless hours of playing with this set
  • A lot of different projects and modes to build and rebuild
  • Simple coding and programing
  • Great software and easy to handle – children friendly
  • It5 is not only for ANDROID and IOS users
  • Sorting trays with stickers will prevent loosing and mixing small Lego parts
  • You can build a mode you want, program it, and run it – like a true engineer


  • Price is a bit high
  • Maybe at least some instructions would be welcome in a set
  • Software has a some problems with windows
  • It has also problems not installing a software on some ANDROID devices
  • Software is not supported for Kindle users


Like everything on this planet, this set is not 100% perfect, but in spite that it is really great set for children. I support Lego as much as I can – they have been with me since I was a child, and now, being adult and a parent, I love Lego now even more – before it was just this awesome construction toy where you could build, rebuild and play with it, now, when I am aware of benefits that Lego brings to our children, I gain a huge amount of respect to Lego company – they were doing a great job before, now they are doing a great job even better, with all innovations that they are developing and stepping into robotic sets with great approach to children to teach them about robotics, programming, problem solving, and everything.

Even now, I have to give Lego credits, because of my playing time dedicated to Lego, are even now, 20 years later, showing in my work, skills, logic and other things – yes, Lego helped me with learning and logic, that is how good Legos really are.

Lego education WeDo 2.0 core set is brilliantly designed set, and I encourage anyone that has children that are tech savvy to get them this amazing set, it would be just the perfect gift for them.

If you have any questions or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I would be really happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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  1. Lego is really a great toy every kid should have. I could say a set of lego my dad bought for me some years ago added to my mental capability and academical success. It’s s good toy that should be around them kids. I just learnt about the phrase STEM and I can’t dispute the fact that these toy stands for what it’s represents. Thanks for the relevant blog post

  2. Lego has been around for as long as I can remember, just the designs have gotten more and more sophisticated.

    The only thing is the price of lego is unreachable for some, as although it is good quality, it is very expensive.

    What I love about Lego is that you can mix and match, and the things that can be built are endless. It is a great way to learn robotics and physics and to bring out the creative side of children.

    I just wish in this technology world we live in that instructions were still included in the boxes like they used to be. Not everyone has access to the internet to download the directions, unfortunately.

    • Hi! Well education and mindstorms and some other Lego themes have instructions via APP, and yes for some people is unreachable. Hope they will work on that.


      Primoz P.

  3. This is Really helpful, You need to take actions to and implement your children with the knowledgeand the right tools to excel and flourish. I have a younger brother and am sure these ideas could work for him. Letting children learn through their electronic device is very innovative nice article

    I will make my research on The wedo 2.0 and do my purchase as fast as possible 

  4. Hello, thanks for your review on Lego sets. It is interesting to know that toys are being developed in the area of science, tech, engineering and mathematics. It will definitely make learning science subjects easier, interesting and less abstract for the kids. The only snag is that the price is a bit high for every one to afford, however with diligent saving, it can be accomplished.

    • Hi! I know, price is really high, and for some people it is unaffordable. But Lego does have some great alternatives with more reasonable prices. Thank you! 


      Primoz P.

  5. Thank you for bringing this educating post about children education. This gadgets like Lego is really good for the young minds because it’s better to improve their creative minds from tender age. My only question is , Is there any way that the price can be beaten down from that $210 for the Lego Education WeDo on Amazon??

    • Hi! Maybe if ypu look after in Lego shop, I believe sometimes they drop it to 180$. Thank you for your comment.


      Pri oz P.

  6. Lego is doing a great job with their building brick sets and it really  makes sense on what their working on. i got one set of building brick set for my sister first son and it really went a long way in helping him in his science project.

    i strongly employ any mother or any person that have child in his or her house hold to get one of this set for the child.

    • I believe we both agree with that – any house hold should have legos for thir children- endlees fun and actually learning while playing.


      Primoz P.

  7. Yay! STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is the future, we need these to improve in all aspects of our lives and to build innovators, but just like what you’ve said, children do not like STEM based toys, that’s definitely true. However, I must commend the efforts of Lego for coming up with brilliant ideas most especially with the introduction of the WeDo 2.0 core set that teaches programming and building of robots in elementary schools. Thanks for this post, I will definitely check back 🙂

  8. I am really impressed with the work been done by Lego. Trying to educate kids and adults in physics, engineering, science and programming, and coding. That is pretty impressive and I think a lot of people have benefited and would still keep on benefiting from what they are trying to accomplish. It is like you are learning while you are still having fun. Who doesn’t want that. And they make it look so easy that while you are learning you are building. They are geniuses. 

    • Lego is the most genius company – like ypu said – children are unaware of the fact that while they are playing they are learning and educating.


      Primoz P.

  9. Having two small boys I think Lego is one of the best toys you can ever buy as it can stand the test of time much more than any other toy you can get. I remember when I was small I was crazy about building with Lego and I could spend hours upon hours building with my imagination. A perfect time killer for any kid…and not only kids!

  10. The price might be a bit high but I find Lego to be worth every penny. Nowadays the Lego industry has obviously evolved, but I remember the time when I use to play it and loved it and my kids have done the same so much they now they are growing up and even though the rather have more sophisticated sets, lego is still one of their favorite things to do. I will make sure to check it out on Amazon. Thank you for the review

  11. Lego is just get mainstreamed here, and demand for it is increasing. It feels great it kids can build and rebuild their own kind of toys, it will help them unleash their creative potential.The main problem that I am going to have with Lego WeDo 2.0 is incompatibility with all Android devices. Kids will be using these generic android smart devices to interact with it. I am still going to get one for my son.

  12. Hello,

    I read your article and got a lot of idea about the logo education. WeDo 2.0 Core Set makes coding a reality for kids. Lego bricks, easy-to-use software that increases the student’s programming skills. It’s a really great set for kids. I support Lego as much as possible, because this product is not only as an educational toolkit but also helps to develop the mental development of the students. Your article is very useful for everyone. I’ll share the article with all my friends and relatives.

  13. This is post was indeed very helpful, I’ve been looking for some toy like this with the ability for my kids to Connect to a story, Construct a model, Contemplate its function, and Continue improving its design and boost their cognitive abilities. Definitely getting this Lego education WeDo set for them.Thanks for this informative post. 

  14. Great post and good info.

    Lego is really amazing, and it helped me as a child to think logic, and to see that they even go a step beyond that is amazing to see. 

    Im going to show this to my sister, she has 2 little childs, and I’m pretty confident that once she reads this, she will buy this for them. 

    What age do you recommend to use this? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it! 


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