What You Need To Know About Geosmart Toys

Who doesn’t like to play with magnets? I do, my children do, and I believe your children do to. We used to play with all sorts of magnets, and we were always looking to put magnet on – it was always a battle to find.

These new magnet toys came across while I was searching for some STEM toys – I support STEM toys because I believe children are our future and it is never too early to introduce STEM fields to children, but in a funny way like playing with toys, not to sit them on chair and lecture them about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you don’t know yet what STEM toys are, I welcome you to read an article I wrote about what STEM toys are, just click here and it will take you to an article.

To go back on tracks – toys that have magnets to play with are great to play with, and Geosmart has toys, that you build/ construct them with magnets. How cool is that?

What you need to know about Geosmart toys? Just keep reading, in this article you will find out everything you need to know about these awesome toys.

About Geosmart Toys

Geosmart toys or sets are magnetic geosapes for children 5 and more and you connect them together. Geoshapes are squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, isosceles triangles and trapezoids. Every shape comes in 9 bright colors. What is so special about them is their concept how magnetic geoshapes are made. It is called double safety system.

Stainless steel cap is covering magnet and its locked on ABS core of any

magnetic geoshape piece. Number of magnets depends on what geoshape pieces is – basically all sides have a magnet locked on.

Magnet is locked on ABS core and it is covered with two layers of quality poly carbonate housing – that is making parts more durable and stronger and lifetime is much longer.

Great thing about them is that they are so simple to play with – child can choose among 6 different geoshapes, and to connect is so easy, you just need to put pieces together and magnet then does it all. There are numerous constructions, vehicles to build with ease.

Magnets are really strong so there shouldn’t be any fear them to fall apart.

Special Features

Geosmart has, of course, beside their unique toys some extra special features you get with sets. To clarify some facts about these special features – every set doesn’t include all special features. There are 6 different features, and in average these sets have 3 special features per set. Of course some sets have only one special feature, and some of them have 5 out of 6 special features. So what are special features?

  • Spinner – spinner clicks on every square part and easily comes off
  • Wheels – sets that include wheels come in sets with 4 wheels or 6 wheels
  • Tracks – tracks come in sets that also include wheels, so tracks can be put on wheels
  • Train connectors – it is a piece to connect trains or trailers and it comes with wheels as well
  • LED lights – LED lights in 6 different colors and they can be easily connect onto square parts, same like spinners
  • Remote control

Geosmart Sets

Ski patrol – sets has beside geoshape parts extra skis and motors and it comes with remote control so like a name of a set it really offers a ski patrol vehicle.

Flip bot- flip bot was a finalist for TOTY ( toy of the year awards) and has beside geoshape parts wheels and track track wheels, and it comes with remote control and you control one heck of a vehicle.

Space ball – space ball is pure magnetic fun with 18 magnetic squares and 12 triangles, and it comes with a LEDs and spinner, and you can build a lot of different structures, and because it comes with a spinner, you can basically make a real spinning disco ball with all the lights.

Wheels set – wheels set is an extension set and it comes with 6 wheels, 2 vehicle connectors.

Solar spinner – solar spinner set is a set with 12 squares and 10 triangles and it allows you to build numerous structures. This set also includes a spinner to connect it onto squares.

Geosphere – geosphere set is similar to solar set but it is better one with 18 squares and 12 triangles, not to forget about spinner as well.

Lunar rover – Lunar rover has 5 different geoshapes and wheels are included, so beside lunar rover, you can build a lot of different vehicles.

Moon lander – moon lander is the real deal: maybe there aren’t as many magnetic parts included as in other sets, but, after you build it, you get the real RC moon lander vehicle. The set includes track wheels and tracks, 2 motors and remote control.

U.F.O. – U.F.O. set includes 12 squares, 10 triangles, 2 pentagons and LED light.

Starship – ignore the starship because with starship set you get all geometric shape parts, and with that countless playing hours.

Space truck – play with 5 shapes, train connector and wheels, and there you have a lot of different options to assemble the set.

Mars explorer – in my opinion this set is the best one Geosmart offers – it has squares, trapezoids, diamonds, triangles, isosceles triangles, panels, track wheels, tracks, 2 motors, LED lights and a remote control, all-inclusive.

Alien creatures – you can build “alien creatures, with more than 60 different magnetic parts in all 6 geosapes!

Geospace station – with 70 pieces, LED lights and spinner, just imagine how fun playing can become

Educational set – if you want your children to play with all geometric shapes and build whatever they want, go for this set! It has really a lot of parts, and options what to build and how to play are countless.

Educational Value

Geosmart company says that value of Geosmart toys shows in spatial insight, hand eye coordination, creativity and concentration. Everything stated by Geosmart about educational value of their toys is true, don’t worry, but I wanted to say that it is not all at all. Geosmart toys offer so much educational value you can’t imagine!

That is why I’ve decided to write about how Geosmart toys benefit children with real examples so Let’s begin:

  1. Problem solving skills – children learn how to analyze problems and how to correct and overcome them. An example: If a child wants to build a square, and he wants to include beside squares, triangles, child will learn that triangles don’t fit into a square, only squares can form a square.
  2. Critical thinking – children learn what evidence is involved to support an argument – if we go back to squares, child gets proof, that if he wants to build a perfect square box, it could be build only with squares.
  3. Technology literacy – OK I know there isn’t any programming involved, but for start they learn how motors work and where to connect them, and how it works with wheels – these are some great fundaments’ child learns, trust me.


Overall I believe Geosmart has great products, and if you are thinking about it, or even if you are still reading, I believe you are very interested to get some of these sets, so just go for it! You won’t be sorry, playing with magnets is so much fun, no matter how old are you, even I, at 30 years of age, I love magnets and now and then I caught myself playing with them!

Geosmart toys will rock your world, that is how cool and great they are. It is always great to have more than one set, and with Geosmart toys, if you have enough sets with all special features, it becomes so much fun dirving on a remote spinning disco light, how great would that be?

If you have any questions or comments, please write me in the comment section below, and I will be glad to reply.


Primoz P.

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