what to do with kids during coronavirus

What To Do With Kids During The Coronavirus

Today the whole world stays still – corona virus affected us all – not that we are all infected with it, but we are all experiencing consequences. A lot of people are self isolated, a lot of people are staying at home because they aren’t working in their jobs, kids don’t visit schools and kindergartens, the whole economy is collapsing, we don’t want to know what is waiting for us in the near future.

Putting everything on a side I don’t believe we should panic or be to worried, it is a non sense – everybody is now experiencing the same issues.

Now it is time to forget what is going on in the world and we should dedicate our time to our children ( at least as much as we can).

Kids need to be schooled at home, intention is growing from day to day. Wait! Don’t let yourself this virus to affect you psychologically. There is nothing we can do about but to wait.

If you don’t have idea how to spend mutual time with you kids, please read this article. I piled together some stuff that I believe are worth to read about them, and maybe you can think of you own ideas.

In this article “what to do with kids during corona virus” I am presenting you ideas how to spend a lot of you time with you children.

Necessary routines

Before you can play with you children, you must realize that daily routine is a necessary thing. If you don’t have a routine I will explain you a daily routine is going in my day life.

Children shouldn’t sleep until noon, they should wake early in the morning because they must realize that they are not on vacation, but they are at this moment home schooled children.

So like I said before they should wake up in the morning. After that a breakfast and a wash up is of course something obvious.

When they are settled they should begin with their school or homework if you will. And believe it doesn’t take them just an hour or even less ( I have read some parents chat via social medias how their children are brilliant and they do their school work really fast). My daughter is in her first grade in elementary school, so we basically do her school work together and it usually lasts for about two hours. Don’t let them get away with it without doing their necessary school work for each day!

Moving on, lunch every day at the same hour is as well a daily necessary routine, but it considers parents more than children. Why you are wondering? OK first of all children and grown-ups need a warm meal every day, beside that cooking a healthy lunch is calming and relaxing, even if you don’t like to cook – at least you will feel good because you children will eat lunch every day.

Let’s not forget for dinner as well – I don’t believe you need to cook a dinner like a lunch, just eat together dinner with you family, let it become a routine – children accept these actions, even if they try to convince you that they don’t need that, they will eventually love it and it will become a family habit/routine.

If you must stay indoor..

As far as I understand some countries have strict quarantine and some does not. I live in the country that allows you to go outside, but there must be a distance between people that don’t live in the same household, and the distance is at least 2 meters. So basically what that means is when you go outside with children, they can’t hang out and play with other children. In this case I am very happy having two children old enough to play and have fun with each other with some minor or major arguments – it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day it is always OK.

But, some countries have forbidden going outside therefor they must all locked inside household except when it is time to go to store to buy some groceries.

This case is a little harder to keep relaxed mind – I know that eventually there are some arguments with children and other things of course.

That is why I wrote about ideas you can do with you children together indoor.

Evergreen board games

Tell me if I am wrong – board games are ever green and family time games. They are 9fun and educational as well.

Don’t have any ideas which board games are great? Let me present you a couple of them, which are in my opinion to play:

  • Monopolywhat to do with kids during coronavirus
  • Catan
  • Jenga
  • Connect 4
  • Scrabble
  • Yahtzee
  • Mouse trap board game
  • Cluedo
  • Guess who classic game
  • Risk

I made a list and if you want to check it out just click here.

But let’s face it- you can play board just couple times per week max, and after that it all gets boring again. That is why I think there are a lot more stuff to do, just keep reading.

Card games

We used to play Tarok card game. It is my favorite card game, but it is only popular in Austria and Slovenia ( both EU members ). But there are numerous types of card games, just choose one and play it:

  • Magilano skyjo the ultimate card game for kids and adults
  • Unowhat to do with kids during coronavirus
  • Skip bo
  • Taco vs burrito – if you don’t know this card game it is a fantastic strategic card game made by a 7 years old kid, pretty awesome
  • Phase 10
  • What do you meme? ( pretty much the best family “card game”)
  • Kids against maturity ( this one is pretty funny and hilarious as well, you can only guess whom vs whom play)

There are lots of more card games and if you are interested to look them just click here.

Why shouldn’t we all play with Lego…

This is my personal favorite. Now that we have been in self isolation for almost a month now and there is still about a month to get back on tracks I started to play more with my children with Lego bricks. I just love them. There are numerous things you can build, like castles, cars, buildings, ships, planes, an army etc.


If you have toddler/s Lego’s Duplo is the perfect toy for you toddler and you as well. Me and my son are still sometimes building a huge tower or a barn with Duplos. If you want to make something big just build with Duplo – believe it never goes old.what to do with kids during coronavirus

Why am I pointing out Lego? Well first Lego is the only toy brand that received two millennial awards for toys, so basically it is the best company that produces toys before 2000 and after 2000.

Beside that when you are building with Lego, you don’t have to share or borrow parts from each other, because they are so small and functional, that you can easily substitute some parts with another parts.

And last but not least Lego is the best STEM toy there is. If you don’t know what STEM stands for let me tell you:

  • science
  • technology
  • engineering
  • and mathematics

So while playing you kid starts to understand about space, technology, how to count, laws of gravity and so much more, and all that just by playing – can be any better?

I have also written a whole article about why are legos good for kids, and if you would like to read it I left a link below:

Why are Legos good for kids

Free e-books

I have noticed that platforms are offering a lot of free e-books you can read. This not probably the best family option, but if you think about a bit of literature doesn’t hurt, and when you want to relax and calm down just send kids to read some books (e-books?) and let yourself do what you want to do.what to do with kids during coronavirus

Kindle and accessories

Workout together

This is something I implemented with my children. Since the schools and kindergartens are closed, and finesses as well, there is only manageable option to workout in you home.

It is kind a hard to do anything if there is a chaos in you home – motivate you children to workout with you!

My son works out with me on daily basis, and he became quite strong – he can do push up by his self, you can’t imagine how proud I am.

Draw together

This step for me was like one the biggest things I did in my life – I started to draw, but with my daughter. It is like this – with son I mostly play with Legos, we workout together and everything that contains ball in the game, so basically we cover everything.what to do with kids during coronavirus

Then it is my daughter’s turn, and what she wants the most from me? Well I must draw colorings for her, and afterwards she colors it. And how did I managed to draw a coloring? It is very simple: YouTube tutorials.

They are amazing, they guide how to draw lines to draw a coloring of a horse, or dog, cat, my little pony I mean there are thousands if not millions of minutes of simple guiding how to draw.

After couple of drawing instructions via YouTube you realize that drawing is not something hard to do. And if you are brave enough you have tutorials how to draw very sophisticated drawings’ step by step.

Believe me I am not someone who can draw even a house, literally and now I can draw a lot of simple but very beautiful colorings.

Make something out of felt fabric

Creating creations from felt is something that my mom – my daughter’s grandma showed to my daughter – and, well my daughter was amazed by that hobby.

So this hobby is very awesome because all you need are scissors and stapler and you off.

Best felt hobby accessories

Felt is that kind of fabric that is pretty firm, it holds its posture when you do some artistry from it. There are books of whom to do some stuff with felt. My mom has this very awesome book of instructions how to do everything with felt. So for my birthday my daughter and my mom made me a phone holder cat.

what to do with kids during coronavirus
cat felt holder holding my phone

Basically when insert power charging brick into an outlet, you just put on this brick this felt holder and it holds you phone while it is charging and it just hangs from a power brick. This was probably the best gift for me from my daughter. Take a look at the picture and you will see a cat phone holder while phone is charging.

Cooking together

there is an interest of you child to learn how to cook – show them! You will be surprised at how much knowledge they can absorb if they are interested. And by cooking of course I mean baking cookies and cakes ( I am just joking – regular cooking is great as well).

Again I must point out that one of my daughter’s constant wishes is to bake cookies – and they are so good! But since I can’t bake cookies, because I don’t know squat about baking sweets, my wife takes care of it.

And now after couple of baking sessions, my daughter took charge over cookies and she just orders me what to buy and then forces my wife to bake cookies with her. Just brilliant idea.

Couple of advice if you can go outdoor or you have a backyard…

I can’t tell you everything you can do outdoor, because there are numerous things to do, but I can share some advice if you are allowed to go just to backyard and nowhere else ( quarantine ).


Trampoline is a must have if you have you own backyard. I also wrote an article about trampolines – the best trampolines.what to do with kids during coronavirus

No matter what age you children are ( even for you ), jumping on trampoline is just a pure pleasure for them, and at the end of the day it seriously makes you tired and you sleep well.

Trampolines are not even that expensive anymore, I mean you can get a decent trampoline for about $150, with net and safety equipment.

Dome climbers

Dome climbers are as well awesome polygons to make you children be sportive when they must be self isolated.what to do with kids during coronavirus

And the best part is that it gets you tired, it is not that too complicated to climb on it and they are not that expensive ( starting prices are from 100$ + ).

I also wrote an article about dome climbers – best dome climbers.

My favorite – viking chess or a Kubb

If you haven’t heard about viking chess before, you seriously must try this one. It is not that similar to regular chess but similar enough to call it a chess.

It is an outdoor play game, and they the main plan is to knock down a king, which is in a middle.what to do with kids during coronavirus

Game includes:

1 King Kubb (12″ x 3″ x 3″) – a king

10 Kubb blocks (6″ x 2″) – those blocks need to be knock down before you try to knock down a king block

6 Kubb tossing dowels (12″ x 1.5″) – with those dowels you try to knock down blocks

4 corner pegs (12″ x 0.7″) – they present bounds of a game

1 Non-woven Carry Bag

1 Kubb instruction

You play it on the field. First you try to knock down kubb blocks, and if you are successful knocking them down then you get to knock down a king. But you must realize that the play field can measure like 10m x10m, and there is only one way to throw a tossing dowels. Kubb can be finished in couple of minutes but it can take hours as well.

When we go for a picnic we always take Kubb with us and we play it like crazy and laugh as well.


this is where I will stop, I believe I brought more than enough ideas. Must not forget – at the end of the day take you time, listen and hear you children and watch a movie together – and you will be really connected.

If you have any questions or a comment please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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