What Is The Best First Latop For Kids – HACK Computer Review

Time passes by, with that fact our children are growing. And we always hit a bump while they grow. Will my baby sleep the whole night? will my daughter want to go to kinder garden? Will he dress up by himself? Will he be OK in school? And the list goes on and on. But there is one question that I will stop by and write about ( because I have the best answer) – What is the best first laptop for kids.

Like said before, children are growing up fast, and we ( parents) are trying to follow their demands, whether they are legitimate or not. And getting your child a PC or laptop, for their needs, shouldn’t be like – OK, I will by him some cheap PC, because they don’t need extra hardcore gaming PC – it is true, they don’t need that, and they don’t need just some regular cheap PC as well.

What they need, in my opinion, is a PC or a laptop, that would benefit them in STEM fields, but not in the way that they would get overwhelmed with learning even basics about computing, but what they need, is a computer with an operating system that it’s not too hard to learn how to navigate it and it should not be to dummy easy to use it as well by just pressing icons on desktop and that it is it.

So we are looking for a fusion of Windows OS and ANDROID.

And with all features counted I have got a solution – HACK computer. This is a new computer based on Linux operating system – Endless OS and it is a computer for everyday use because it has all the tools you need.

Why is it good will be explained in the article – keep reading Hack computer review and I promise I will explain and clarify everything you need to know about this computer.

HACK Computer – Flip To Hack Coding Feature

HACK is company’s name, and it doesn’t teach children how to hack, but it teaches them how to code with a flip to hack feature. What it does is that click on the left side of an open window, and it flips you to coding side of an app or game you use that moment.

Then you can write in new parameters, numbers and much more and immediately see changes in the app or a game. It really simple a and I believe that is one a kind how to code learning approaches. And the best part of it is that every next step you take, it is getting harder and complicated, but children already conquered former coding tasks and it is easy for them.

Flip-to-hack feature is what HACK presents. Continue reading to clarify more things you need to know.

Endless OS In HACK Computer

So the computer/laptop uses Endless OS. Endless OS is a Linux-based operating system, that I believe a lot of you guys know already about Linux.

Linux-based operating systems use a lot of toy companies that are developing and making toys you can code – I wrote about a lot of toys that could be code, if you are interested you can click a review of a Kano touch kit review I wrote couple of moths ago, and it is talking about how you build a tablet and then program it and code it – click on the link below and it will take you to review:

Kano touch review – make and code your own tablet

Back to Endless OS – so like I mentioned early in the article – it is a fusion of Windows and ANDROID platform, visually is more similar to ANDROID, only it is not that simple as ADROID and as well not so complicated as Windows – at least for first timers.

It is a great deal for children to get understand what is going on with programs in the ” back office” and even kids can access source code. So it is kid friendly OS and learning with that OS is just so brilliantly executed that children will love to learn how to code via OS.

one of the side great things is that users using this OS are safe to use – it is AD free, virus resistant with parental controls.

Endless OS is reinstalled in computer with all the apps you need – chrome, skype, YouTube, office and more.

It is a computer for everyday use.

Link Betwen Endless OS And Hack

Endless is an operating system in computer. However Hack modified Endless to Hack’s usage – HACK is build inside this platform.

Children can access source code, play and code games, use apps and code them through Hack – brilliant innovation and simply the best thing to motivate children for coding and not being too difficult to understand and simple use.

Laptop Made For Hack

Asus made laptop just for Hack – here are full specifications:

  • ASUS laptop – E406MA
  • Processor- Intel Pentium silver N5000
  • Operating system – Endless OS
  • 4 GB DDR4
  • Display – 14 inches (16:9)
  • Led back lit HD ( 1920 x 1080 )
  • 60 hz
  • Anti-glare panel
  • Storage capacity – 64 G
  • 36,6 W cm
  • 22 D cm
  • 17,6 H cm


  • An award-winning laptop – ” Best first laptop” by parents magazine
  • Hack guides you through games and learns to code with flip to hack feature
  • Parental control
  • Great price – only 300 $
  • Long battery life – about 8 hours
  • It is for everyday use
  • Endless OS is really great for newbies ( children )
  • Community of an Endless OS users
  • One hell of a STEM toy


  • Only 64 G of storage
  • Cant run Windows OS – I’m a Windows fan but for children though is a great OS
  • Regular looking computer


Price: 300$

Best place to buy: AMAZON

Age recommendation: 8+

Warranty: 1 year

Rating: 5 out of 5

A lot of people that bought HACK computer are extremely satisfied – children stopped using mommy’s and daddy’s smartphones and moved infront of a Hack computer. Although on first appearance it mas seem it is going to be a bumpy overwhelmed ride with this computer, but it is not – the virtual character literally takes you ( a kid ) by the hand and leads you through – I believe children need that so they don’t get lost in the software.

I believe that children nowadays need smart gadgets and you should be aware of the fact that in future an IT-experts will be everything and basically only ones that will matter, and why not present children how it all works with basics, so they can lay fundamentals about computing.

If you have any questions or comments please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


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  1. I live in an area with limited access to the internet. Does Hack-computer use WiFi? Can it be used offline? And if so, does flip-to-hack still function when offline? Thanks!


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