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STEM toys are essential these days children to have. Why is that so? Well to be honest, if parents want their children to get some knowledge before they enter high school or elementary ( primary) school, they will definitely reach for STEM toys. If you never heard about STEM toys it means that toys have value in STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I wrote an article about STEM toys, if you want to read it just click here.

IQ Build3er is a company, that offer full STEM value. They offer ( for free ) educational content with IQ tests, everybody can participate, they have big library of rich educational articles including fields of STEM, and they also have an entertainment section with topics like brainy humor, quotes, true or false, facts and riddles. If you want to take a look at all of their content you can visit their website IQ builder.

Beside all the educational content they have two pretty good products/toys if you will that have to talk about. So what to know about IQ Builder toys? They offer great STEM value and are a great fun as well.

Keep reading further where’m talking about both products and their STEM value.

IQ Builder STEM Building Set

Best place to buy: AMAZON

Price: $25

Age recommendation: 3 +

Number of parts: 164

The set features 40 connecting balls, 5 wheels and wheel connectors, 88 different length ball connectors 24 cover plates to decorate finished designs. With a set you also get a toy storage box so parts don’t get lost ( we all like to think and believe in this way).

They as well offer three online instructional e books with three levels of constructionist – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Disclaimer – a lot of instructions have designs, that need more parts than one set has, so if you want to build all designs you can, you probably need at least two building sets.

How does it work? So as you know by now, main parts are connecting balls and ball connectors. Every ball is the same and has holes on the surface – 26 connecting points. Ball connectors are basically different length rods, and you interlock them together by putting a connectors’s end into a hole in the ball, on both ends of the connector. Because ball has a lot of holes – connecting points, constructions can be build in numerous designs.

Designs you can build are:

  • Bike
  • Dragon Fly
  • Giraffe
  • Car
  • House
  • Spider
  • Big house
  • Helicopter
  • Propeller plane

IQ Builder 3D Coloring Puzzles

Place to buy: AMAZON

Price:$13 – $25

Age recommendation: 5+

3D coloring sets come in three different sets Big tower set, Animal set and vehicle set. No matter which set you have it is the same principle – black and white puzzles, of different vehicle, house or animal, you puzzle up to get a design, and afterwards, when design is finished, every set has markers as well, you can color a design and get a fantastic colored design.

Every design has its own puzzles, so the fear that you have to break down a puzzle structure to build a new one is needles-

Designs you can build, starting with animals, then vehicles and finishing with tower:

Animal set ( $13):

  • Butterfly
  • Elephant
  • Horse
  • House

Vehicle set ( $13 ):

  • Train
  • Helicopter
  • Airplane
  • House

Big tower set ( $25 )has an Eiffel tower to build.

Benefits Of IQ Builder Sets

In this section I will present you all benefit that these sets have that help in child’s development.

Hand eye coordination -Through building of toys children learn and understand the connection between what they see and how heir hands are able to see

Creativity – we all know how creativity is good for our children.

Problem solving skills – through playing they learn how to analyze problem and how to work to correct them – for example if t5hey want to build a square with four balls and for connectors, they learn that they need same length connectors to form a square, if there is one different length connector, they can not form or connect a square.

Critical thinking – They learn that they have to see what evidence is involved to support particular conclusion – if we turn back to form a square, after problem was solved with four same length connectors, they received a particular conclusion and proof how should they build.

Cognitive skills – Cognitive skills are essential for children, and they present skills like attention,, memory and thinking.

Spatial skills – If they want to build a 3D construction, they need to understand spatial relations between objects or space.

There are couple of more benefit that don’t need additional explanation – Flexibility, divergent thinking, productivity, initiative, fine motor skills.

If you see, there are a lot of pros why IQ builder sets have a great value for children.

Overall Thinking

What more can I say about IQ Builder? Well to be honest, the first set, STEM building set, would probably rock among 3 years old children. For elder, I don’t believe it would be interesting enough, l or maybe I’m wrong.

3D coloring puzzles are, my opinion, great choice for its price. For $13 you get for different puzzling to build and color, and they look really good. But they have a con though, because once they are colored, they are colored for good.

I read a lot of reviews of users, and they all agree that because of its simplicity to build with IQ builder sets, children fall into playing with IQ builder sets for hours, and to know that they are providing with playing great educational value, what more can we ask for?

If anybody has children, and is thinking to get some IQ builder sets for them, I would recommend buying it. Price is very reasonable, and they are very good.


If you have any questions or comments please write me in the comments section below and I will be glad to reply.


Primoz P.

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