What Is An Osmo Genius Kit

What is an Osmo genius kit is a question I had in mind while browsing for a toy on AMAZON. It caught my attention, but not because of an idea how does it work, but because it is only compatible with an IPAD.

Well that is not true, I mean it was compatible with an IPad only, but since September 2018 it is also compatible with fire tablets.

I love tablets, I believe tablets are just the best invention there is. I don’t like to play games though, either on tablet or PC, but our children love games, I can not understand why, in my opinion games are pointless waste of time, but children have contrary opinion – they believe they are great.

So, thank god all games are not bad, there are some exceptions.Osmo is one of them, but it is not just an APP game – it is a physical game played through an APP.

Osmo genius kit is a game of tiles, either number, words and more, you put it in front of your IPAD, and IPAD recognizes tiles through camera, and it has to be a match on screen. I can not explain everything in a couple of sentences so please read it through to get the idea, and I promise I will be thorough and I will clarify everything you want and need to know about Osmo genius kit.


When you open the box you can notice that everything is nice and organized. So in the box you get:

  • Stand for a tablet
  • Reflector – red little plastic stand with a mirror you put on top of a tablet where camera is, so tiles can reflect form area you put tiles ( table in front of an IPAD ) into an APP
  • 3 games in cases with themed tiles, and those are
    • Words
    • Numbers
    • Tangram

What Do You Need

play an Osmo genius kit games you need accessible email and compatible tablet – an IPAD or Fire tablet. Operating systems of Fire tablets that support Osmo APP are:

  • 7th generation
  • 7th generation HD 8
  • 7th generation HD 10
  • 8th generation HD 8

How Does It Work

First you put a tablet on Osmo stand. Then you put a reflector on the top of an IPAD where camera is.

Then you download an Osmo APP. You register and submit, and then you have access to 5 games, but I will stick to games that are featured. OK so you choose a game you would like to play ( I will describe all three games during this article ).

Chosen game shows you a picture and then you put a proper tile on the area that reflector can recognize it and the cast it through a camera to an APP to play a game. The area is a surface in front of an IPAD ( where camera through reflector can reach tiles )


I will describe you how each of the three games work. Like said before those games are: words, numbers and tangram. Let’s start with a game of numbers.


Case includes:

  • 5 x 1 dot tiles
  • 3x 2 dot tiles
  • 2x 5 dot tiles
  • 1 each of 0 – 9 digit tiles

So you click a game of numbers in the APP.

Then an APP shows you number, and you should put the right tiles in the area. So if you are playing a game of dot tiles, the game shows you number 5, you should put like 1 dot tile and 2 2 dot tiles in the area so dots equals number 5 – it is a game with easy mathematics.


Case includes:

  • 26 red English alphabet tiles
  • 26 blue English alphabet tiles

You click a game of words in the APP.

Game shows you picture, and under a picture is a word of an item or subject in the picture, but some letters are missing. So you put right letter tile to “write” a word so you can move on. Let’s say it shows you a picture of a hat, and under the picture is a three letter word with an “H” missing so it is a just .at. Then you just search for a tile with a letter “H” you put in the area so a camera can recognize it, and it instantly fills the missing gap with an “H” and then the HAT is written and you move forward.


Case includes:

  • 7 colored pieces of different shapes like square, triangle etc.

You click a game of tangram in the APP.

Game shows a picture of a subject with tangram pieces. And then you should put the pieces together in the right order to complete the task. Let’s say a game shows you a picture of a swan made from all 7 tangram pieces. The what should you do is to put pieces in the right order to match the picture on screen.



  • Great STEM toy ( Science, technology, engineering and mathematics – I wrote an article about stem toys and if you want you can read it by clicking on the right link – what is a stem toy )
  • Creative problem solving toy
  • it is without a doubt healthy tablet playing toy
  • Good mere of fun and learning
  • Good for learning counting and multiplication
  • Good for spelling
  • Social skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Spatial relational skill
  • Creative thinking
  • Kids will not get bore or frustrated because words are simple
  • Simple mathematics


  • Price is a bit high ( about $ 100 )
  • Compatible only with an IPAD and Fire tablet, NOT android tablet ( majority uses android tablets )
  • Tablet doesn’t fit in a stand if tablet case is on – you should put case off to put it in the stand, which pretty awful because targeted consumers are children, and children “love” to accidentally break stuff


Product name: Osmo genius kit

Price:$ 99,99

Best place to buy: AMAZON

My rating: 8 out of 10

Beside the fact that Osmo genius kit could be only played if you own an IPAD or Fire tablet, it is a really great toy for children – instead of children wasting time playing some

real nonsense games on a tablet, you could introduce them to Osmo and believe me they will play with it, because you don’t touch a screen, game leads you without any touching and pressing some buttons on a tablet. And it is a great STEM toy, it teaches children spelling and counting, even if a child don’t know how read or write or count, he can put any tile he wants, and one will be the right one, and he will learn how to spell or count with that method as well.

So good approach to children for healthy educational game to play with tablet.

If you have any questions, comments please write them in the comment section below and I will be glad to reply.


Primoz P.

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