What Is Lego Boost Creative Toolbox & Review

Everybody loves Lego and I think about myself as a huge Lego fan – since I was 5 I loved Legos, and now being a father to two wonderful children that also love to play with Legos, I became once again a huge Lego fan.

Lego has a lot of different themed Lego sets, like most common and the oldest one I think, Lego city, and there is for younger than 4 Lego duplo, and for older than about 10 – Lego technic. There are a lot more themes, like Lego elves, Brickheads, creator and much more.

Lego also stepped in robotic sets – the first one was Lego mindstorms 1st generation in 1998, and then 2nd generation and the least 3rd generation couple of years ago. If you interested in Lego Mindstorms EV3 ( 3rd and least generation) I wrote a review about it and you are welcome to read it – click a link below:

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Review

The latest one is Lego Boost creative toolbox, so in this article I will present you what is Lego boost creative toolbox and a review.

What Is Lego Boost Creative Toolbox ?

Product name: Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Price: 160 $

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

My rating: 9 out of 10

Like said before Boost creative toolbox is a Lego set, that you can build and rebuild up to 5 different featured modes – Vernie the robot, Frankie the cat, M.T.R.4 ( rover ), guitar 4000, and an auto – builder. All modes are controlled with an APP on your tablet. APP is called Lego boost, and you can program and code your mode with a drag and drop coding, and it is very easy to operate with. The itself includes 840+ pieces, instructions are in the APP. APP is supported with an android, IOS or kindle smart devices ( tablet, smartphone). An APP is necessary to run a robot, there is not’t an IR included. Building part are classic Lego bricks and Lego technic parts.

It is STEM toy (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics ) – so it is an educational toy for children with an age of 7 and more.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox Models

Vernie The Robot

Vernie The robot is the featured robot in this set. To build Verine you will probably need about an hour and a half if

you’re experienced Lego builder, but if you’re not it might take you more time.

Vernie the robot is in my opinion the best one of all 5 models. He is really fun. Great think about Vernie is his head movement and his eye-brow movement – expressions he makes are hilarious.

You can attach a gun that shoots Lego bullets on his shoulder and shoot target.

M.T.R.4 – Multi – tooled rover 4

To build this rover you will probably need about hour and half or more if you are not that experienced Lego builder. An M.T.R.4 is basically, how I like to called it, a dumping truck. It has a dumping function which literally takes ( via APP or sensor) everything that is in his way ( not bigger than its clamp) and dumps it on his back.

There is one additional feature of an M.T.R.4 though, that is my favorite one – a hammer tool and it can bang anything you want. Really great fun.

Frankie The Cat

To build Frankie it is going to take you about hour to hour and half, depends on the fact how many experiences do you have with Lego bricks. Frankie the cat has beside Vernie a

lot of features – basically you can program it to function like a pet. It goes to sleep, and when it wakes up it needs to be feed. There are a lot more features of Frankie the cat and really funny as well.

Guitar 4000

It takes you up to 1 hour to build this guitar. To be honest I can not say much about guitar 4000 except that you can make your own music and beats. I haven’t really build a guitar 4000 because instruments and music are not really my “think”.

Guitar 4000 does not have any more features beside everything music though.

Auto – Builder

To build an auto-builder you’ll probably spend about hour and half to build it.

It’s an Assembly track and you can program it to make a lot of different things like a robot.

Lego Boost APP

Boost model can only be operated with it’s featured APP. An APP itself is very visual with drag and drop coding which is the perfect approach for children about coding. Basically you pick a code you would like your robot to do and drop it. And you do this a code after a code and then, when you are done with coding, you let your robot to do everything you “told it to do”.

If you do not want to program your model, you can always remote it manually ( within the APP ).


  • Good price
  • Great STEM toy
  • You can build and rebuild up to 5 different models, and every model has a great design
  • Set has basic Lego bricks and Lego technic parts
  • Bricks aren’t falling off, therefor it is made for playing
  • Kid friendly
  • Accesable in much younger age
  • There are only 3 “special bricks” and versatile to build different robots
  • App is easy to handle, easy coding and controlling the robot


  • instructions are only within the app
  • A lot of pieces so if you do not want to get stuck during building a model you should organize pieces
  • The model’s movement is dependent only on the app and a compatible smart device
  • Sound is coming from smart device – the set doesn’t have any speakers
  • Coding sometimes become complicated – there are some codes you simply don’t understand


What more can I tell you about Boost creative toolbox? It is a great toy trust me. You can expect your children to play hours and hours. It is very good for problem solving and it is good to present children a little engineering. It is a great robotic kit with a lot of features, and it really puts a good mood in you. Like always – everything that Lego releases is a trustworthy set. I did mention Mindstorms, which is a great robot set, probably the best there is, but Boost is more concentrated on children, younger ones, and to them, I’m talking from my experiences, Boost is the perfect in all elements. Not very hard to build and building is much easier than any other robot set, functions are great, APP is easy to handle, children do not even need to read and they can easily code a robot. I give two thumbs up for this Lego fusion of classic bricks, technic parts, special bricks and programming. There best part of Boost is that really is a boost – it is not overwhelming and it makes children play for hours and hours and not giving up.

If you have any questions or comments, please write me in the comment section below and I would be glad to reply.


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