What Is The Best 3D Doodler Pen & Review Of 3DOODLER Start

We live in the modern world with advanced technology where almost everything is possible. There are so many things, gadgets, sophisticated techs and smart technology and everything that make our lives more comfortable.

Couple of years ago a 3D technology stepped in. First that I remember was 3D movies you could go watch in cinemas. Very soon after that a 3D television came out – this was one of the secret wishes I used to dream about. And then a 3D printers came out in all sizes and shapes. You could print anything you wanted to print – a toy, some missing part for your car, or plate, or a box, even a pistol! And then 3D printed houses came out. It was very fascinating you could “print” a house.

Just couple of weeks ago, while searching for some unique toys for my children, an image of some pen showed in my PC and it said that it is a 3D pen. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t know that a 3D pen exists. It caught my attention so I dug in.

And now that I know a lot about 3D pens, I concluded to write an article about what is the Best 3D doodler pen and write a review based on my experiences and of course my opinion.

What Is A 3D Pen

An answer to question what is a 3D pen is that a 3D pen is a pen, that you can draw 3D creations.

3D pens work by feeding a plastic through the pen, inside this pen plastic is heated and it melts and it comes out of a nozzle in a soft condition, but after couple of seconds it becomes solid. Temperature of melting depends on which material is being used for drawing.

There are a lot of materials you can use:

  • ABS – It is probably the best material to draw right up in the air
  • PLA – Very popular and it is used for drawing directly on surface
  • FLEXY – It is a rubberized plastic and like name tells you – it is flexibble
  • WOOD – This material is made of wooden fiber, and you can basically make wooden objects
  • METAL – It is a mix of bronze and cooper, and you can literally make like a statue and other metal stuff
  • NYLON – nylon plastic has fabric like feel, and it is also used by clothes designers

How To Draw With A 3D Pen

There are two types of drawing – 2D or directly into 3D up in the air. How to do it?

2D is the best for starters and newbies. First you draw on the surface, like a paper. For beginners, it is the best way to draw on a paper that has forms of some tower or house or everything you want.

When you are done with drawing, wait couple of seconds and just lightly peel off a drawing – it is awesome that the plastic does not torn a paper.

And when you collect all drawings for let say a house, you just extrude a plastic where you want to attach drawings, wait couple of seconds and the 3D painting is done. I have to put a disclaimer – it is not as easy as that – you need a lot of practice to master 3D drawing you also can have bugs and errors before you understand how to draw, but you learn quick enough.

3D painting is basically drawing in the air – the main thing you have to watch out is a speed of moving your pen up while extruding a plastic – too quick or to slow, and your “drawing” will fall down.

The Best 3D Pen For All Users – 3DOODLER START

Product name: 3DOODLER START 3D printing pen set

Cheapest place to buy : AMAZON

Price : $49

Age limitations : 6+

My rating : 10 out of 10

3doodler start pen in my opinion the best one to have – it is for all users and it is the only one that it is safe for children. That means that there are now risks for children to burn his skin while drawing with a 3D pen – a child can hold a pen at a nozzle without fear to risk a skin burn.

Pen also uses bio plastic, an eco-plastic without any glues or anything toxic. Just pres the on button and start doodling.

Not to mention what a great fun it is for children, and it is a STEM toy. ( I wrote about what is a STEM toys in one of my articles, if you want to read it and educate yourself what kind of toys are best and education able for your children just click on the title below and it will redirect you to article).

What Is A STEM Toy


  • It is a great toy for anyone that loves to draw – for children and grown ups
  • Safe for children to use
  • Affordable – it is not that expensive
  • Uses eco-plastic with now glues or anything toxic
  • Includes booklet for newbies
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless
  • Three dimensional understanding
  • There are a glow in dark plastic materials for children – creations can glow in dark
  • Received a Toy award in 2016


  • You need some practice before you know how to draw with a pen
  • Supposeddly it is for children with an age 6+, but in my opinion, age limitation should be higher than 6, because it could get quite frustrating for children to learn how to draw in 3D right
  • Strands with materials ( plastic for 3D drawing ) expand quickly
  • Additional strands can cost you some money if you are a serious 3D pen user


Overall 3DOODLER pen probably the best one in the market, best for children, best for all ages. Also, 3DOODLER START

has more 3D pens available, and they are all very good and interesting.3DOODLER START has 6 different sets, and those are:
  • 3DOODLER START make your own hexbug set
  • 3DOODLER START robotics set
  • 3DOODLER START Powerpuff yourself set
  • 3DOODLER START product design set
  • 3DOODLER START architecture themed set
  • 3DOODLER START super mega set
  • 3DOODLER START essentials set

Price among those sets vary from $49 to $99, but in my opinion the cheapest one is the best to have and it will bring a joy for 3D drawing among children.

Overall all 3DOODLER pens are great and it is the only one you should have.

If you have any question or a comment please write me in the comment below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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