What You Need To Know About Engino Toys

Engino was founded in 2004 in Cyprus by Costas Sisamos. He started to design new system of modular connectors that would allow students to build fast and easy functional models.

Engino is one of the fastest growing and developing companies in these fields, Engine owns automated factory in Cyprus, they set new standards in Europe. They own couple of patents, and they have really great stem valued toys to offer.

Want to know more about Engino? I will try to write all basics so I can present you what you need to know about Engino toys.

Some Facts About Engino Toys

Engino modular connectors are not compatible to any major brands, they are compatible though to all Engino sets.

Engino is being used in classrooms all over the world, in UK, Brazil, USA, Cyprus and other countries.

Every package includes its own instructions, but more models can be build from one set, and they also offer more models to build in their fee-free software.

It was proven that Engino helps children to develop their creative skills and Engino system brings knowledge in technology and physics.

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There are more than 50 different sets that Engino offers, and price range from $2 up to 160$.

Some Engino sets include motors, remote controls and solar panels.

Basic Engino system consists of 18 parts that can connect in any direction in 3D space. Engino’s parts are bigger than any other system, which is good for two reasons – child can easily grab it with fingers, and a part can hardly get lost due to the fact they are quite big.

Because of Engino is not focusing in to building realistic models with detailed parts, you can build up to 100 and maybe even more different models from the same set. Their focus is to educate children, not to give them too realistic models in smaller scale, which is really a good thing. If models are really realistic, there are, lets face it, too many small and detailed parts that can be assembled just for the one particular model. Engino on the other hand, primary focus is to teach and educate children with basic but probably the best construction set with a lot options to build and rebuild.

Engino won a lot awards all over the world such as :

  • Best green product
  • Best educational from Dr.Toy
  • Most innovative toy from Russia
  • Best creative fun

Engino Inventor Series

Iventor sets come in four different categories within category, and those are aircraft, cars industrial vehicles and motorbikes. Every category has 4 different sets.

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First and the cheapest costs about 10$ and you can build 4 different models from the set. Second is about $15 and you can build 8 different models including 4 from the first set. Third set costs about 20$ and you can build up to 12 different models including models from first and second set. Fourth and last set costs about 30$ and you can build up to 16 different models including all the models from first, second and third set. So if you think about it, basically every set is an upgrade to cheaper set. The best think, if you want to buy it of course, is to buy the biggest ( the one that costs 30$) set and you build all models you člike and you don’t need to buy any extra ( cheaper, smaller) set, because you have all models included.

Inventor Motorized Sets

Inventor motorized sets are sets with geared motor, so every model that is build is brought to life. Now in this category the least different models you can build from the same set is 30, with the highest possible 120 models from one sets. And they are great to play with since they are motorized, and they are very big once they are build.

Discovering Stem

Discovering stem has 12 different sets, every one has its own theme. Discovering stem really is discovering through a lot of different stem fields – mechanics, physics, architecture, energy, solar power, simple machines and more. Every set has instructions and option to build more models than just one. Every set in Discovering stem:

  1. Stem mechanics: cams and cranks
  2. Stem mechanics: Gears and worm drives
  3. Stem mechanics: Levers and linkages
  4. Stem mechanics: Pulley drives
  5. Stem mechanics: Wheels, axles and inclined planes
  6. Newton’s laws: Inertia, momentum, kinetic and potential energy
  7. Stem structures: Buildings and bridges
  8. Stem solar power
  9. Stem simple machines
  10. Stem architecture set: Eiffel tower and Sydney bridge
  11. Stem physics master set: Simple machines, structures, newton’s law, energy conversion
  12. Stem amusement park set: London eye and Ferris wheel

Stem Robotics

The only set in this Engino category is Mini ERP 1.3 – it is a robot, well 8 different robots can be build from the same set. Beside parts, instructions and 8 different robot models, it has also a Bluetooth module, so that means that a robot, after Assembly, can be programmed in its software. Of course there is ERP controller included to control a robot without any programming it.

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Beautiful Engino set at a reasonable price.

Inventor Girls

To inventor girls category belongs 5 sets. All of 5 sets have the same theme – colorful parts with interesting models to build that are supposedly interesting for girls. But in my opinion boys could play with inventor girls sets as well. Because of a lot of colors sets are very bright and very beautiful and eye catching. That are more ” girlish” models to builčd like a carriage with horses, a bed for babies, beautiful cars, birds, butterflies, beautiful houses, etc.

JCB Mahinery

JCB machinery has 4 sets. They are all industrial and heavy vehicles, and every set has three different models to build. JSB machinery sets are:

  1. Tipper truck – set can be build in three different models – Tipper, dumper model and skidsteer
  2. Wheeled loader – set can be build in three different models – Wheeled loader, excavator and dump truck
  3. Backhoe loader – set can be build in three different models – backhoe loader, low loader and dumber
  4. Tall crane motorized – this one is the only set that is motorized, and the best one in this category – beside crane, you can also build hydra dig and forklift

Pico Spinners

Pico spinners are small and very cheap ( less than 5$) sets, that you can build fidget spinners. There are 4 different sets of Pico spinners, and they all have two options to be build from one set.


Qboiidz sets are meant for small children – toddlers. These sets have very colorful parts, and are easy ones, so a toddler can build with no stress. There a lot of different sets, with different models to build, like a parrot, crocodile, an elephant, a car, etc.

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Engino education is aiming for children in preschool or school with 5 sets of pure stem value. 4 of them include robotics part, which they can program or they learn how to program them via software. They also all came in

sturdy boxes with sorting storage trays.
  1. E10 stem Qboidz
  2. Junior robotics set
  3. Stem and robotics mini single set version 2
  4. Stem robotics pro single set version 2
  5. Stem and robotics produoino version 2


Engino is really making an effort to develop stem toys with pure educational note. They offer so much, for any age, girls and boys, with beautiful designs. I really like their opinion that a lot of companies have started to make and develop their products to be very realistic, in smaller size of course, to the originals. But they decided, that they want stay in fundamentals and not specialize in realistic models with special parts, but they focused how to make as much different models from a set – like said before, some of the sets can be build in more than 100 different models. How cool is that, right?

They are doing a great job, and everything they did show great results – Europe is supporting them, they won a lot of awards, plastic used to make parts are high quality, they have their autonomous factory in Cyprus.

I would definitely recommend Engino to everybody.

If you have any question or a comment, please write me in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.


Primoz P.

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  1. Hey Primoz! All of these building kits by engino look awesome! I really like how they include kits for boys and girls. My daughter loves things like this and although she likes the ‘boy’ designs of things she also likes pink, bright and colorful choices as well. Now I must say, I wouldn’t think these models would be for children as young as my daughter. She’s 4 years old. Do they carry kits with bigger pieces? What is the youngest age that a child could put one of these together? They’re awesome and I totally wish I could build one with my daughter right now! lol!

    • Hi marlinda! Don’t worry about age – engino offers sets For as Young as 3 And more, And Don’t worry about small parts, if compare them with Lego or k’nex, engino has a lot bigger parts. And of course they are pretty awesome to plaw with. 



  2. Thank you for sharing. I like how you shared the variety of wonderful toys-models that are available through Engino I appreciate that you shared the information on the business, it certainly appears to be a reliable source for the toys and models they sell. I am teacher and I would consider some of these items for my classes, they look extremely educational as well as fun. Thank you again.



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